Thursday, May 6, 2010


Running has been a bit intermittent even with my last post, since Val's membranes ruptured a few weeks ago at 30 weeks.

Last night Donovan was born
4 pounds 7, oz.; 18 "; 32 weeks 4 days

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still Alive

Lots of working, not a lot of running. :(

Dropped out of Yakima River due to lack of training (they were kind enough to defer my registration), and just sent the email to the guys at Mount SI dropping there. After I downgraded to the 50K.

I'll do a single post of the runs from the last month or so, and then I need to do my review of another Tech4O watch, and then do my first giveaway.

Stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3/2 Tempo Run

Tempo Tuesdays are back! After some thinking (that promised future post), and a great article from the Running Times, I've decided to try to be more consistent about targeted training and being consistent. More consistent mileage, more consistent to target heart rates, and more consistent to types of workouts.

Basically I'd like to do a Tempo (no more than 10% of weekly mileage) and a Back-to_back each week (probably 11, 16 like last week). In the future maybe more (some marathon pace running, maybe some intervals), start simple and be CONSISTENT.

So, today was a 4.5 mile tempo, sandwiched by a warm-up and a cool-down, clockwise around the lake. I got a little mixed up in my head and ran this by pace and not by HR. I need to make a decision what methodology I'm using and stick with it for a while. This direction has mostly uphill after a bit of flat, and it makes it VERY challenging to hold the pace in the last mile or so. Especially going up Eastlake.

This was a fairly painful run. As usual, a reminder that I need to get strong and do core work to do speed work. Interestingly running up Eastlake in the last mile or so was EASIER than the flats. Probably because I changed form and was able to use some different muscle groups.

Had to drop the data into Sports Tracks to get out the information for the last hald mile, but it was worth it. Some interesting info in there...

1- 9:48/mile @ 141 bpm <-- Nice slow warm-up

2- 7:46/mile @ 167 bpm
3- 7:49/mile @ 169 bpm
4- 7:58/mile @ 173 bpm <-- Stairs up University bridge almost made me puke.
5- 8:04/mile @ 176 bpm <-- last half of this mile peaks at 179 bpm. Ouch.
5.5 - 7:46/mile @ 171 bpm
TEMPO Average: 7:53/mile @ 171 bpm <-- Right about where I should be. :)

6-9:28/mile @ 167 bpm <-- Trying to cool-down. Not slowing down enough
.44- 10:21/mile @ 159 bpm

6.44 miles in 54:46 (8:30/mile) @ 164 bpm

2/28 Long Run

Obviously my Mom was here to visit, so up at 5 and out by 5:45 so we could spend time with her in the morning.

THIS is why back-to-backs work for me. Longer, faster and at a lower heart rate. (Even if it is the 'easy' direction. I had burned the speed out of my legs yesterday and just settled into my pace. Just like I do most of the time. :)

The 'easy' direction is counter clockwise because except for an initial hill, there's a good few miles at the start on a slight downhill, and then you finish mostly flat. There's some nasty hill i the middle though, so I guess it's a wash either way. :)

Body woke up about 9 miles in, and I had to do some scrambling to find some cover and concealment. One of the hazards of running in an urban area. Glad I carry baby wipes. :|

Ran the same loop as Saturday, did the small loop at the top again to add mileage and then tried to add an out and back instead of doing another loop nearer the house. Apparently I can't do basic math on the run, and what was supposed to be 15 miles turned into 16. :) No sweat.

This weekly mileage (about 45) is what I'd like to try to sustain for the next few weeks. I've pared down my racing, and adjusted some goals (for a later post, but if I forget to do it, Mount Si 50 miler is out. I'm downgrading to the 50K. I just don't have the time to train properly with work and family stressors.)

16.07 miles in 2:45:44 (10:18/mile) @ 141 bpm

2/27 Medium Run

Up at 5:30, trying to get on the road by 6:15. An extra visit to bathroom meant I defeated the purpose of getting up early since I left 20 minutes late. (but I had nor problems on the run. :) ) Kaitlyn got up to go potty just as I was about to leave, but didn't notice me, and I went out anyway. Val said she got up and came to get her about 15 minutes later.

Clockwise through Mill Creek. I took the double bottle carrier so I didn't have to fight the single, since I haven't fixed it. I found the reduced pace help me drink more. I decided to run this at the heart rate pace because I realized that while my training doesn't have the me "perfect", it should at least be close. All the basic recommendations say long runs should be aerobic. i.e. ~75% of MHR. So between 142 and 143 for me. 145 is a metric boat load closer than 150+ like I have been running. Let's train the systems I'm supposed to be training. We'll see how long my motivation to do this style of training lasts. :)

The watch said 144 bpm, so I don't know why Training Center says 145.

11.33 miles in 1:58:21 (10:26/mile) @ 145 bpm

My Mom came up to visit and watch Kaitlyn for us so we could get a bunch of trim done. Finally. Some of it has been waiting for years! Thanks Mom!

2/25 Run

Thursday's run was gorgeous. If I had thought to bring a short sleeved shirt I would have worn it. I even needed shades. Counter clockwise again, Wednesday was clockwise. About as much variety as I need. :) Run felt like it took a long time though...

My eating was way off today. I was late getting into work since it was Val's birthday, and I ran the 'kids' to daycare, and got breakfast for her before I went in. I don't know what it is about those pink and white Animal cookies, but I just can't resist them. :|

Tried something new for lunch. A bit closer to the ground than i normally eat, and mostly veggie. Can of beans, serving of peas, serving of mixed vegetables, and 4 oz of chicken. Worked pretty well, I' think I'll mix it into the routine. It might need something to add a bit more flavor. Maybe some onion?

6.41 miles in 1:00:35 (9:26/mile) @ 153 bpm

2/24 Run

Wednesday's run was nice and clear, albeit a bit windy the last two miles. My legs felt a bit more sore than I would have expected for some reason. My right ankle, caught with the toes up, and my foot came down twice in the last three days is a bit sore.

Found out that CLIF discontinued my Nectar bars. Made me grouchy. I actually emailed them to express my dissatisfaction.

Much better heart rate than the last run. A bit slower, but better. Starting to get my legs back.

I've managed to get Born To Run, and Hal Higdon's Marathon (fiction) read, mostly on vacation. Both very good. I really enjoyed Born To Run. Most people seem to be talking about the whole barefoot running thing, but I thought the tale of the ultimate trail race, and all the supporting information to be more interesting. I got it in Kindle format so I could read it on my iPhone. I think I may buy it again in paper for the library.

6.46 miles in 1:00:35 (9:22/mile) @ 154 bpm