Friday, October 31, 2008

10/30 Recovery Run

Worked from home so I ran 6 miles, out and back down 35th. Felt really slow, but the pace was about 9:30, so not too bad. Finished in aroun 56 minutes. Haven't done this run in a while since the loop around the block is more interesting, but something I read recently about IT band issues mentioned that one of the contributing causes can be repeated runs on the same route (camber on road/sidewalk apparently).

I've been looking for a foam roller since last weeks mileage debacle. Suprisingly none of the convenient running stores carry them. I'm pretty sure Road Runner does but it was a bit inconvenient. I had the brainstorm that Silver Lake Physical Therapy, which is on the block, and thus gets passed a lot on my long runs might carry one. (They normally have some good inspirational/though provoking quotes up on their billboard. Best one from a few weeks ago "It's not all about winning. It's all about trying to. i liked it.) I gave them a call and they do carry them so I ran out and got one.

I was told that told, either by C, or by the PT we had in for that talk a few weeks ago, that rolling out your IT band is one of the most excruciating things you can voluntarily do to yourself. Quite possibly a true statement, and I probably wasn't even doing it right. Supposedly it gets 50% better each week. :) Good guides here at Running Times and here (obnoxious site, but good info on using the roller)

Seems to be working, but it's hard to tell since I'm now getting sore from the Wednesday run. :)

10/29 Capitol Hill Run

I really don't know why I run with B. He's sadistic. :) He sent out an email asking if anyone was up for going around the lake + ?. Which is what I had in mind. While we were suiting up he asked if I wanted to run Queen Anne again. I passed. He asked if I had tried Interlaken and Galer, which are on the marathon route. (I think we ran them in reverse, actually.) I said no, and why not.

I'm not sure how far we ran, because we did some trails in Interlaken and Boren Parks that I can't see through the trees. :) Say 8 miles, maybe 8.5. In 1:15. (Which was a bout a 9:20 pace, so I'm feeling a little better about it all) (I know for a fact that the first 3 miles started at 8:30/mile or so. Then we started hitting hills. The up hill ended about 6.5 miles in. Then it was 'all downhill' :)

I went back to the balanced athlete before the run and swapped out my shoes. Debbie(?) helped me out again, and we went through the whole process from scratch. The Foundation 8s aren't giving me enough support. After a couple of different shoes I'm now in Pearl Izumi Sychroglide 2s. Very nice shoe, and they worked well on this run. Possibly a hotspot on the left big toe, but it looks like that was a seam in my socks.

And yes, I do know why I run with B. It's not that he's sadistic. I'm a masochist. :) I know that if I run with him I'm going to get a good workout. And I want to get better. So...

I'm not exactly keeping up in Internet time, and meant to comment over on Claire's blog, but I'm never sure what the etiquette is for commenting on blogs two weeks later (or more). Anyway, Speedy Speed Racer had an amazing post about training hard, etc... Read for yourself and see what you thinking A huge amount of it makes sense to me. I need to figure out what my body can handle before I get stuck in too deep. That being said, I think I just want to do the best I can do compared to myself and not necessarily competitively, so some doesn't apply (until I change my mind, anyway)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5 by 5 Blog Meme Tag

Lisa handed out a 'tag' to anyone who wanted to play... so here's my belated contribution to the current blog meme.

10 Years Ago (1998):
1. Married Val
2. Lived in a 'wonderful' two bedroom apartment
3. Worked in Tech Support for WallData
4. Was going to school to get my 2 year degree
5. Was driving an old Plymouth Reliant 'K' Car

5 Things on Today's "To Do" List:
1. Make forward motion on the bad blocks issue on my development database
2. Go to the Dentist for a cleaning
3. Buy a Foam Roller for my IT Band
4. Transcribe RMAN class notes into my new TiddlyWiki
5. Call my cousins about Thanksgiving

5 Things that I would do if I were a millionaire:
Q: Million tax free, or between 1 and 999 million? Different answers. :)
Assuming 1 mill tax free...
1. 50% into savings/investment
2. Pay off house, do the remodeling and landscaping we want to do
3. Buy new cars for Val and I
4. Pay off debt
5. Buy fun stuff (Garmin, bikes, trips, etc...)

