Friday, January 29, 2010

1/28 Run

Had a status meeting for a major ongoing project a work with Jim. Projected delivery for one of the other teams wasn't till after lunch, so Jim and I decided to go for a run. :) We started together for the first mile or so, then I sped up and worked my way the rest of the way around the lake, clockwise again. Warmer than Wednesday, but not bad at all.

Third day in a row back in the Mizunos, and I'm thinking the Addictions are the best. This last run had my calves feeling like they had been beaten with sticks again, which hasn't happened for weeks. Addictions should be dry from Pigtails, so we'll see it comes back on Saturday.

6.45 miles in 1:00:12 (9:20/mile) @ 148 bpm

1/27 Run

Not as fun as Monday's run. A bit cooler in the low 40s, enough to make me consider wearing my gloves. Clockwise this time for some variety, but nothing particularly interesting. It was much warmer on Tuesday. Wish I had the time to run on Tuesday, the weather was spectacular.

6.46 miles in 59:50 (9:16/mile) @ 149 bpm

1/25 Run

Monday was a spectacular counter clockwise run around the lake. I could have gone out Sunday, but I took a day off after Pigtails instead. I'm glad I waited. Heart rate was way down, everything just flowed.

They apparently finally cleaned the bridge off on 34th. It's nice to not have to fight my way over the mounds of leaves.

Weather was great, low 50s, slight breeze, no rain.

Yay, running!

6.48 miles in 1:00:19 (9:18/mile) @ 142 bpm!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/23 Pigtails Run 50K Mini Race Report

Another very rainy 50K down in Renton.

A much more challenging course than the Flat Ass, but a lot more fun. spent a huge part of the race running with people and chatting. Thanks Matt and BJ!

Came home with my shoes covered in mud. :) A fun way to spend a Saturday morning!

Final Time: 5:25:43

Friday, January 22, 2010

1/21 Run

Typing this is going to jinx me. :) Another spectacular run at lunch in short sleeves! Counter clockwise this time. :) My HR was all jacked up, but I attribute that to stress and work. I missed Wednesdays run thanks to having to actually work for a living, and then having to go home and work some more. :|

Very good to get out and blow out the carbon. Back is doing swimmingly, and calf is doing nicely. I'm waiting till Friday to make the call about running the Pigtails Run 50K as planned on Saturday. Val is justifiably concerned about the long work week (nights logged in for 2-4 hours almost all week), and then a lot of mileage. I've occasionally been known to overdo it. :) We'll see. I'm still pretty sure I'm going out to run it. Fortunately it's a loop course this time so I can bail early if I need to.

6.47 miles in 58:49 (9:05/mile) @ 157 bpm

1/19 Run

Another spectacular run at lunch in short sleeves! Clockwise around the lake in the high 50s. No rain, overcast, mild breeze. Perfect day for a run. Planned on going out with Jim, but needed to make a pits stop and then run up to my cube and grab my Garmin. The run was especially welcome, since we consolidated our company back onto one floor on Monday, so I'm back in a cube and trying to get settled back in.

My starting HR is finally back down to where it should be so I think I'm finally getting caught up on my rest, and kicking the lingering cold that's been hanging on with a death grip.

6.5 miles in 1:00:54 (9:22/mile) @ 149 bpm

1/17 Medium Long Run

Saturday (1/16) started normally. :) Up at 6, get sidetracked by the dishes while I try to wake up and convince myself that I really want to go run on what appears to be the coldest morning in a few weeks. Just as I've talked myself into wearing jacket and gloves and sucking it up at around 6:45, I hear the pitter patter of little feet. And the slam of a dresser drawer. Crap. Kaitlyn's up. I wander upstairs and find her harassing Val. Kaitlyn hasn't learned the rule that you don't wake the pregnant woman early, so we head downstairs for some father/daughter time. :) Later in the day, after a 10am nap, and then a nap when Kaitlyn when down for hers, I decided to bag the run for the day. :)

Sunday was a very pleasant run. Not being sure about my back (responding nicely to twiceadays on the foam roller) and calf (also responding well to the foam roller), I decided to do two loops around the block so I could bail early if my body complained, and to only do 2 laps (~12 miles) and take it easy. I'm well behind where I would like to be for Mt. Si prep, but it'll work itself out.

