Thursday, April 30, 2009

4/30 Run

A wonderful day for a run. 60 and Sunny. Had to go back up to my office and snag the sunscreen hiding in the drawer. Realized my new shirt isn't really a singlet, it's just a sleeveless shirt.

Lots of runners again. You can really tell it's spring/summer. And in an odd dejavu moment I swear I've seen one gal who lapped me twice running on a route at home in Everett.

My right knee and calf bothered me a little this run. I think it's because I've been working really hard on getting the duck foot thing under control. My right knee felt a little wobbly about 4 miles in, but it mostly went away.

I'm glad today (day after run) is a rest day, but I'm looking out the window jonesing for a run already. I'll walk to Speedy Reedy at lunch instead and get some GU.

Looked at my stats for the week, and the runs around the lake averaged 11:30/mile. I'm really curious to see how they look in another two weeks once this 6 week cycle is completed. I'm really hoping for a nice change. :)

I'm very lightly trying to figure out how I should run the Beach To Chowder Half that I'm doing in June (two weeks before RNR Seattle). Should I run it like every other run is going to be run (by low HR), should I aim for a higher HR target, should I run it by feel?

If I run for another target, I'm not sure what to use. I'll ask Eric eventually, but here's my current research/thinking:

My current Lactate Threshold is around 76% of Max HR. All the books seem to treat LT as around 85%. This Runners world article calls out 80-85% of MHR as marathon race pace, and 85-88% for half marathon pace. Since you should really not run the marathon too far over LT I think that if adjust down (9 points) and ...

Seriously? Run the half at 79% percent? That's 148 bpm. I've run 18 miles at 153. OK, I'm obsessing. I'll let it go for now. :) Thanks for listening. :)

6.1 miles in 1:10:05 (11:29/mile) @ 141 bpm
1 - 10:44 @ 140
2 - 11:31 @ 140
3 - 11:43 @ 141
4 - 11:42 @ 142
5 - 11:52 @ 141
6 - 11:27 @ 142
0.1 - 10:56 @ 143

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4/29 Med Long Run

This was another slog of a slow run. If I had written this yesterday after the run it would be more involved, so let's just leave it at this; It was slow. I'm tired of running slow. I know it's an investment in my running future, but... ick.

And I'll go run slow for the next 2 weeks, or more, and bitch about it most of the time. :)

Apparently Training Center doesn't save imports till you close the session. Lost another route (This one actually) due to a power failure. Guess I need a UPS for the computer. Or I need to file a bug/complaint with Garmin.

Tried running in the Balegas the last two days to no ill effect. The blistering I had a few months ago must have been shoe related.

Finally got some electrode gel to use with the HR monitor instead of getting it wet and hoping it stayed that way till I started to sweat. It's a little messy but works well. I haven't had any crazy HR monitor issues since I started using it.

GUs at 4ish and 7ish
Strawberry Banana seems much thinner (less viscous)(and thus easier to take) than Vanilla Bean, and especially the Chocolate Mint. I'll have to pay more attention to that when I pick my next batch.

55ish out wore my new singlet. Very comfortable, both weather and clothing.

Won't complain about it too much by my food/diet is just totally out of whack. And I'm only marginally motivated to do something about it. Time to premake some meals so I can stay focused. :)

9.09 in 1:46:10 (11:40/mile) @ 140 bpm

1 - 11:08 @ 140
2 - 11:29 @ 140
3 - 11:36 @ 141
4 - 11:54 @ 140
5 - 12:07 @ 140
6 - 11:09 @ 142
7 - 11:58 @ 141
8 - 12:02 @ 141
9 - 11:44 @ 140
0.09 - 10:51 @ 143

4/28 Run

Got out just before noon. 52 per It ended up being really nice and comfortable till around mile 4 when the sun disappeared behind the clouds and the wind picked up. Wore the new short sleeve shirt that we picked up at the Nike Outlet. Comfortable, but the big swoosh in the middle of the chest distracts me occasionally.

Felt much slower than 11:22/mile it turned out to be, and my HR felt much harder to keep low, but without the benefit of extra speed. :)

6.12 miles in 1:09:29 (11:22/mile) @ 139 bpm
1 - 10:14 @ 140
2 - 11:42 @ 140
3 - 11:28 @ 140
4 - 12:05 @ 139
5 - 11:48 @ 139
6 - 10:56 @ 141
0.12 - 10:49 @ 141

Did a block long 'stride' 'off the clock' during my cool down because I wanted to stretch it out a little. Hopefully it won't completely invalidate today's slow running. :)

Walked to Speedy Reedy (a local triathlon store) yesterday at lunch to get some GU. Of course, they're closed on Mondays. :) I used to remember to call ahead when I didn't have a car. I'm out of practice. :) I was able to listen to an old Phedippidations on Base Training which was pretty dang good, so it wasn't a total loss. :)

Ever noticed that a walnut half looks an awful lot like a brain?