5 Places I have lived:
(OK, I got carried away here. In no particular order.)
1. Pacific: Seattle, WA; Lynnwood, WA; Everett, WA
2. Mountain: Denver, CO; Fort Collins, CO
3. Central: Plattsmouth, NE; Bellevue, NE; Ft. Sill, OK; Ft. Riley, KS; Montgomery, AL; Whitman AFB, MO
4. Eastern: (I thought AL was Eastern. I was mistaken. It happens. :) )
5. Overseas: Ramstein AFB/Vogelweh, Germany; Lakenheath AFB, England

5 Jobs I have had:
1. DBA
2. Software Engineer
3. Tech Support Analyst
4. MLRS Fire Direction Specialist/NCO
5. Hardees Cook/Night Supervisor

Monday, October 27, 2008

10/27 Run

5 miles (4.88 timed) in 45:42 (9:22/mile)

Decided a huge part of my falling apart last week was due to too rapidly increasing my mileage. I've dialed this week, and probably next week too, as the last two 'real' training weeks, back in mileage a bit. No more 6,12,6 for the weekday runs. Probably just 5,10,5. I'll probably do around 18 this weekend (if my body lets me), and 20ish for the last long run. I'm tempted to try for 22 again, but we'll see.

I think the other problem with my knee is my shoes. There have been too many other problems with my feet coming from these shoes. I'll get in in the next few days to replace them. I think I'll be getting in in the store's 'warranty' period

Went out today with B, his heel bothered him around half a mile in so I continued by myself. Ended up picking up my boss, after a brief discussion of how the route around the lake worked, and running the last 1.5 with him.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Crappy Long Run Attempt

What an effing disaster of a run. A couple of days ago I tried to convince Dani that stopping a run early wasn't a failed run, but an attempted run. Sure doesn't feel that way now that the shoe is on the other foot.

Took the day off as an early comp day for classes this weekend. The morning was way off any of my normal routines. I figured my lack of motivation was simply due to getting out late, and the attraction of the couch on a 'day off'. Got up at the normal time, had some OJ, then it took longer to get Kaitlyn to daycare and back, Val and I talked about the job thing, then finally it was 8:30. I suspected this wasn't going to be my best run ever, but I was going to go ahead and try for 22, anyway.

It was easily in the list of top 5 worst runs for this iteration of my running life. My left knee which had been quiet all morning, started mumbling loudly within 10 or 15 steps, my right knee which had been achy shut up at least. I felt leaden and blah, and after forcing myself up the hill and around to 19th, I got the run that divides the run in half and considered turning for home and making it a 3 mile run. My knee was achy and I could start feeling twinges from it into my quads and down my calf. I decided to take a GU at 2 miles in. It helped a little but my knee still hurt, and my energy level was way down. I gutted it out till 4.5 miles in and took another GU. I spent the last two miles looking down, like I do the LAST lap on a 22 miler.

I walked finally walked home after one lap, feeling like I had run 22, having done 6.2. I'm taking the weekend off for class and then we'll see how things go on Monday.

This hasn't done bright and happy things to my confidence and ego. I'm feeling better after a day of working for Val again and talking it out, but it's still pretty damn frustrating. A week ago I was talking smack about how I want to run 50 milers, and I can't run two high mileage weeks back to back.

That being said, my mileage growth, and schedule has been really inconsistent, and last week was WAY too aggressive. I hope that this was just my body saying: "Too much, too fast. Back it off."

Last 9 weeks (including this week), since the surgery, have been 22.66
A wee bit too aggressive I think.

Well... I'll see how next week goes. 2 more weekends for potential long runs, then the taper. We'll see if we get two in, and how long they are.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

10/22 Med. Long Run

B and C went out for a short one to the Freemont Bridge and back, I went out for two laps around the lake. I really needed the distance... It's been crazy here at work. I work for a Merck subsidiary, and our site will be gone by end of next year. By the time I got back from 12.36 miles I couldn't feel my legs, or my brain. :) Nice to be able to take advantage of some of the benefits of running. :)

With the boys running short, I went out WAY too fast for the first mile and a half. Around 8:30 pace. Slowed down a lot, and managed to run the loops at a 9:29 pace. A little fast, but much better overall than the start.

