Friday, September 26, 2008

Recovery Run

5 miles (4.88 tracked) in 44:13 (9:03/mile) on Thursday

Way faster than a recovery run should be at my current pace. It did shake the kinks out of my left hip flexor. I felt like I can actually move around like a human being now.

I must be getting old. There were a couple of college students from SPU out and about, and they loked like they were 13... :) Also, since when do they use socks as arm warmers/gloves?

4:09 (.44 miles)
4:10 (.44 miles)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Long Midweek Run

8.13 miles in1:09:32 (8:33/mile)

was drizzly and rainy for the first 3 miles around the lake. I'm pretty sure the slow mile was the mile with two flights of stairs of to Eastlake. For some reason that really takes it out of me.

Some left groin/hip flexor issues, but not too bad. It was actually worse after sitting in the car for 45 minutes on the way home

No gu, but did use nuun

I noticed that I spent a lot of time playing with my bottle or my fingers. I think I was a little uncomfortable and was looking for a distraction

:44.84 (.13 miles)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday Run

4.88 miles in 44:00 (9:00/mile)

Did OHP W3D1 again, poorly. 17,19, 5+10knee, 5+10knee, 5+10knee

This was really 5 miles, since I need to inculte the 'warmup' if I'm not walking it

4:09 - .44 mile
4:08 - .44 mile

Weekend 10 Miler

10.06 miles in 1:35:07 (9:27/mile)

This run sucked. The 16 miler the week before was much more pleasant. I suspect it was the fact that I only ran one other day this week.

My grain/hip flexor bothered me most of the run, but I just gutted it out.

Tried CLIFs gel product-- in Apple Pie and Mango. Never Again. The apple pie had an apple pie flavor, to include yeasty undercooked dough. The Mango tasted like rotting fruit with a toothpaste consistency.

9:53 took a gel here
8:20 took a gel here
10:21 not sure what happened here

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday Filler Run

4 miles in 37:46 (9:26/mile)

This was my one mid week run this week. This and a 10 miler on saturday will make it a 50% redutciton in mileage for the week, and it was probably needed. I started getting a cold on Wednesday when I ran this and still have mild symptoms now on Firdya. A cold after a long run. Overtraining or having a child. :)

Went out with my boss, had to stop and tie his shoe just after the first mile, which slowed us down, and then I finished on my own. A pleasantly overcast, mildly warm day with surprisingly few people out and about running.

Groin seems to be cooperating, but my arches are a little tight and when I sit at work I feel some tension over my right hip. guess I need to start stretching. Or yoga. :)

Did some OHP finally the same day of the run. Tried to do what Laura did and do the evaluation for the week as the first set. I've improved (to 30) but it trashed me for the rest of the workout. I was able to do 19 for the second one, and 5 full ones for the third. Then I had to finish the set and do 6 more on my knees. The last 2 sets were knee pushups to 11, since I couldn't make it further than that.

We'll see how today goes. I'll probably just treat next Monday as W3D1 again and work from there.

I'm way behind on reading and commenting on blogs. I'm going to try to get caught up this weekend.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday Morning Long Run

16 miles in 2:35:27 (9:42/mile)

I'm a little behind getting my post for this one done...

Ran this Saturday morning. Left the house a 6:10, and got to the start point at 6:15. Was a very comfortable 48 degrees when I left, and only a little warmer, at 54 when I got back.

I was a little worried about how bad this run would hurt, especially with adding 3 more miles from last weekend. Honestly, it wasn't too bad. I was pretty effing maxed out when I stopped running, but I didn't think I'd just die at any point in the run. :)

That being said, I don't know if I did it on the run, or if I just aggravated the living snot out of it, but I managed to strain my left grain. I could walk poorly when I was working for Val Saturday afternoon, and I was damn near a cripple on Sunday. I didn't run again till Wednesday, and I seem to be functional, except for a few twinges. Needless to say that, as well as the fact that my Mom is coming to visit and I don't want to have to do a long long run and then got the the Pacific Science Center in the same day, I'm making this a 'fall back' week and am only going to run 10 on Saturday. It'll be a 50% reduction in mileage compared to last week, and will probably be good for me.

I was pretty wiped from the run,which is to be expected, but on Monday Val had commented on the fact that I've been a little snarkier than normal the last few weeks. And while a number of the symptoms of mild depression are similar, I think I've got a mile case of overtraining. I've been pissy, tired, short, munchy, and haven't been sleeping well. All of which are another reason to take this week as a 'fall back'. It's frustrating, even if I know that I've probably been pushing a little bit. I also now understand why some people don't think you should train for you first marathon until you have a full year or more of 'just running' under your belt.

The run itself was pleasant. I hit Silver Lake just before mile 3 and it was amazing. Mirror smooth, and reflecting the sky. After a few minutes a lone duck swam by and broke the mirror with a perfect V. Very pretty. Then looking up the sunrise had turned the sky to a dull rose. A very nice way to start the day.

Worked my way through Mill Creek, around mile 6 I started to need to pee. I was able to suck it up till mile 9, but I finally had to find a discreet spot (twice) and deal with the problem. :) I realized there are really not a lot of good spots to deal with this problem as I run through residential areas.