RnR Seattle got back to me, and they have a solution. They do an unadvertised 'emergencies only' race morning packet pickup. Thanks to all who offered a voice of reason that they would come through. :) Now I can move on and stress out about other logistical problems. Like getting in at 10pm on Friday, and a 7am Saturday race. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

4/26 Long Run

Out and on the run by 5:45 again. Cooler to start with, and I thought it might get colder like it did yesterday, so wore my gloves this time. Good choice. It's amazing how these little thin things can make a difference.

Pre long run prep probably left a little to be desired. Spent some time hanging out at friends (ours and Kaitlyn's) on Saturday night and had more Garlic Jim's pizza and Costco fruit Cheesecake than I should have. :)

Settled right into a good pace, and started feeling the love from yesterdays run for the first three or four miles. Just a light grin on my face. :) Not really worried about the run at all, it just seemed to move nicely, and I had a good rhythm and wasn't pushing the HR too hard. Was feeling my legs a little bit from Saturday's run initially, but nothing serious at all.

Didn't get out and get new GUs so I had to use up the last 5 I had an Orange Burst and my last 4 Chocolate Mints. Just enough for a run of this length.

I have never had as many problems with needing pit stops on a run. Ever. Just after the first GU and my turnaround onto the 'trails' on the Mill Creek side of 35th I realized that I needed to #2. I voided my bladder hoping that would buy me some time to make it to a PortaSan I had noticed on Seattle Hill Road, but not so much. Fortunately for me I have been paying attention to everyone elses horror stories and have started hauling some wipes in my gear pouches.

Decided to try the Village Green Drive/Seattle Hill Road loop again, and it was very pleasant. Especially since I hit it after having dealt with bodily waste issues and having my GU kick in. I actually had a lot of trouble for a mile or two keeping my speed and HR under control and in sync. My dropped like 10 points. Also confirmed that the entrance to the 'trail'/sidewalk on the South side of 148th is a bit of a ways in on 148th. Not very convenient.

Had to use a PortaSan on this secion of Seattle Hill Road to dispose of some of my efforts at hydration. Really? Again? I'm almost afraid of what would have happened if I had made an effort to hydrate on Saturday.

By the third GU the Chocolate Mint GUs started sitting sitting pretty heavy. They don't seem to digest quite like the 'normal' GUs. Back to the regulars when I finally pick up some new ones. Maybe Lemon Lime this time.

Stopped at Starbucks at about 12.5 miles in and made another pit stop (of both kinds)(Really?) and refilled both water bottles. My knees didn't appreciate the sitting down, and complained for a minute or two until we we got blood moving again.

Dang near had the crap scared out of me by a hybrid (Prius?)of some sort. No sound at all. Just appeared like a ghost. I remember hearing that the blind are worried about the hybrids, and I can see why now.

Again with seeing more other runners and walkers. It's a nice change, but where did all these people come from, and why are they running on my routes? :)

At some point in here I heard a song that made me think of the motto of one of my old units in the Army: B/6 FA. Celer et Audax. Swift and Bold. I had forgotten about that. A runner could do worse. :)

I've got to say that the last 4 or 5 miles was hard work. MY HR was jacked up so I had to walk a lot more to keep things down, and the overall pace slowed. Legs were feeling pretty tired too. Could have done a few more miles if I had been forced to, but I was pretty happy to stop running.

In the last mile Pandora pulled a song that has some of my favorite motivational lyrics. Assemblage 23's Naked:

Knocked to my knees
By the waves that continued to come
Each time I rise to my feet
I am knocked to the ground
But I am an element
Nothing can break me down

Amusingly, I would have bet money that element was elephant. Lyrics still work. :) )

The last 0.7 of the run was me reminding my body that the passenger in the brain case is in charge, and by god we're going to run... Makes no sense now, but it did when I was running. :) I was pretty frustrated by all the walking required the last few miles. Nothing like walking to get your HR down and then having the damned Garmin chirp at you 30 seconds later.

I was not exactly that helpful when we went out later to shop for some stuff for Val. A little tired and a little brain dead. That extra 3 miles (going from 9 to 12 on Saturday) seems to have made a big difference. Or, it could be, as Val pointed out, that I haven't had a really long run in 3 weeks, and have had some short weeks as well. :)

And another run with the kicking of the ankles. At the last minute I decided to save you guys from the gory details. Literally. I was going to photograph my ankles and the damage my shoes have wrought. Then downgraded the idea to pictures of the blood on the midsoles of the shoes. Then I just though I'd beat it to death using words instead. :)

Training Center says 18.7 miles in 3:36:10 (11:33/mile) @ 140 bpm.