Got to be a geeky runner and stop, while on my run, at a triathlon shop along the route (Speedy Reedy) and pick up GUs for this run and the weekend, and then take off 5 minutes later. Thanks to Speedy Reedy for letting me sweat all over their store. I'm going to need to walk up and check them out when I'm in less of a rush. :)

My left knee started bitching at me for no apparent reason at around mile 5. I could have bagged it, but instead I slowed down a little and went around again. It seized up when I stopped running and waited for alight after I was done and then seemed like it was OK for a while. It was pretty damned uncomfortable last evening and overnight. I sucked down some Advil and seem to be working better. :)

I've got an Oracle training from 8:30 -5:30 both days this weekend, so I was going to run my long run tomorrow (Friday) morning. We'll see. If my knee cooperates I'll do it all, if not I'll shoot for two laps (12ish), and if it's really bad I'll bag it when It bitches and see how next week goes.

The new shoes are still being fussy, I'm getting some 'bruising' on the toes on my left foot and still some blistering on my right heel. Time to go back to the store I guess.

Monday, October 20, 2008

10/20 Run

Ran around the lake with B & I. haven't run with I in a while so this was nice. Kept a human pace for a change, but they both commented on the change n my running, and the fact that I was able to keep up with no problem AND hold a conversation.

Discussed the fueling thing, and what I would do for the next 3 weeks of potential long runs. My plan for 22, 12,22, taper seems to be what everyone recommends.

Asked for opinions of local 50 milers, apparently Mount Si is a fairly non technical, rails to trails ultra. Sounds like a good one to start with. It's in April though, and I'm probably not going to be ready for that. Maybe 2010, unless I find an 'easy' one later in 2009. Running the Cougar Mountain Trail series for some trail experience was also recommended.

Around 6.4 in around 55:30 (something like 8:50/mile)

10/18 - Almost Road Kill Long Run

22.16 miles in 3:38:41 (9:52/mile)

After torturing everyone as the marathon mama describes ever so eloquently here , I was able to get on the road by 5:50, at a brisk 47 degrees, for a run that has alternately excited me and terrified me all week.

I've discovered rapidly that I really like running long. It's going to be a challenge dialing back my mileage later. Val has the idea, and it's not a bad one, that I should cut back my mileage to lose the last 5 - 10 pounds I want to since it's damn near impossible as hungry as I am at higher mileage. 47 miles this week, and I'm a friggin black hole. At least keeping track of things has helped me not GAIN weight.

First Lap: 0 to 6.18 miles (10:03 pace)
I've noticed that in the last week, that I'm actually hungry before I go to work, which I'm not normally. I was really hungry about the same spot on both of the first two laps, fortunately a GU seemed to knock it back for the most part

I knew when I went out it was going to be a slow run. IT did feel similar to the 18 miler so maybe I need to be up for an hour before I go out instead of just 30 minutes. This first lap seems to be tough too, I wonder if it's the early/no sun thing. Once the sun came up and I was on the second lap, I started to wake up and have more fun.

Second Lap: 6.19 miles to 12.5 (9:58 pace)

Almost road kill here. Driver was pulling and making a right out of an apartment complex onto 132nd, and never looked left. They just barreled up, and kept rolling, never stopped. Val was like " you saw them and you kept running?" No not really, I was committed, about 1.4 of the way into the entrance when they pulled up. next thing I know I'm in that weird snapshots mode that I get when it get's exciting (anyone else) felt my palm slap the hood, looked up, saw them looking left, heard and felt the drum flex of the hood, realized they're still rolling, fast feet, fast feet around the front left corner of the car, push off the hood, and still up and running. Look back and they're out in the street, MAYBE looking back to see me, maybe just finishing merging. Certainly not a wave, finger, or shout to check on me.

Realized shortly after the incident that a 22 miler is a 6 GU run, not 5, which is what I brought, because it's what I had (Really need to start buying these things in bulk.)(Really need to try the Chocolate Mint flavor...). Decided to stretch the last two GUs I had. Instead of taking one at 11 miles or so I took it at around mile 15, and then the last one at 20, just as I started the last half lap.

Pit stop back at the house and bottle refill was a welcome break, but super quick. Managed not to wake anyone, people or dog up. :)

Third Lap: 12.5 to 18.88 (9:41 pace)

This unwitting GU experiment confirms that my fueling plan is working. The extra time between GUs made a huge difference. I could feel my legs falling off, and just having the glycogen sucked right out of them . Finally took the GU and a few minutes later, I'm almost back to normal.