Up at 6 again, out by 6:45. (Kaitlyn woke up at a more weekend normal 7:45. :)) Ground was wet, but no active rain for the whole run. Whee! Temps were back up to low 40s, too which made it much easier to get out. I went ahead and wore jacket and gloves, so I had no excuse. :) Gloves came off early, jacket stayed on all run.

I had planned on running counterclockwise, then switching directions for the second loop, but decided to just keep moving forward. :) I had some motivation problems at mile 5 or so, but the sun finally came up and my calf finally warmed up, so the second lap felt pretty good.

Interestingly, Emory's, a local restaurant that caught fire a few months ago is finally being torn down. Hopefully they will rebuild. Oh, and the "Bikini Espresso Hut" has closed it's doors. :) Other than that, nothing interesting to report. :)

12.32 miles in 1:55:18 (9:22/mile) @ 151 bpm

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pigtails Flat Ass 50K Race Report

Wow. This is late. I figured I probably better get this doen, what with the Pigtails Run in 2 days, that I'm going to have to write a race report for. :) This race was run 12/19/2009.

I got up at 5 to make sure I would be completely ready. Prerace prep the night before basically consisted of me throwing clothes into one of my bins, making Orange Jello/Cool Whip salad to contribute to the stock of food after the race, and printing some maps.

I ended up taking my single bottle belt with the extra pouches since the longest stretch between aid stations was like 5 miles. Theoretically that's a one bottle distance if I'm drinking at max capacity.

There had been some messages about parking being tight, and I coordinated to pickup another runner (LuvPre) from the Runners World forum. Got to his house a bit late at around 7, and after some phone calls for him to guide me in. :) Thanks to his Garmin Nuvi, we finally got to Landsburg Park in Ravensdale around 7:30, with the race starting at 8:00.

Parking really was pretty tight, but we got the last spot in the main lot, by the start. Got out and picked up our bibs (made of cut up old bibs, cool) and then wandered across the street to the two portasans available and made a pitstop. Walked back, set up my fuel belt, and then dropped off my fee ($5, I gave $10 (It supports a food bank, why not)) and a box of food and soup for the food bank. Saw Bruce, Betsy, and Matt as we were getting set up in the parking lot. Also saw another Berner puppy, owned by the winner, I believe. (I think they're good luck. :)) Saw Katie and chatted with her and Bruce as we walked over the bridge and lined up for the start.

Weather was in the low to mid 40s with a wonderful mizzle (misty drizzle).

For the sake of the race report, please note that AS 1, 4, 5 are the same (staffed), and AS 2, 3 (unstaffed) are the same

START TO AS1 (5.85 miles) :

The start was just across the Cedar River from the finish, on a power line trail that parallels the river and the trail the rest of the race was run on. We all gathered together just inside the entrance to the trail as pigtails gave her race briefing. Then, after an informal "3, 2, 1, GO!" we got started. It was the oddest start I've had in one of these smaller races. It was absolutely packed. the trail was a narrow packed gravel access road, and there were around 100 runners. The first half mile felt like a 'big city' race, until we all sorted ourselves out. I started super slow, just taking my time to get warmed up and settled in. It was going to be a long day, and while breaking 5 hours would be great, I was just going to let it settle out how it would. I ran with Katie and Jessica for a short period until I realized that I had misheard their time goals, and realized I needed to speed up a little.

I realized I had forgotten to start my 'normal' watch at the start, and started it just as Garmin chirped at mile 1. I wanted to use the watch to track splits between, and through aid stations. We ran out through the gate, across the parking lot and back across the little bridge, where someone directed us to the left, past the finish, and onto the Cedar River Trail.