Sports Tracks says somthing slightly different. Hmmmm. Guess I'll have to go play. :) A very satisfactory finish to my highest milage week ever. Just a tick over 52 miles.

At some point I had the thought that it might be an interesting Masters Thesis for a Sociology or Psychology student to try to correlate stubbornness, OCD, and addtictive personalities to race lengths and training volume. Hmmm...

Looked briefly at the complications of being an Race Director. I think I'll pass this year. :) Looks an awful lot like work.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/25 Med Long Run

Out and on the run by 5:45. A little chilly at 45, but the sun was coming up and it wasn't raining. :)

Upgraded the run to 12 miles from the 9 I had been doing on Saturdays. Trying to get my weekly mileage up at 50 for a few weeks.

Tried something different when I was running through Mill Creek so I didn't have to run down Seattle Hill Road from 35th towards 128th. Decided to continue up on Village Green Drive (and eventually on the sidewalks/trails instead of the road) and then back out and up Seattle Hill Road. I even managed to make the right call about how far to run down 35th after I got there so I didn't need to to tack some stuff on at the end.

Actually saw a couple of other runners for a change. Must be summer. :) Slackers. :) And actually saw a couple of friendly cyclists, who actually waved at ME, first. :)

Just really happy starting the last few miles, and through finishing the run. Pandora came through for me at 9 miles with some great music and kept it up till the end, which sure didn't hurt.

GUs at 4, 6.5, and 9ish. Need to get more GU. I've got one Orange Blast and some Chocolate Mint's left, and I'd really like to save the Chocolate Mints for long runs. :)

I'm starting to feel the missed weeks of Strength and Conditioning workouts. My legs aren't quite as peppy by the end of a run, I can feel my thighs more, and I can feel my core again after everything is over and done with.

It cooled off in the last hour of the run and was in the high 30s by the time I got back. High fog, low rain clouds, just enough to make things damp, but no active rain. Had to roll my seleves back down, and gloves would have been welcome.

Still beating up my ankles pretty badly. next week I'll try the Balegas again for some runs. Will wait till than because new socks on tomorrows long run is a good way to introduce some 'unpleasantness'. :)

12.1 miles in 2:18:27 (11:27/mile) @ 140 bpm

This was a really nice run. Even Val commented on how much energy I had left after I finished up. I even harassed Kaitlyn and sang "zippity do da" while I fixed her breakfast :). From a purely running perspective not a spectacular run, but I certainly felt good and had fun.

I think that all these long runs are affecting my brain. My perspective is a little skewed at this point, I suspect. I used 'short' and '12 mile run' in the same sentence. :)

I had the though on this run that all these 'trails'/sidewalks in Mill Creek almost make me want to figure out how to RD a race to take advantage of them

Thursday, April 23, 2009

4/23 Long Run

I'd pretty much decided that I'd go for 8 or 9 (one loop around the Lake, then up to the bridge and back), but was strongly considering doing 14-15 (2 loops, plus) to make up for skipping my run on Wednesday (darn work interfering with my lunch run, and not wanting to run in the dark) , and then I could still take Friday off, saving myself for the long run pair on Saturday and Sunday (probably up to 12 on Sat, 18 on Sun). Not only that it's been slowish at the office (for me), and I'm occasionally suffering from a busted 'giveadamn' so...

Hooked up with Blake from our team and we ran and chatted till he turned around 1.5 miles to keep it short and continue trying to take care of his knee. It was really pleasant out, even with telling us it's 45ish. Gloves were welcome, but not absolutely necessary. Handheld, with 2 GUs in the pouch.

Garmin lost his signal to the satellites about a mile in to the run for no obvious reason. That was a little frustrating. I'm glad I've run this route before since getting the signal back put the data points all over the place and added .3 to the loop.

Brain finally kicked in on the first lap and made me realize that I wasn't exactly well equipped for a long run, what with having 2 GUs and only one bottle. So... where can I refill... Found a couple of prospects on the first lap, but decided to hoard the last half of the first bottle till I could find a refill.

First lap was around 1:08 (11:09/mile). Nothing spectacular, but not unexpected given this new low HR pace.

Found a spigot in front of one of the marinas at about mile 7 and refilled the bottle. Heart rate started going up and walk breaks started increasing around mile 8. Started feeling my legs a little there too. Waited till mile 9 for a GU, with the theory that since I only have 2 I'll want a second if I continue past 2 laps, and if I don't then I only have one, and I don't have to worry about the calories. :) The wheels never came off, but they got wobbly starting here and stayed that way. The pace started getting progressively slower.

Second lap took around 1:15 (12:18/mile).
Total for the two laps 2:22:42 (11:43/mile) @ 140 bpm.