This was a long lap because of the crumbling legs, but the snappiest loop of the three full loops.
Briefly considered running 4 laps on one of the two (three?) last long runs. This comes back to the liking to run long, I guess. Also thought about the mile/km per year run on your birthday thing. Not sure I'm going to be up for 36 miles in March, so it may be 36K instead. :) I'll probably do these things, un like some other things I thought I would do as a teenager, so I don't feel too bad that by the time I got back I was saying' Are you effing crazy?" (Next day I'm back to thinking about them again. :))(Also considering a 50 miler sometime in the next couple of years. B has turned me to the dark side.) When I told Val, that I could see a 50 (10 hours or less hopefully...just a day.... :)) and not 100 miles. She just chuckled and said. "Sure, till you run the 50 miler." :)

Fourth (Half Lap): (9:38 pace)

Thought really hard here that maybe Laura's <> method of just racing to train would be less painful than this constant training thing. :) The anticipation is starting to kill me, and I've got 2 more 22 milers to go (with a fallback week tucked between them) and then taper. Good effing pumpkins, can't I just run the damn thing?!

The last round up the hill was a little ugly, but that was the point of doing the route this way. It put the mile long hill up 100th at mile 19.5 just like the Marathon. Good green army training as they say. :)

Added some extra at the end because I really wanted to say I ran 22, not I ran 'just under 22'.

Went to a corn maze and fall festival after the run, also mowed the lawn and weeded. I suppose this is the point of this fitness stuff. Go do it and be able to drive on. I would like some lay on the couch sympathy though. :) Val promises some after the marathon. I'll believe it when I see it. :)

Realized recently that I'm not exactly working on internet time here... More like two-year-old time. If I normally comment on your Blog, or did a few months ago, and you still read, here, I'll get to you. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Miz Fit Comment

After reading this over at Miz Fit, I felt like I needed to comment. I felt like it turned out to be too big for a comment... :) So here's the long version.
Not that I disagree with the point of the post in any way shape or form, or even the comments, but sometimes a GOOD scale can provide some useful information.

My wife and I decided that this year was the year of taking care of ourselves. We've both lost about 40 pounds, and while I'm essentially at my goal weight (despite what you would think weight loss and marathon training don't seem to go well together (for me at least)), she has more to go.

We would weigh in weekly with our old scale. The old fashioned dial kind. It was too inaccurate. And frustrating. To much dial twisting. And moving around. And on and off. We got a good digital scale and weigh in daily. ONCE a day.

We both attribute our weight gain over the time we've been married to the fact that we DIDN'T own a scale. We finally got one when we got our Bernese Mountain Dog, because we needed to track his weight as he was growing. Even that didn't make it click how much we had gained till Dec of 2007. Because we just didn't use it.

We both track our food and exercise as well as weight. For my wife daily weight tracking meant she saw when the 7 week plateau FINALLY ended. (How is that even possible anyway, calorie deficit and workouts for 7 weeks, and no weight loss.. .grr.. (Some nice body fat changes (according to the scale. :)) which may explain it, but still...)) Also, it meant that we now know what effect T.O.M. has on her weight loss. Brief plateau, sometimes some weigh gain, 3 days after it stops all of the weight, including newly lost weight, drops off. For her the scale is just a check point, a tool, but a useful one. Seeing muscle definition, and body shape change, and old clothes not fitting anymore, and moving furniture without help are bigger and more important deals than the number on the scale. But the number on the scale helps keep her motivated, too.

For me, as I train for my first marathon, I have been able to learn that I gorge on carbs 3 days after my long runs (not a scale thing I guess. :) (Wonders of obsessive food logging)), and scale related, that I gain 2-3 pounds 3 days after a long run, and keep it on for 2-3 days, then it drops off again. It also helps me make sure that I'm eating enough (a little more weight loss would be nice, but I need the nutrition more than I need to lose the last few pounds), or not too much (Even obsessively tracking calories, it's a little hard to keep up with the hunger caused by 40+ mile weeks (I track runs, but not day to day stuff like the 1.25 mile walk to and from the bus daily, the zoo, etc...))

Don't let the scale rule you, rule the scale. If you need/want to use it, let it provide you information that contribute to your goals and your mental well being. When it becomes a weight (heh) around your neck, ditch it and use a tool that does help you.

10/16 Run

I took a vacation day and went to work at my other job. Employee #2 at Innovative Design Works. My wife's interior design company. I'm her installer, furniture builder, general handyman. She had a job that needs to be done today (Friday) and needed to get some faux TVs and mirrors hung, and some drapes installed. A nice break from the computer monitor.

Since we were down that way, I was able to drop by The Balanced Athlete and get the SuperFeet I've been sniveling about for the last week or so.