The first leg of the Cedar River Trail is packed gravel lined with trees. A surprising number of houses are within a stones throw of the trail, which felt odd sometimes. This first leg was spent just getting the kinks worked out, and starting to get my rhythm. Average HR for this leg is 149 bpm, right at my original goal for effort, and average pace is 9:20/mile. Pretty comfortable. The mizzle shows no signs of breaking, and I'm soaked through by the first couple of miles.

AS 1 is a shelter staffed by a couple of wonderful volunteers. I had told Val I was going to try not to to pull a Carkeek and spend a lot of time at the Aid Stations. I get through this first one with a bottle refill, a handful of M&Ms and Gummi Bears in 8 seconds. :) Not bad. :)

I did manage to spend some time with another runner during this leg (another former Army guy)(bugger, don't remember his name), but he was shooting for 9/mile and sped up after we chatted for a while.

54:43 total time for this leg

AS1 TO AS2 (5.4 miles):

Shortly after the aid station the Trail transitions from crushed gravel to asphalt. I personally think this felt better, and that I wasn't dumping so much energy in the gravel. I felt like I was able to get more efficient again. What sucked is that at about the same point the mizzle converted to a real rain. A "my compression shorts shed water if I wipe my hands off on them" kind of rain. I was on the edge of getting cold in this stretch. If the rain had kept up it might have gotten unpleasant.

Also, M&Ms may not melt in hour hand, but they do stain. :)

Probably because of the rain, and the change after a few miles to running close to one of the local highways, this was a REALLY long stretch from AS1 to AS2. For some reason I thought the next aid station was going to be closer (probably because I thought AS3 was at the turnaround).

I finally hit a stretch where I couldn't see anyone else in either direction and was able to step to the side of the trail and make a pitstop (ahhh, men... the world is our restroom. :) ) before we lost tree cover.

I would classify this leg as being the hardest of the race. The rain and the cold were a big deal, and for some reason, I just had some serious motivational/head-space problems. I think I just hadn't run long enough to beat my legs and my brain into submission yet. I passed a Tavern (not yet open) on the freeway at around mile 9 and thought it would be a really good place to get out of the rain and make a phone call to get a ride :). Go figure. I think that except for the brief chat in the last leg, running this solo, while getting passed by clusters of chatting runners didn't help, either. I picked up some interesint tips about directing a race listening to some of the conversations though. :)

Finally hit AS 2. It was a very welcome pair of water blue jugs and a gallon Ziploc bag full of Snickers and PayDays. I refilled my bottle, grabbed one of each of the candy bars and got back on the move. Not as fast as the first aid station, but 23 seconds for self serve ain't bad. :)

48:20 for this leg. I've sped up a little, average pace is down t0 9:17/mile, avg HR is up a few ticks to 151

AS2 TO TURNAROUND TO AS3 (4.9 miles):

A few hundred yards after our aid station is an aid station for the Team in Training gang. One of their volunteers gives a cheer as run by. I wonder what race they were training for?

The Payday bar is super yummy, and the Snickers isn't bad either. Certainly better than the Hammer Gels and GU. The last hammer dose I took gave me some stomach rumbles, but nothing that continues. Time to check the expiration date on the bulk bottle.

I've settled in, starting last leg, behind a pair of rabbits. A gentleman in grey a few hundred yards ahead of me, and a gentleman in a red Marathon Maniacs shirt (who looks vaguely familiar, like he runs around Lake Union, and I've seen him) a few hundred yards ahead of him. We've spent miles 'together' with no change in our distances. :)

Shortly after the aid station the rain switches back to mizzle, and I start to warm up again. Something must have changed in the terrain, because I find this stretch much easier, and speed up just a little.

See the leaders after their turnaround. LuvPre is 4th I think, Bruce is next. I tried to cheer for one of the leaders and got the same squawk that I got when I tried at Seattle last year. No more cheering for other runners. I just switched to a thumbs up and stayed there for the remainder of the people I crossed paths with. That and maybe a "Keep it up" or "Kickin' ass"

My first rabbit starts slowing down (or I'm getting faster) around mile 12. I get my half marathon split (2:01:26), and then I catch up to my first rabbit. We run together through the turnaround (13.7 miles down!), and since he mentioned some intestinal distress (he was hoping the turn around was in a park with a restroom) I give him some of my wet wipes and then we parted ways.