Walked for a minute or so while I reset the Garmin and sucked down the last GU and then started a slow run/walk sequence out to the Aurora Bridge and back for the last 3 miles. This was one of those segments that made me really consider my sanity for wanting to run ultras in the future though. :)

3.1 miles in 39:20 (12:41/mile) @ 140 bpm

Total for the run: 15.3 miles in 3:03:14 (11::59/mile).
I really hope getting my mileage back up there and this low HR training starts working because this 12:00/mile crap is for the birds. Not only that it seems to affect my ability to do basic math, since I should have been at work after 2 laps and not 3 hours. Ah well. At least it's been slowish for me.

OK, I missed taping my nipples, my legs were more tired than I thought since I manged to kick the crap out of my ankles again for the first time in months, and I didn't fuel of hydrate adequately. But how effing cool is it that I was just able to run 15 on what was, essentially, the spur of the moment? I'm a little sore, probably residual from being sick last week, but nothing problematic at all.

On a related note, while this run didn't qualify as a long run by mileage (I think the accepted convention is that 16+ is a long run. :)), I say that 3 hours makes this a long run. :)

Thanks to time constraints, I'm considering dropping my midweek medium long run (normally Wednesday is 8-9) and adding another day during the week instead. I'd still be able to get the total mileage in, and it would be easier to squeeze out at lunch. The longer midweek run has some benefits supposedly, so I probably need to look at that some more before I make the call.

Thanks a bunch for the comments about the complications with RnR Seattle. We'll have to wait till next week to see what the official answer is. If it's what my pessimistic/fatalistic prediction is, then we'll try it anyway at the expo. If that doesn't work I'll find another race. And as Val points out whether I run RnR Seattle or not it's not like it affects how I'm going to run mileage and speed wise anyway. I'm trying to build a good base in general, and I'm going to do this damn lower HR training if it drives me up a wall. So...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Race Complications

Well the plan for RnR Seattle may be in jeopardy.

My boss scheduled us for some fantastic training the entire week (Mon through Fri) before the marathon.
OK, no problem.

In Denver.
OK, complicated, but not a problem.

The fine folks putting on RnR Seattle require you to pick up your packet at the Expo. With photo ID. And explicitly state that you can't have someone pick up your packet for you. I just figured this out. Yes, it was in the rules. I've emailed someone, but apparently she's off helping to wrangle the Country Music Marathon and won't be back in the office till next week.

We'll see what she has to say, but I'm willing to bet they're going to stick to their official guns. Customer service be damned. Hey, they don't offer refunds and it was in the rules right? I'll try to calm down and see what they have to say.

We'll probably try to send Val to get the packet anyway (maybe we can find a sympathetic volunteer), but I really don't want to have to hope to be running for 10 effing weeks.

I'm typing because otherwise I'd be breaking things... We'll see what a nights sleep and a run tomorrow make this look like. :)

4/21 Run - Ahhh Sunny

What a really nice run. 65 degrees, sunny, light breeze. Needed sunscreen even. And brought a handheld on a lunch run. And I've had 6 days off. (Involuntarily to be sure, but definitely had fresh legs. :))

Did the math and I'll have time for another 6 week cycle before the marathon once this one is done. I might actually be able to pull off something slightly faster time wise than the last one. Not going to get my hopes up yet.

I 'stalked' a gal for about a mile. We merged at essentially the same speed. at the same time, and she couldn't shake me, and I wasn't going to speed up long enough to pass her and then slow down once I got past her. Finally went our separate ways when I hung a left for the bridge.

My right toe is a little achy again, but I'm sure I wasn't paying attention to form the way I should. It will probably go a way again once i get things stretched out again.

6.16 miles in 1:05:50 (10:42/mile) @ 140 bpm

1 - 9:56 @ 135 (always love that first mile. It makes you hope for the best. :) )
2 - 10:34 @ 139 (and then reality sets in. :) )
3 - 10:56 @ 137
4 - 11:19 @ 140
5 - 11:00 @ 142 (may be feeling better, but I couldn't make it up Eastlake. grrr.)
6 - 10:26 @ 142
.16 - 10:32 @ 142

Oh, hey, cool... This is post # 300. Yay me. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/16 Run

At least I knew this one was going to be a slog, which made a big difference in my mental state. I kind of thought I was getting better though.

Not so much.

My heart rate after walking 2 blocks to the start point was 100. Which should have been a sign. :)

Biggest problem with a run outdoors, is that once you're halfway there, and you realize it's all gone sideways, you still have to get 'home'. LOTS of walk breaks

I'm a mouth breather as I type this and am about to find my Shower Soothers and then go to bed. Needless to say, no Friday run to make up mileage. :)

6.12miles in 1:19:18 (12:57/mile) @ 139 bpm

1 - 12:14 @ 139
2 - 12:57 @ 139
3 - 13:22 @ 139
4 - 13:39 @ 139
5 - 13:16 @ 139
6 - 12:31 @ 140
.12 - 10:45 @ 146 (I'll be danged if I'm stopping to walk for the last .12 miles!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/15 Crappy Run

Most runs, especially lunch runs, brighten my day and make me feel hardcore and like I'm doing something good for myself.