Because I worked through lunch for Val I ended up running around the block late, around 9 pm. I was having trouble feeling the love for the run, so I grabbed the iPod and got out the door. It was nice, so nor LS shirt and pants like Wednesday's run.

Not sure if it was breaking in new SuperFeet, running late, or residual damage from yesterdays run, but this one was unpleasant. Knee aches and pains, including some new ones, twinges, tightness, etc... I'm glad I went out with some music.

It was odd. I normally thinking about running or running related stuff, but the music played with my perspective or something made me think a lot about high school and my first semester in college (at Colorado State). Some was just retrospective stuff, but some was thinking about things I would do differently, maybe.

I'm unbelievably happy with who I am and how my life is, but I look back sometimes and see 'mistakes' and missed opportunities, and think it would be neat to try it again and see how things would have worked differently with the knowledge and world view I have now. Or maybe not going all the way back, just being able to give my younger self a nudge in a different direction.

6.18 miles in 58:32

10/15 Med. Long Run

Went out with the 'boys', B and C. I don't know why I keep going out with these sadistic bastards. :) Probably because they make me faster and stronger.

I had planned on either my normal 10 (around the lake, back up to SPU and back), or maybe 12 (two laps around the lake). B needed to get back for a meeting so he suggested go up Queen Anne, and then around the lake. Then I could add on mileage as needed. Sure, why not. I've wanted to run Queen Anne.

Now, since I 'm not even sure I have readers in the Seattle area, I'll explain why that combo is sadistic. To quote the wikipedia "the hill is the highest named hill in Seattle, Washington, with a maximum elevation of 456 feet ." Not a huge hill for lots of y'all, but around here...

So we start at an elevation of 50 feet at the parking garage, we're at 95 feet 3 tenths of a mile later, and at the base of the hills, at .75 miles at 135 feet. Dying seemed like a good option .25 miles later at 367 feet (a 230 foot elevation gain) after zig zagging through residential neighborhoods, then we finally get to Queen Anne and continue to the peak, and then down some quad busting, knee destroying hills, back to the lake.

We got stuck trying to get to the bridge and froze our asses off for 3 or 4 minutes. Getting started again sucked. Cold sweaty clothes and muscles starting to cool down.

The boys bailed out on me at 7.5 miles or so, and I went out to the lumberyard after SPU and back to finish out my miles, whimpering and using a mantra I read recently on an ultrarunner site; "Relentless Forward Motion."

If I added all the odd little detours and twists and turns correctly I did 12.47 in 2:01:37 (about 9:45/mile), with a fastest mile in there of 8:21. Certainly not an 'ultra' run by any means, but a real test of will to finish. I don't even feel bad about having to walk on a run (up that 230 feet in .25 mile section)for the first time in months.

Queen Anne kicked my ass, and I'm going to have to go back and run it again till I'm happy with the results.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/13 Run

6.18 miles in 49:41 (8:02/mile)

That darned light!!! If I hadn't had to stop about 1/2 a mile in I would have broken my 10K time!
This was a super fast run , even with all the hills. Actually the big mile long downhill at the end is probably what made this happen. :)

I ran the loop around the block late at around 3:30. I was working fro=m home because I had to watch Kaitlyn in the morning while Val was a ta gym Daycare had a Teacher In service day. what a pain. Had a nice morning with Little Miss though.

Was surprisingly warm at 61, but really windy the first mile or so.

Duct taped the heel blister my new shoes have given me, and that seemed to work. :)

Saw the Archbishop Murphy Cross Country teams, or part of them trotting back from a workout in the opposite direction.

8:30 (uphill)
7:22 (glorious downhill!!!!)
1:22 (.18 miles)

Monday, October 13, 2008

10/11 Long Run

12.36 miles in 1:56:20 (9:24/mile)

Ah, the joys of the fallback week. :) I actually had some energy left for the rest of the day after the run. :)

Ran the 'block' clockwise for this run. It's harder than counterclockwise. Something about the long downhill I think.

Another interesting note, similar to the 3 day hunger issue. It looks like I put on about 2-3 pounds over the course of the two days after a long run. It comes off a few days later, but WTF!!! We got a new Tanita scale, and are doing a morning weigh in daily to try to see how things look (Val plateaued for 6 or 7 weeks. same exercise, same diet, and a statistically impossible no weight change. WTF?!?!)
Anyway, with that information we can start seeing some interesting correlations.