I manage to catch up with my other rabbit at AS3. It turned out to be Stevie Ray Lopez from the RW forums. And yes he does run around Lake Union sometimes. We chatted briefly at the aid station, and I left while he was throwing something into his bottle. 33 seconds at the aid station. I don't remember what, if any, fueling I took after I refilled my bottle.

48:01 for this leg, 9:15 is average pace, and HR Avg is up to 153.

AS3 TO AS4 (5.4 miles):

Through the final part of the last leg, and the beginning of this leg, I get to see the other people still headed out. Betsy, and Katie, and I think Bob Dolphin. Lots of groups again in the second half of the group. I pass a number of the clusters of runners that passed me earlier in the run during this stretch too. Soon enough I'm back just chugging along. I think I passed a couple of people this leg as we headed back. It felt faster, even if it took just as long. Probably that whole "returning feels faster" thing.

The rain is still coming down in the same place as we head back. It's at least as wet as the first time, but I'm warmer this time, apparently and it doesn't bother me. It's much wetter after 3 hours of rain and there are more puddles and stuff to avoid.

I recall managing to pass a handful of people on this leg, including a guy pretty close to the aid station. The goal of getting back to the aid station helped keep me moving. I took a bit longer at this aid station. I wasn't quite as mentally organized, and it took a whole 52 seconds. I managed to almost fill my bottle with Gatorade and not water, and snagged a pair of Snickers that I never ate, and a handful of snacks and got back on the move. One of the volunteers asked if I was continuing on through to the 50K or downgrading. I said I was still doing it. "Way to go, daddy-o!". :)

49:30 for this leg. 9:17/mile average pace, 155 bpm average HR.

AS4 TO TURNAROUND TO AS5 (4.9 miles):

The "best" part of the extra section for the 50K is the hill right at the aid station. It's not huge, but it's short and steep and it's at 21.5 miles into the run. The I'm pretty sure it's a very light continuous uphill to the turnaround. The outbound leg was quite possibly the longest 2.5 miles I've ever run. It was just brutal. Despite knowing how far out it was, and where I was thanks to Garmin, I was convinced the turn had been moved at least 3 times. :|
figured the turn had been moved.

The run out was actually quite pretty. We paralleled a lake for a nice section of the run. The only thing 'odd' were the steel underpasses/tunnels. Kind of creepy, and I wouldn't want to be a woman running this trail at night or in the evening. Saw Bruce headed back the other way about halfway through.

When I finally hit the damned turnaround I though I'd cry. I told other runners the distance to the turnaround for the next half mile. Hopefully I wasn't too annoying. I know I would have appreciated it from some of the other front runners. Because of this, I called out the distance to oncoming runners for the first half mile as I came back down. Hope it helped, and wasn't too annoying. Made a pitstop just after I hit Marathon distance. Marathon split was 4:06:02. Not bad considering I was supposed to be taking this 'easy'. Just goes to show what those damned Seattle hills can do to your time.

Chugged my was past a couple and their dogs and hung a right at the aid station without stopping. My bottle was still pretty full, and I just wanted to get done. I was starting to get tired, and feeling my thighs, glutes, abs, and lower back. Apparently I should have checked in, because someone called after me to get my bib number. I shouted it back and kept moving. Doh!

49:37 for the leg, give or take. Average pace is down to 9:25/mile and Avg HR is up to 156, where it will stay.

AS5 TO FINISH (4.7 miles):

A few miles ago I had determined that I was pretty close to done, and managed to convince myself to gut it out to mile 27, and then I could walk for a few minutes. Just after the aid station (~26.45) I passed Katie walking her marathon in. Apparently her Plantar Fascitiis had flared pretty badly. She actually mention removal of the foot. :| Out and back course means you've got to finish it though. :) (98 starts, 98 finishes for this race!) She came in a bit after me looking pretty trashed.