Not today.

This run sucked. I'm still fighting a cold/flu, and I'm sure that's a huge amount of it, but my HR was way out of whack, and I had to walk a great deal to keep things under control. Very demoralizing. I don't come back from many runs wanting to throw something...

I had planned on doing more to make up for missing Tuesdays run, something like 10, but there was no way I could justify that at the pace I was running at, especially after having been out of work so long. And 12:15 a mile. Really? Run more?

Ran the two blocks after I stopped the clock, trying to shake out some kinks and get back to the office in something resembling a reasonable time. Probably should have tracked it, but, meh...

Running the last 10 days has been seriously squirrely. Kaitlyn came home with a fever of 102 last Tuesday and didn't go back to daycare till Wednesday of this week. Val ended up with both a viral and a bacterial infection and is now on antibiotics, flonase, and some Vicodin for 2 days for the excruciating head pain. And, not surprisingly, I've got some sidewash of all that misery. Here's rooting for my immune system and it's normal ability to keep me mostly healthy. :)

Between being sick, and horrible eating this last 10 days, I'm up close to my panic weight of 180. I'm considering refocusing my efforts back onto weight loss, especially since I'm not beating my body up with intense runs. Just a lot of miles. We'll see how that pans out. It's amazing how fast it start to add up when you budget calories for a run , then don't run. And then don't stop eating the next day. Back on the wagon...

The big thing this session borough up for me is another question about HR vs. Pace based training. OK, I'm sick. And that means my HR is up because my body is working harder to heal itself. Does that mean my AT/LT change too? I don't think they're tied necessarily, HR is an 'indicator' of where the AT/LT is, right? What about if you were just overly caffinated and your HR was up?

49ish, cloudy/hazy/foggy when I left, really cleared off while I was out.

6.09 miles in 1:14:41 (12:15/mile) @ 140 bpm
1 - 11:44 @ 141
2 - 12:39 @ 140
3 - 12:21 @ 140
4 - 12:39 @ 140
5 - 12:29 @ 140
6 - 11:45 @ 140
0.09 - 11:24 @ 145

4/11 Med Long Run

After the Easter weekend, I don't remember a lot about this run.

13.75 in 2:34:53 (11:15/mile)

Didn't run back to back on friday.

Didn't run on Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

4/9 Med Long Run

Stayed at home Thursday with Kaitlyn still with a fever (that seems to have broken), and Val with a migraine, or something that resembled one anyway. I snuck out here and there to run some errands (Costco, Easter groceries). Val was finally feeling better in the late afternoon so I got out around 3:45 to go run long in the lovely low 50s weather.

Garmin captured all but the first 1/2 mile correctly, so I'm going to estimate speed for that bit and add it in. Total run ended up being:

13.89 miles in 2:40:19 (11:32/mile) @ 139 bpm avg

HR all over the place this run. It made it hard to hold a consistent pace, to be sure.

GUs at 4, 7, and 10. Almost done with the current case, going to need to stop and get some more. Stopped at Starbucks in Mill Creek Town Center, made a pitstop and refilled my bottles. I swear the the faucet had the lowest water pressure ever, :)

Val texted me about 9 miles in, just after Starbucks, and her headache was back, so I headed home instead going for the full 18. At least I made up for my missed Wednesday run. :) I'll have to move things around thanks to Easter. I may run long tonight instead of Sunday.

Interestingly this felt a lot more like a long run, than say, a 10. I'm feeling it more today, and while I'm not sore or anything, the signs are there. This will probably make running long feel a little more like I'm running on tired legs, which is the whole point to the 9/18 combo I normally do on the weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4/8 Run and Workout

Had planned on going out at lunch to run in the mazing weather we finally have. Got a call from Kaitlyn's daycare just as I was about to change that she had a 101.6 fever, and please come get her. Fortunately I was working form home, so I was able to get her quickly. That meant the run was in the evening.

Ran to the gym for my warm up so I could run after the workout and not have to worry about the car. 0.9 @ 12:37/mile @ 136 bpm to the gym. HR was just all jacked up and I could still taste the BurgerMaster I had for dinner. Apparently 2 hours isn't enough time before a run for that kind of food. :) Again, need to get some electrode gel. Ordering that today. :)

Hammered through my workout so I could get out on the road. Run was really nice. 50s, light breeze, and fairly quiet. I love hearing the frogs in the retention ponds, or any body of water I ran by for that matter. Just singing their hearts out. Could hear them over iPod and traffic. :)

HR control was a real challenge for the first 3 miles. I really think digestion was stealing HR from my run. I actually got faster each mile and a lower HR each mile. Same mile 3ish 5 point drop in HR too.