Finally registered for the 2008 Seattle Marathon. I'm officially committed now. :)

I got 3 bags of Sharkies when I got them, and I'm not going to just eat them as a snack, so I used another bag on this run. The Berry something flavor. Not a bad flavor. They seem to be easier to eat cold. It was 43 when I left and 41 when I got back in, it seemed to stiffen up the gummy material and make it easier to chew.

Went out in long sleeves, pants and gloves. Looking at some of the other runners out there I felt downright under dressed. I was fine after the first mile. Might get some tights though instead.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/09 Run

5 miles (4.88 tracked) in 45:58 (9:25/mile)

Another recovery run. I was super consistent with splits, but not as slow (as usual) as I thought I should be.

Humming Katy Perry's new track, Hot and Cold kept me occupied. I almost brought my iPod, but given my inability to keep the pace down I decided it would pump me up too much.

Was the same temperature as yesterday, but felt much colder. Probably the humidity? On a related note, they seem to have turned the heat down in the locker room. Makes it a little unmotivating (is that a word? :)) to get suited up and out. It's a great temp when you're all hot and sweaty though. :)

Played with the sock liner to try to alleviate the blister and it seemed to work for a few miles, but it came back at about mile 4. I think the real answer is to get the danged SuperFeet that fit and that will raise my feet up off whatever it is I'm rubbing on. Maybe. :)

Noticed some pretty intense chub rub along my inner thighs this run. I think I was running with my legs a little closer together to try to avoid the blister and associated pain. I suspect the answer here s compression shorts (which is why I wear them on my longer runs) or more Body Glide. I'll try that next week.

Looks like the group 22 miler may not work. I've got to take a 2 day Oracle class that weekend. I'll probably take a comp day on Friday before and run it then instead. B mentioned he might run it with me and just get in to work late.

Despite trying not to bitch about aches and pains, I will say that the only thing that is consistently off is that my knees feel a little 'bruised'. Hands and knees chasing Little Miss is to be avoided if possible.

10/08 Med. Long Run

10.25 miles (10.13 tracked) in 1:28:15 (8:42/mile)

I've got this idea for a really cool run tracking system ala the 4 million that already exist, including Breaking The Tape (which I use). I spent a lot of this run playing with design details. Now I just need to remember to write down all these cool ideas so I remember them when I have the time to code it. :)

Probably ran this too fast, but I've realized, again, that it's really hard for me to slow down once I've picked a speed, even if it was too fast. If I start slow I can stay slow, but if I start fast, I tend to stay fast.

Tried my first batch of Sharkies, in the Citrus Squeeze flavor. I don't know why I'm being so stubborn about this. Chewing while running == bad! The flavor wasn't bad, but seemed to have a little much grapefruit flavor me. The bag has 140 calories, so you had to dole them out, then put the bag back away, kind of a pain.

Got on the road really late for a work run, close to 1:45. I last ate at around 10, missed getting lunch because of a lunchtime technical talk, then went out for the run. Came back and I thought I was going to die. I was hungry, my intestinal tract decided it wanted some attention, and the run had thrashed my lower abs. Finally got everything taken care of, and then had to call Val to tell her I was going to be late, since I still hadn't gotten much useful work in. :)

The new kicks gave me a blister that I started to feel around mile 5 or 6. Nothing to make me stop, but uncomfortable. Seemed fairly deep on the inside of my right heel. I think that same foot gave me some trouble with the 7s too, so we'll see. Little bit of upper foot numbness too, but I'm pretty dang sure that's just a lacing issue.


Apparently Tuesdays are the bad days after my long runs. If I look at the food logs for the last 4 weeks, every Tuesday, and especially after the '19' and 20 milers, I just gorged when I got home. Mini Snickers, almonds, animal crackers, whatever. Don't know what it is about 3 days later, but dang...

10/06 Run

5 miles (4.88 tracked) in 39:45 (8:08/mile)

Ran with B and C again. A very fast run. not a lot of talking on my part. Did discuss marathon goal and what pace I should be running. Basically came to no real conclusion. I can either pick a pace (what pace? What's reasonable?), or I can just play it by ear. (Yeah, that's a good idea. :)) I think I'm still pretty set on trying to beat 4 hours (even by a second). McMillan says I could do 3:56 (admittedly that's based on my 10K time, and I'm not going to be doing the mileage people seem to think makes McMillan accurate), and the Parrot predictor on Breaking The Tape says between 3:56 and 3:57 or so. I won't get crazy about this till after I do the last long run and see what happens with that. (3 more to go... 20, 22, 22)

We're considering getting together on the 25th for a 22 miler around Lake Sammamish. We'll see how that schedules out.