Just around a curve from Katie and Gamin chirped for mile 27, and I walked for the first time. My lower back was starting to go, and I was tired. It felt good to walk, but I tried to keep it to about a minute, and them moved back out at a trot, trying to focus on correcting my posture and run more upright instead of hunching over, which helped my back soreness, and seemed to help get my speed on the run legs back up.

I alternated running and walking for the rest of the race, doing the math in my head to try and finish under 5 hours since that seemed to be in reach. The run walk variations were pretty organic, but I did try to keep the walks to no more than 1/10 of a mile, and then run the rest of the mile. When that didn't work it was 1/10th walk and then .5 or .75 run. Whatever kept me moving and would hopefully get me in under 5. I ran the last half mile, and when I started to recognize the last quarter mile or so, I was able to dig a little and go from 10:30/mile for mile 31 to 8:35/mile for that last little bit.

47:49 for the last leg, Pace Average down to final of 9:32/mile. HR evened out at 156. Course measured out officially at 31.15 mile (just a tick long 31.07 is the 'real' 50K distance)), and Garmin measured out 31.24 miles.

Final time: 4:58:10 (9:32/mile) @ 156 bpm (83% MHR)

Bruce had stuck around and cheered me through the finish, and took the few pictures I have from this race. Including a cheesy staged finish picture. :) I almost fell over on him after I stopped running. He grabbed me to keep me from tipping over, and then I decided it was a good idea to keep moving for a bit. Stopped at the car and changed into dry clothes, then got some soup and snacks while waiting for Betsy to come it. I was getting cold and my legs weren't appreciating that, and LuvPre had been remarkably patient hanging out and waiting, especially given that he finished like 2 hours before I did, so we finally got in the car and headed home.

Great race. I'll run it again, if Pigtails does it again.

Friday, January 15, 2010

1/14 Run

Thursday was not a particularly pleasant run. Another run clockwise around the lake. My left calf jangled early, and then both calves might as well as not have been there. Quads were trashed, back cramped a little about 4 miles in. Just all in all, a bad run. Weather wasn't horrible, just wet. By the time I was done I was pretty sure someone had been beating my legs with sticks. The 800m sprint in hiking boots and work backpack to catch the bus probably didn't help things.

6.48 miles in 58:47 (9:04/mile) @ 155 bpm

1/13 Run

Wednesday was an absolutely perfect day for a clockwise run around the lake. It was in the effing high 50s! I wore a short sleeved shirt for a run in January! It started to drizzle (very lightly) and get darker with about a mile to go. Running felt good, and the weather was fine.

HR was a bit high, but pace was withing rance.

6.45 miles in 59:07 (9:10/mile) @ 155 bpm

1/11 Run

Monday's run was pleasant, despite the heavy rain. Temps were good, and I think I'm finally kicking the 'cold' or whatever I've had for awhile. My starting HR was down for the first time in a while.

Ran counter clockwise around the lake to save the big puddles till last half of run. It worked, mostly. :) Really needed this run to reset my brain from some work frustrations. An hour on your feet dodging idiots in cars makes stupid work stuff go away. :)

This was Kaitlyn's actual birthday, so we took her to dinner at Azteca. I swear they must have mainlined her with sugar before we picked her up from daycare. She wasn't bad, but she was just extremely pingy. Even for her.

6.38 miles in 59:41 (9:21/mile) @ 150 bpm

1/9 Medium Long Run

Saturday was a very nice medium long run. The run was the start of a crazy day with Kaitlyn's birthday party and a friends slightly belated holiday party. Started slow and got slower, but unlike Thursday, my headspace was fine. Probably because slowing meant I was fighting hills, and was staying in the McMillan Long Run pace range.