New shoes are super comfortable. They are, however, pushing me into the correct toe-off form, and I can feel it. Something odd on the left foot, not too serious, but what is starting to feel like a mild case of tendinitis, or strain in the tendon of the right big toe (on the top of the foot). It's mild right now, so research and paying attention to it. :)

6.03 miles in 1:10:17 (11:39/mile) @ 138 bpm average
1 - 12:24 @ 139
2 - 12:30 @ 139
3 - 11:24 @ 138
4 - 11:34 @ 138
5 - 11:18 @ 136
6 - 10:51 @ 136
.03 - 10:10 @ 133

Changes/notes of interest now in bold.

Another 1 hour workout.

No rowing, ran the mile to the gym instead

Initial Pushup Set: 31

2 sets as supersets
Front Planks - 80 seconds
C1: Stability Ball Crunches (5 second hold) - 10 reps
C2: Stability Ball Forward Rolls (5 second hold) - 10 reps

2 sets of Side Planks
60, 50

PlyoBox Step Ups and Jump Ups
P1: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Front - 10 reps each leg
P2: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Sideways - 10 reps each leg
P3: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Sideways Twist - 10 reps each leg
J: 18" PlyoBox Jumps - 3 sets - 10 reps
J2: 12" PlyoBox Single Leg Jumps- 2 sets - 10 reps each leg
J3: 24" PlyoBox Jumps - 10 reps

P1, P2, P3, J1, P1, P2, P3, J1, J3
No single leg jumps since the box was in use, and I stood up fully on the set of 24" jumps.

2 sets of each superset. One superset cluster at at time. 1 minuteish rest between sets.
SC1: Stability Ball Chest Press - 10 reps @ 30#
SC2: Pushups - 15 reps

SB1: Dumbbell Rows - 10 Reps @ 22.5#
SB2: Free Motion Pulldowns - 12 Reps @ 22.5#

SS1: Overhead (Shoulder) Press - 10 reps @ 22.5#
SS2: Shoulder Abduction - 12 reps @ 8#

SL1: Dumbell Squats - 10 reps @ 40#
SL2: Stability Ball Leg Extension - 12 reps

No chinups and pullups. Just didn't feel like it

Bodyweight Dips
10, 10, 8

Monday, April 6, 2009

4/5 No Long Run

After a 'late' and food filled night at some friends, and a crappy night filled with night sweats, and a mild version of whatever Val has had, I bailed out of my run when the alarm went off at 5am.

The backup plan was to go out after Kaitlyn went to bed and get the 6 or 7 miles I needed to make this an 'official' down week (75% of up mileage). After 4 hours of yard work, another heavy dinner with friends, I hit the wall when I got home. I could barely make it to bed, so I wrote off the backup plan and went to bed.

After talking with Val about it, I don't even feel too bad about it. :) I needed the rest, and for me and my head space anyway, it was a proof of how much of running is a head game.

I've had motivation/whatever issues since I did the VO2/metabolic testing a few weeks ago. Here are some of the things going through my head Sunday morning. And below them are some of the reality checks that I've found, or Val helped me find.

1. I'm feeling guilty about the time on the road on the weekens and that I'm neglecting Val and Kaitlyn. This was exacerbated by the fact that last weeks long run was essentially 3 1/2 hours thanks to the newly lowered heart rate. Somewhere in my head I have a 3 hour limit, except for the peak of the training cycle. And being in 'base building' 13 weeks before the marathon doesn't feel like peak. It feels like 'normal' running, or where I think I'd like to be in the long term.

>>Valerie rather succinctly pointed out that I'm projecting. A lot. I've been making sure I run at work, or in the evenings, or getting up early, and she doesn't have any problems with my weekend runs. 6 hour runs might be a problem, but not my current schedule. :) Ah, codependency.

2. Val had suggested that a more consistent run schedule (distance specifically) might stabilize my hunger and my weigh-ins making lopping of these last 10 pounds easier physically and psychologically. I haven't talked about it much but I can fluctuate 3-5 pounds of the course of a week for no apparent reason other than long runs. Peak on morning of long run, bottom out two days after long run. Every week. So what do I weigh? Where's the baseline. How do I know I'm actually making progress? And how shitty is it to see 175 the day after 172. Or 176 the day after that. And then 173. Etc...