10/04 New Kicks

Had my Dad (he's been in town for a few days) drive us down to Balanced Athlete so I could show him the shoe fitting process and get a new pair of kicks. Upgraded to the ASICS Gel Foundation 8s (I had the 7s). They say they're around an ounce lighter and I can feel the difference. They feel pretty good so far. Also got some socks with a higher cuff to cover my ankles so I can protect them a little bit.

The woman who helped me suggests that the ankle kicking problem is form related, which come to think of it, Eric suggested as well. I'm a little pigeon toed on that foot. I 'just' need to start strengthening the muscles of my right leg to support the correct form, and start paying attention to the form more consistently.

I've had mixed thoughts about the caffeine in the GUs I've been taking. The sales woman suggested that the caffeine was to assist absorption of the GU and wasn't enough to affect performance one way or another. Worth some research. I have this vague feeling that using caffeine during a race is equivalent to taking something performance enhancing. I obviously need to spend a run or two thinking about it. :) Picked up a few caffeine free GUs while I was at a store that had some. Got some Sharkies, since a lot of people seem to like them.

I discovered they changed the shape of the shoe a little when I got home. Still feel really good, but I can't wear my SuperFeet in them. The toe box seems bigger, and I can feel the edge of the insole with my big toe. I'll put the sock liner back in and see how that does.

10/04 Long Run

20.51 miles in 3:13:14 (9:25/mile)

The morning started out with one of those 'best laid plans' kind of deals. Val had volunteered to wash our PT clothes the night before, and my newly dried clothes would be waiting for me at 5 in the morning when I got up. I was shooting to be out on the road by 5:30 since we were going to the Children's Museum to meet some friends at 1000. Once I checked the clothes after taking out the beast, they were as wet as if they had just been put in the dryer. So, start the dryer, get some OJ, get kitted out, check the dryer, feed Toby, realized the anti-critter grate on the dryer vent outside is clogged, check the dryer, fight with Vaseline sine I left my Body Glide at work, check the dryer, realize I don't need to dry the whole darn load, just the 4 items I need, get fed up and put on my damp running clothes, and get out on the road and moving just before 6.

First Lap was done in 1:00:58, a little slower than last week, even though it felt faster. I really felt like I had more energy, I'm thinking it was just having more time to wake up, and maybe more time for the OJ to hit my system. Drizzled on my on and off the while time.

One of the major points to this lap system was so I could make a pit stop at mile 12. Couldn't wait, so I had to find an opening in the trees at mile 5 and squat so the cars wouldn't see me. Thought I had overstretched the sole of my right foot, but it seemed to snap back a after a mile or so

Second Lap (including pit stop and bottles) was 1:00:48. It actively started to rain on me as I came back out, but it only kept it up for a mile or so.

What is the deal with all the peeing on long runs. Am I over hydrated to start with? Or am I drinking too much on the run? Used a mix of GU and HammerGels

Third Lap was much faster at 56:23. Was glad the see the last of the mile long hill that I basically start with. That being said, I'm probably going to modify my next 20 miler to hit it again so it simulates the actual marathon with an ugly hill right around mile 20.

Last leg. Added on the little 1.67 mile loop through a residential area we haven't ever driven through before. Some nice houses. We couldn't live there though. We'd have to keep up with our yard work. :) I was pretty tired at this point, but I could have probably done another couple of miles.

This lap I actually started humming a little. Two Paul Simon Songs, actually. Turns out Little Miss likes Graceland, so we borrowed a 'Greatest Hits' collection from the daycare director and have been jamming out a little. So I'm humming what little I can remember to Boy in the Bubble ("These are the days of miracle and wonder") and Born at the Right Time. Good music for a run. Peppy, but not obnoxious about it.

It's interesting, and I'm certainly trying to keep the 'for me' rule in mind here, but I find it very interesting to read how many people think their 20 milers are soul crushing, etc... I couldn't have gone out and run it again, but it wasn't that bad. I could even say I enjoyed it. I do need to go look up what the indicators are for the runners high, because I'm still not sure I've felt it even on these long runs. That being said, I dropped into a Zen state enough during this run, towards the end anyway, that I 'lost' a couple of miles. Ah.. according to wikipedia: "Endorphins are released during long, continuous workouts, when the level of intensity is between moderate and high, and breathing is difficult" . Apparently I'm not working hard enough to get high. :)

10/02 Run

5 miles (4.88 tracked) in 47:00 (9:37/mile)

Tried to slow down a little and make this a recovery run, or as much as I can anyway.