11.16 miles in 1:49:29 (9:49/mile) @ 150 bpm

Despite the plan, no run on Sunday. We got home and to bed after midnight. I was trashed so I deferred the run till lunchtime. After I had napped for an hour at 11, and was still tired I decided to bag it till the evening, especially after I went and napped again when Kaitlyn went down for her nap. Twice during the day. Probably meant I was done. :)

1/7 Run

Thursday's run was a psychologically painful run, inspired by a rereading of Hadd's theory for low heart rate training (similar to all the others, except he takes the base HR even lower). I decided to go out around the lake and see how running like I did for the base building period in the beginning of the year, and theoretically should still be, would go.

Holy effing crap. Now I remember why I was so glad to stop this the last time I did it. I've been running over 75% MHR for a reason. And that reason is enjoyment! This really is one of those things that if I have to run like that too much, I probably won't run. And I supposedly still get some benefit at the higher pace. I just need to run longer. And I need to run closer to the McMillan recommended paces. I've been pushing the limits on that, especially for normal runs, so just need to suck it up and slow down a a touch.

I think the problem is that all the people who talk about this are using examples of people who are much faster. As in competitive. As in the example Hadd uses is a guy who can do 7:22/mile at ~75% MHR. I've got things to do, and a run to enjoy. :)

This run, and then the brain meandering it inspired was a very good reminder that the training doesn't have to be PERFECT. Perfect in the "sports science knows best" way. Doing something is better than doing nothing. The only perfect training plan is one you'll execute. I really wish I could get this one out of my head and onto paper the way I want. Grrrr. Maybe I'll just try again later. :)

Weather wasn't bad, high 40s, and a mild drizzle.

6.45 miles in 1:05:04 (10:05/mile) @ 141 bpm (75% MHR)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/6 Run

The light workout from the baselines didn't leave me sore, but I could tell my abs were a little more tired than normal.

I went out with Bruce, and as he was going to go back out for a track workout that evening, we just went around the lake. Not as fast as the last time, which is a bit of a bummer. By HR this was a Tempo run, by pace it was out of the McMillan range by 5-8 seconds a mile. I just didn't have 8/mile in me for this run.

I did some talking the first few miles, and then had to shut up, hunker down, and hold on. We got snagged by at least two lights, which was a bit of a blessing. :)

Unlike the rest of the country, we've been having a relatively mild winter so far, high 40s and, yay!, it was dry!.

We had a brief discussion about Michael Pollan's 'In Defense Of Food'. Which I'm finding to be fascinating. We'll see if I can integrate any of his ideas for healthy eating into my life. I'm still trying to internalize the concepts in the book, which made it hard to have an intelligent discussion, because I really had trouble explaining out loud the concepts that in my head. Very frustrating.

6.54 miles in 54:06 (8:16/mile) @ 170 bpm (91% MHR)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/5 Baselines

Theoretically tonight was supposed to be the first night back at the gym. In the interests of reducing my embarrassment and not causing others serious olfactory trauma, I elected to stay home.

I was able to do the baseline tests for some of the 'hundreds' workouts, since I'm considering doing them in onjunction with 2 days a week with my normal workout.

100 Pushups: 22
About what I expected given how I've been doing the last few weeks

200 Situps: 25
Much lower than expected. And they aren't even 'real' situps, just crunches.

200 Squats: 50
Probably could have done a few more. Hmmm. Quad dominant much? :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

1/4 Run

I haven't really figured out anything other than some goal 50Ks as I prepare for Mount Si, so today's run was really just a matter of getting out and running.

Counterclockwise around the lake in the rain. The temperature was up at just under 50 so it wasn't too bad. I really need to put my contacts back in for the weather. :) You get to the point you can't see after a while. :)

Loving the brooks Addictions, but I've noticed the little 'wing' back by the Achilles is rubbing sometimes after a run. Odd.

I really wish I could outsmart Office and Open Office and make tame based charts work right!

6.43 miles in 57:49 (9:00/mile) @ 156 bpm

Sunday, January 3, 2010

12/31 Medium Long Run

OK, Medium Long is a stretch... :) A late night 9 miles to finish out the year and get me over 1700 in either one of my logs.