>>This may be true, and Val has the right idea again as a solution... Do what I can with the next few months. If that means not worrying about losing weight, and just staying stable, cool. Worry about it in the months after RnR Seattle. Even if I decide to run Seattle again, I've got 5 months after RnR to lose some weight and train. And I'll certainly have some base built. :)

3. I'm not sure I'm a believer in the base training philosophy. Despite the fact that I saw 40 seconds of improvement in times doing the last two cycles 'wrong' at too high a heart rate. I don't see how it works, and almost everything I read says I should be doing lactate threshold work to improve my lactate threshold to get faster. Just having to be running more slowly is messing with me. I feel like I was making some progress, and then I was told "You're doing it wrong. Do it again."

>> Val asked me how my 'fast' 18 went 3 weeks ago: 9:36/mile. How did it go last week: 11:15/mile. How did you feel after the 'fast' run: Like I could run another couple miles. Definitely not eight. Short run?: Like I could run 8 more if I had morewater and gels. And... Took me a few seconds and then I got the point. My 9 mile runs are more palatable going from 9:46/mile, to 10:40/mile for the most recent, which gives me some hope. If I can keep that pace for 18, and over this training cycle lop off 20 more seconds (which maps to last training cycles) I come in under last marathon by a touch.

>>I just need to trust Eric, and the test, and the way it was conducted, and get off my butt and email him some of the questions I have instead of trying to figure it out myself.

4. I'm wondering what the eff I'm doing running 48 miles a week, with a goal of even higher mileage, if I can get better by just running slower. The extra mileage doesn't seem like it's gaining me anything. It's just for ego. And if I'm not going to run faster or much faster than the first marathon, why should I run 50ish miles a week, when I could probably do it on 40.

>>Val couldn't help with this one, but I finally found a reference that talks about increased volume as a way to increase lactate threshold (and thus go faster). ( It didn't need much, since I'm enjoying the higher volume, and I seem to be able to deal with it physically so far. :) I just needed to know the effor wasn't just junk miles. Also see #1. :)

5. The thought that I'm not even guaranteed of finishing faster than my last marathon, even with much higher mileage, and longer lead time makes me wish I hadn't registered till I knew I could absolutely perform better.

>> Since I'm supposed to be running at this same heart rate for the marathon, I'll certainly know what my marathon pace is. :) I may not be guaranteed of a better time. Eric thought it was very likely, however. But if not, at leas I'm gontrolling the race. Walking will be for a reson, my physical comfort level and enjoyment of the race will be much better.

OK, that's it. :) Like I said, I just wan't in a great headspace. It's take a few conversations and a nights sleep to pop me back into a better place. Now I get some clarifications on some things from Eric and get back on the road this afternoon.

4/4 Med Long Run and Workout

The run ended cooler than it started amazingly enough. the iPhone said it was 36 when I left, 35 when I got back. I had to scrape the car to be able to drive to the gym. I'm ready for summer. :)

A nice comfortable, slowish run. Pace was amazingly consistent according to the plot, and except for the HR monitor losing it's mind again, nothing spectacular to report.

Net moment coming out of Mill Creek and onto 35th. One stretch had fogged in, and all you could hear was the honking of some geese and the chirping of birds. Suddenly a pair of geese just took off out of nowhere and headed out. All you could see was the black goose shaped blobs and hear the honking. Fun.

GUs at 4ish and 7ish

9.35 miles in 1:39:41 (10:40/mile) @ 136 bpm

Which when compared to last week (same route) is pretty damn OK:
last week: 9.32 miles in 1:43:10 (11:03/mile) @ 137 bpm

Noticed that the gym has a very Crossfit-like challenge workout posted. Not on my list of things to do, but looks unpleasant. :)

The 962 Workout (for time):
24 1/2 Bodyweight Deadlifts (Freemotion)
24 burpees
24 tire flips
9 forward, 6, back, 2 side (ladders)
100 jump rope
24 pushups
24 BOSU Ball Hops
24 Impact Walls (18# ball)
24 One-Arm Cleans (12 ea arm)(35#)
24 24" box jump
Changes/notes of interest now in bold.

Another 1 hour workout.

C2 Rowing Machine - 500 meters on 10 in 1:56

Initial Pushup Set: 36

2 sets of Side Planks
40, 40 (I hate side planks.)