Warmer at 64 and super humid. Almost uncomfortably so.

Got 'chicked' and that made it harder to keep the pace down. It's not so much the being 'chicked' thing as it is the getting sucked into another runners back trail. :)

10/01 Med. Long Run

10.25 miles (10.13 tracked) in 1:36:45 (9:11/mile)

Ran around Lake Union, then back up towards the SPU track and back.

Didn't use my nuun on this run, and was going to try to go GU-less, but decided that since I need to accomplish work after I got back from the run I'd be better off to not be completely drained.

Ended up paralleling a gal with a good looking standard poodle for a mile or so. nice distraction. Both of them if I'm going to be a guy. :)

Hammer Gel Vanilla == ick.

9/30 Marathon Club Guest Speaker

B invited Neal Goldberg (MS, PT), of Seattle's Footworks Physical Therapy to speak to the Marathon Club about things we could do to avoid having to come to see him. His advice for the most part came down to work on activating and strengthening your core. only a little bit of the talk since he spent most of the time on the other thing. Stretching. He's a big fan of integrating your stretching into your day, and doing it in lots of little snippets throughout the day, not just during a 15 minute period at night, for example.

He covered some stretches for each of the lower body segments; front calf, rear calf, quad, hamstring, hip flexor, piriformis (butt), IT band, as well as some good tips on some other stretches, and how to use a foam roller.

9/29 Run

5 miles (4.88 tracked) in 44:13 (8:26/mile)

Ran with B and C. C was recovering from the Vancouver Half I think. Still a pretty dang good pace fore everyone involved. This was only B's second run back after a month off to try and recover an Achilles heel injury.

I've noticed that for the most part I'm not bitching about injuries and aches and pains as much. Some of that is that I'm not having anything as evil as I had for awhile, and honestly, at a certain point I suspect we've all got an ache or a pain all the time. I read recently that someone said that runners are either injured or expecting an injury. Cynical to be sure, but probably true. :)

9/27 Long Run

18.88 in 3:02:09 (9:37/mile)

Got on the road at about 6:10. A nice comfortable 53 degrees, nice and clear.

My first real 'long' run (i.e. over 3 hours), at least by official standards. I certainly thing the 16 milers were long enough. :)

The plan was to run 18, but I forgot the run 'around the block' was 6.18 miles not 6. Hey, that mileage adds up. :)

First lap was pretty slow at 1:00:24. If the rest of the run was going to suck as bad as the first lap did, the next two were going to be pretty miserable. Fortunately, I took a GU at the regularly scheduled interval (45 min/mile 5) and it kicked in just as I was crossing over the start point for the next lap.

Not a lot of traffic this lap, but a couple was out walking their German Shepherd? puppies. A nice visual break. The lake was dead calm again, and the sunrise was fun. The Bikini Baristas (what is the deal with that, anyway...?) near Lowes weren't in that I noticed. Slackers. :)

Second lap was much better even when you consider I added another .34 miles running to the house (for water bottle refills and a pit stop) and back to the 'main line'. Did this lap in 58:05. The lake was starting to get wavy, and traffic picked up. Saw the people walking their Shepherds again. Same puppies? Just a long walk? Bikini Baristas were in, and McDonalds was cooking something that smelled like cinnamon. Broke land speed records getting into the house and making the pit stop. Fortunately Toby cooperated and didn't bark and scare the crap out of everyone.

Third Lap was done in 58:51. Lake looked like it does normally, waves and all.

After running just under 19 miles, I can say without hesitation. I am really glad I played with the schedule to get some long runs in and not just one 18 miler. I could have done another 2 or 3 miles at the pace I was running no problem. 6 more would have been a disaster. Well, maybe not, but I would probably have had to walk. :)

Val thought I looked better coming back in from this run than I did after the 16 miler. Which is, I suppose, a good sign that this progression thing works. Or, as Val thinks, that I upped the mileage to the 16 too early. Which is also probably true. :)

And keeping with the 'no rest for the wicked after a long run' policy, we went to the zoo with Little Miss after breakfast and a shower.