The fluid pressure relief was nice, but it didn't take away all of the tension in my left groin that I hoped it would. I thought it might have been from having a full bottle on the left side of the belt and an empty on the right, but resolving that didn't help. So apparently I strained my groin running too far (or aggravated it). I also seem to be compensating because I could feel the tension in the arch and ball of my right foot.

The water bottle thing was odd this run. Running early, and having commitments after the run, I knew that I was going to have to do this self supported, which meant 3 22 oz bottles. So, on went the belt with 2 bottles and then I grabbed the handheld bottle too. I'm sure I looked, to the handful of people up and who noticed, like some crazy runner. It seemed to work for the most part. I drank from the handheld, and as bottles got empty I replaced them with a full from the belt. I'd rather get resupplied than carry the handheld though. It throws me off a little bit.

The sun broke through at around mile 8 for a mile or so, then the fog rolled in. I worked my way home in a lightly foggy morning. Perfect for keeping the sun off.

1 10:16.41
2 9:50.57
3 9:10.22
4 9:49.39
5 9:29.16
6 10:20.03
7 10:09.93
8 8:19.83
9 9:51.04 confused on waypoint(8:23.03 1:28.01)
10 10:17.15 2 pitstops
11 9:39.31
12 9:39.31
13 9:41.20
14 10:08.36
15 9:30.30
16 9:14.52

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Midweek Runs

Did my midweek runs without a lot of excitement. Short runs, fairly slow to shake out the kinks from going too hard on monday. Also, because apparently I'm dense, figured out that if I wear my running shoes to walk to work, I shouldn't wear my normal socks. They make the shoes uncomforatable. :)

Missed doing my end of week 2 OHP evaluation on the weekend, and then forgot to do my sets until Tuesday. I'm basically doing W2D3 this week all week, will evaluate myself this weekend and start week 3 next monday.

Had a fun Marathon Club meeting on Tuesday. One of our member gabe a nice spiel about marathoning, and that let to some very useful discussions.

OHP did 15, 15, 15, 15, 18 for the open set

3.1 miles in 28:03 (9:02/mile)

Ran up westlake with my boss part way, solo the rest. a little warm.

3.1 miles in 29:38

Ran up westlake with my boss part way, solo the rest. 73 and cloudless. Very warm for me. I dont think I hydrated wll today either

OHP- 15, 15, 12, 12, 15 for open round

Monday, September 8, 2008

Running Club Shirts

5.68 miles in 49:52 (8:46/mile)

The running club shirts showed up. They're royal blue long sleeve brooks jobbies. Very nice. Won't need them regularly for a few more weeks, but now I have two LS shirts. :) Wore it with the sleeves pushed to show some club solidarity, but it was a little war (at 73) to be wearing long sleeves. :)

Got carried away again, both speed and distance. Guess I felt like I needed to earn the new
shirt. :) Decided to run to the end of the SPU trail and beyond again. But I was with B, I and C. All of them fast. I'm a little stiff from the long run, and now this. Probably stopping and sitting in my chair at work isn't the best thing possible for my hips and thighs...

Started off slow, but the last half was brutally fast. Not much conversation coming from me. Mostly between B & I about ultra running. Asked I about the fact that I'm feeling the balls of my feet sometimes and she thinks it may be a form issue. Apparently I may need to take shorter strides so I don;t roll off the front of my foot so heavily. I didn't have the heart to say that long strides were the only way I could keep up. Because if that was true I should have slowed down, instead of being stupid... :)

first 1 - 9:17
middle - 16:53
middle - 15:37
last 1- - 8:05

First Over 2 Hour Run

13.25 miles in 2:11:37 (9:56/mile)

Got out late on Saturday night (I think I see a trend here. :)) Left the house at 9:15, got back around 11:30. Managed to not have Toby bark at me as I came in which was nice, since Kaitlyn was a pain to get to bed. Took me about 3 tries to get out the door since I kept forgetting stuff.

I'm going to have to give the nuun triberry a new try. I had the citrus for this run, and realized it needs 1.5 tabs for the 22oz. bottles I use, not one, like I used last week. The flavor was much more distinct when it's mixed properly. :) Not a bad flavor.

Tried both CLIF Bloks (Lemon Lime; very subtle. Sports Beans in the same flavor are much more flavorful) and GU (Chocolate Outrage; chocolaty... not a lot of this hit my tongue, I slammed it back pretty fast) this run. I think I've settled on some form of gel, Gu, Hammer, whatever, instead of Bloks or Beans. The chewing (and breathing) is just too much of a pain. I can slam a gel in no time flat and it doesn't affect my running. I'm leaning towards the Hammer Gels because the consistency seems a bit better. I think there are some other vendors I should try too.

I must be getting older. :) Or my contacts need to be adjusted. I had trouble reading the small display on my watch all run, even with IndiGlo, and I had printed all of the splits on a piece of paper so I'd remember where they were. Had to stop for a few seconds every mile to even be able to read it. I'll print them in a bigger font next time, and If I can't get better contacts I may just run in my glasses. bleah...