2 sets as supersets
Front Planks - 80 seconds
C1: Stability Ball Crunches (5 second hold) - 10 reps
C2: Stability Ball Forward Rolls (5 second hold) - 10 reps

PlyoBox Step Ups and Jump Ups
P1: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Front - 10 reps each leg
P2: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Sideways - 10 reps each leg
P3: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Sideways Twist - 10 reps each leg
J: 18" PlyoBox Jumps - 3 sets - 10 reps
J2: 12" PlyoBox Single Leg Jumps- 2 sets - 10 reps each leg
J3: 24" PlyoBox Jumps - 10 reps

J2, P1, P2, P3, J1, P1, P2, P3, J1, J3
Did another set of 24" box jumps. Could really feel it in my glutes. I suspect I'm supposed to stand up at the top of these for the most benefit, but to heck with that. I'm just happy to get up on the box. :)

2 sets of each superset. One superset cluster at at time. 1 minuteish rest between sets.
SC1: Stability Ball Chest Press - 10 reps @ 30#
SC2: Pushups - 15 reps

SB1: Dumbbell Rows - 10 Reps @ 22.5#
SB2: Free Motion Pulldowns - 12 Reps @ 22.5#

SS1: Overhead (Shoulder) Press - 10 reps @ 22.5#
SS2: Shoulder Abduction - 12 reps @ 8#

SL1: Dumbell Squats - 10 reps @ 40#
SL2: Stability Ball Leg Extension - 12 reps

Tried doing some jump roping. Not as easy as I remember as a kid. :)

2 (first one felt easy, second one wasn't bad. attempted third one just didn't happen)

Pullups - Weight Assisted

Bodyweight Dips
10, 9, 5

Thursday, April 2, 2009

4/2 Run and Workout

Calculated in workout calories and ate to them... which meant I had to work out... :)

Feeling tired and achy, left knee is grumbling for no running related reason which is a pretty sure indicator of cold or flu.

Second time I've noticed some warmth on my feet when running in the new shoes. Not sure if I'm moving around more in these shoes, or what's going on. Just something else to pay attention to. :)

When I'm sick and tired of the strength training, I realize how much of a difference it's made in my knee pains, and in my recovery after these long runs, and I feel a little more motivated. :)

did the strength training first, then the run on the treadmill. Only thing spectacular about the workout was 5 24" box jumps.

I'm not sure if it's scary for me or not, but I didn't warmup/get comfortable until 3 effing miles in. My HR actually dropped like 5 points at 3 miles. Guess that means I'm a distance runner. :)

6.04 miles in 1:09:40 (11:30/mile) @ 139 bpm average.

Changes/notes of interest now in bold.

Another 1 hour workout.

C2 Rowing Machine - 500 meters on 10 in 1:55

2 sets as supersets
Front Planks - 80 seconds
C1: Stability Ball Crunches (5 second hold) - 10 reps
C2: Stability Ball Forward Rolls (5 second hold) - 10 reps

Did the pushup test after the first set because I forgot and paid for it. :)
Initial Pushup Set: 35

PlyoBox Step Ups and Jump Ups
P1: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Front - 10 reps each leg
P2: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Sideways - 10 reps each leg
P3: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Sideways Twist - 10 reps each leg
J: 18" PlyoBox Jumps - 3 sets - 10 reps
J2: 12" PlyoBox Single Leg Jumps- 2 sets - 10 reps each leg

J2, P1, P2, P3, J1, P1, P2, P3, J1
When I was putting away the tall PlyoBox I decided to try the next height up (24" I think). Tried it in the air and watched in the mirror, and when that looked good, gave it a shot. Made it up. Did 5 reps! I'm not really improving my vertical leap with these though. I'm just doing better getting my knees higher into my chest. :)

2 sets of each superset. One superset cluster at at time. 1 minuteish rest between sets.
SC1: Stability Ball Chest Press - 10 reps @ 30#
SC2: Pushups - 15 reps

SB1: Dumbbell Rows - 10 Reps @ 22.5#
SB2: Free Motion Pulldowns - 12 Reps @ 22.5#

SS1: Overhead (Shoulder) Press - 10 reps @ 22.5#
SS2: Shoulder Abduction - 12 reps @ 8#

SL1: Dumbell Squats - 10 reps @ 40#
SL2: Stability Ball Leg Extension - 12 reps

2 sets of Side Planks
60, 30, 30

for time and energy reasons I elected not to do my 'extras'

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4/1 Run

Worked from home, and took the opportunity to go with Val to the gym. Glad I did since it was alternately raining and snowing. Val went and worked out with her new trainer, and I ran. She had me try out the elliptical for 5 minutes to warm up. I can't believe she or Jess do that at all. I probably need to do some cross training because that worked my thighs, an I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to. Bleah.

I'm not 100% this week, and I cant figure out if it's that I should be doing 2 weeks up, 1 down instead of 3 up, 1 down that I'm trying for, or if I've got a cold coming.

8.05 miles on the treadmill in 1:29:16. ( 11:05/mile) @ 142 bpm average. Probably pushed the HR a little towards the end since I really feel my HR is artificially high in the gym. Had a GU after I reset the treadmill at 5 miles, and could see the HR drip about 3/4 of a mile later.

Got to watch the last third of Sink the Bismark, and start of 12 O'Clock High. Going to need to dig that out of the stack of DVDs and watch it all the way through.