It was ~45, rainy, at least for the first half. I really haven't worn my glasses for a run in a long time. I think the way they fogged up when I lost my head/sidewind was the best! :)

Really wasn't feeling it the first half and wanted to be done. I felt much better the last half, after the rain stopped.

9.01 miles in 1:23:17 (9:15/mile) @ 161 bpm

No run on Saturday, got caught up as I left in Jennifer's Body, and decided to spend some time with Val instead. Really just looking for an excuse to take a break.

Sunday I made a conscious decision not to go run. I've got a 'new' 15 mile route picked, but I'll use it later, or modify it to bump it up to 16. Last night of a nice vacation. Next week starts 3 months of training for the Mount Si 50 miler.

12/30 Medium Long Run

I had planned to run yesterday, but apparently moving furniture that hasn't moved in years, from 15 year old carpet, raises some NASTY dust. Totally trashed my sinuses, and I finally forced my way out the door after an extra day off.

Decided to go out for 10ish. 10 today, 10 tomorrow and I'm over 1700 for the year. So... out through Mill Creek and around for a late night.

The run started out ominously, with a fairly heavy headwind. I though the jangle in my left calf was back, but it settled out earlier than normal, and I was moving comfortably pretty early in the run. Might actually be healing.

Only a handful of other runners out at 10, but all were friendly. :)

I was running fast, and it felt good. I was trying to just run by feel, with the idea that I'd do some tempo intervals or something similar. It just turned into a nicely hard, fast run. HR was WAY up for some of the paces though, so that dust might actually be something else. Like a cold.

Great run pace-wise, only 4 seconds off half marathon pace. This level of speed really makes you realize how much core work I need. Some lower back, but a lot of abdominal too.

I miscalculated the route and it ended up being a mile and a half longer than I thought for...

11.5 in 1:36:36 (8:24/mile) @ 170 bpm

12/28 Run

This was a physically painful run. 4 more days off, and for what ever reason I'm just ungodly tight. My glutes and lower back just screamed for most of the run. Super stiff.

Another evening run counterclockwise around the block, at around 42, not too bad, but gloves would have been nice, since it was a touch windy.

6.18 in 54:39 (8:51/mile) @ 164

Logging this run, I realize I have 20 miles to do in 3 days to break 1700 miles for the year... Lets see how that goes.

It's been hard to stay motivated on this vacation. I realized it's not the physical act of running...It's the time commitment. Especially when I'd rather spend the time with family. It doesn't help that I've been fighting something too...

12/23 Run

First run since Pigtails. I'd never noticed it after other long runs, but by feet were still a little swollen 3 days after. Not badly, but enough that those wonderful veiny runners feet weren't as veiny.

A chilly evening, and after 3 days of rest it ended up being a faster run counter clockwise around the block than I had intended it to be.

6.17 in 51:29 (8:21/mile) @ 157

12/22 Workout

Tuesday I went for a workout with Val at the Gym. She found it more than a little amusing that the pregnant ladies (her and her trainer) kicked my ass. In my defense, this was a scaled weight version of her normal workout. :|

Exercises included:
Squat Presses @ 90# (Weight Bar_Plate)
Straight Leg Romanian Deadlifts @ 50#
Walking Lunges
Front Raises @ ~12.5
Shoulder Presses @ ~17.5
Bent Over Flies @ ?
Deadlifts @ 135#

Lower back really had issues with the Romanian Deads

12/19 - Pigtails Flat Ass 50K Mini-Race Report

After 2 weeks, I finally realized that if I want to keep up with the blog, I need to get over having a full race report in the correct sequence of blog posts. :) So, to get back on track...

So a few weeks before Christmas I ran my last race of the year. Pigtails Flat Ass 50K.

Short version; it was 40s, wet, and one if the top 3 races I've done for sheer enjoyment (Carkeek and Beach To Chowder Half being the others).

I managed to pull off a 4:58:10 (~9:32/mile) debut 50K, which makes me just ecstatic.