Ran a mostly new route through Mill Creek. Would have been a little nicer to have run it about an hour earlier so I had better light. Some of the sidewalks along the highway are windy and hidden by bushes and trees, and my key chain flashlight isn't really cutting it. More terrain on this route than on my normal 10 miler route, so I'm feeling pretty good about the whole run.

Felt it a bit in the outside of my hips and knees and a little in my left ankle, but everything seemed better Sunday morning when I woke up. Could tell I was tired at about mile 12 when I had to stop for a light and was wobbly. I was fine running, just squirrely standing still.

On a side note, I have discovered the hard way that CLIF bars (not the nectar organics, mind you) have a really heavy soy component. And I don't deal with it well. Since they are convenient and tasty I'm trying to use beano and see how it goes. This will be the first day of trying it. We'll see. :)

And possibly not the best choice for recovery hydration or nutrition, but we spent 3 hours at the zoo on Sunday. Kaitlyn had a blast, and I didn't start to whimper until just before we left, so I guess I was feeling pretty good. :)

8:49 knew this was fast when I ran it. bad section of road with no sidewalk and no shoulder
10:42\ avg 9:40 missed my mile marker badly
8:38 /
2:10 (8:41 pace)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Runs and Pushups

Trying to get caught up. :) Had a couple of nice non-running, non-scale victories in the last week or so. The first one sounds really cheesy. I had to run for the bus after work one day. I did, and I made it to the bus. I'm not able to explain well how cool it was to be able to do something, without thinking about it, or dieing, and not be bent over at the end like a cripple. Kind of the point of this fitness thing I guess.

The other was, despite having put a few ponds back on in the last month or so, I was able to fit in a Medium dress shirt. A MEDIUM!!! I can't remember when I didn't have to buy a Larger or bigger for my gut, etc... That being said, if I want to stay in it I've got to get my eating back in line. We made chocolate chip cookie dough a few days ago and ate it raw (the way it's meant to be eaten. :)) I'm not running quite enough to support that on a regular basis. :)

Still fussing with the training plan, and trying to decide if I want to run the Half at the Bellingham Bay Marathon (28 September) as a pacing check

5.68 miles in 51:54 (9:08/mile)

Thought I was running just under 5.5, obviously ended up over. Not a problem
Warm and sunny, almost too warm. I like my 65 degree running days. :) My calves hurt, probably from running for the bus in bad shoes, as well as running in the Sauconys on Monday.

Felt like every one in the world was dusting me on this run though. I saw J and outbound on my inbound leg and they beat me to the showers by about 30 seconds, and I got passed by 2 guys in my last mile. Ah well, they can run their workout and I'll run mine. Until I trip them. :)

mile1 - 9:16
middle1 - 16:57
middle2 - 16:55
last mile - 8:45

OHP W2D2 - banged out the pushups just before I went to bed. 16,13,11,11. The open set was 15 or greater. I managed to do 15.

4 miles in 36:01 (9:00/mile)

Ran up Westlake again, started with my boss. You can see where he made his turnaround from the splits. :) My calves cramped (or something similar) pretty much the last two miles. Val asked why I didn't just walk it in... It hurt just as bad walking, and I was done sooner if I ran. :) It was in the low to mid 70s, which is warmer than it has been for the last few weeks, but I have trouble thinking it was the problem. I think it was residual from running Monday in bad shoes, running to the bus in bad shoes on Tuesday, and then running 'injured' on Wednesday. They seized up badly enough it was hard to walk again at the couple of lights I had to stop for on the way back to work. Seemed to mostly have worked themselves out after a warm shower



OHP W2D3 - Was supposed to bang this out Friday night, Watched Doomsday instead. Should have done the pushups. It would have been less painful. (It had so much potential... And Rhona Mitra. What a debacle.) 15,15,12,12. Open was 15 or greater, did 16

Val had an early hair appointment, so I'm running tonight, 12 or 13, not sure yet.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MP - W2D1 and OHP - W2D1

3 miles in 29:26 (9:48/mile)

Ran with Toby on Monday night. I wasn't quite as patient with him on the outbound leg as the last run. I think he needed to pee again. My very bad. (despite having gone before we left). Only problem is that he won't do his business on a walk. Not quite sure how we trained that behavior in, but most of the time it's nice. Unless you want him to so he'll get a move on. :)

Tried running in the 'bad' Sauconys since wearing them during the day doesn't aggravate the ankle and toe tendon. Seemed to work, but I can feel the incipient shin splints and the outsides of my knees. Good idea, but I don't think I'll try that again.

Modified my running plan spreadsheet with the newest set of changes so I guess I've made them official. :) Now I can start using obnoxiously cryptic post titles again so I don't have to try (and fail) to be witty. :) This week's long run is 12 miles. I wanted to run it Monday, so I must me getting back into the groove. :)

Did OHP W2D1 with no problems before the run . 'Open' set ended up being 14, minimum 10.

19:25 for the last 2. Hazed out and just ran.