Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Post Surgery Long Run

10.06 miles in 1:30:51 (9:02/mile)

Saturday morning was the first long run since the surgery, and it went really well. Much too fast, but really nice long run. got out a a decent time, 8:15. Was 54 when I started 59 when I got back. Next weekend is 12 miles, and I have to run it at a better speed. Closer to 9:45 I think. 4 hour marathon pace is 9:10/mile, projected pace from my 10K (for a 3:52:18) is 8:52. This was much too fast. I'm feeling it a little now on Sunday night, some general soreness in thighs and calves.

The fine folks at nuun came through with a variety pack of flavors, a new water bottle, and some stickers. Thanks nuun! I tried the tri-berry flavor this run and it was a welcome change from the kona kola. I think the kola just didn't feel like a running flavor. tri berry wasn't too bad.

Tried Hammer Gels this run. Chocolate at 5 miles (45 minutes) and Orange at 8 miles (115 minutes). the Chocolate was pretty dang good. Actually had the consistency of pudding, and tasted like real chocolate. The orange however wasn't great. Was more like toothpaste and was pretty grainy. They both seemed to work. Took about 10 minutes to kick in then I felt like the ache in my left ankle are diminished and I was able to push a little. Seemed to last for about a mile.

Still fighting this thing around my left ankle, and a little on the tendon on the top of my foot, near my big toe. I'm sure it's an over use thing, but I'm suspecting my shoes as well. I've been walking around in a pair of my 'bad' shoes and the pain seems to be better in them. I've only got 200 miles plus some unaccounted for wear to work days on the Foundations so I'm having trouble believing that's the problem

Did OHP W1D3 on Friday. 15,13,10,10 or something like that. 5th set ended up being 17.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recovery Run

3.1 miles in 24:24 (7:52/mile)

Ran this yesterday at lunch. One of my faster runs, but I did wander back through my training log and according to it the fastest Pace I've had is 7:39/mile back in June. Not sure how I pulled that off. :) Must have been a really good day. :) That being said, I passed the PT test in the first 2 miles, not the last 2 this time. :)

Planning on doing 10 on Saturday. If I can pull it off, I'm on track for a slightly more aggressive plan than I had originally planned around. We'll see how it goes. If it doesn't work, or is too hard, I'll just dial it back down to the original plan.

I really need to write down the things I'd like to see in BreakingTheTape so I can email them with suggestions. I come up with them either while running, or when I'm using it and then I forget to write them down. One of the things I need to figure out is how to get it to let me put in a 10K for distance but get my pace in miles.

I decided I should be good and ice down my left lower leg last night. I snagged a 5 gallon bucket out of the shed and set up in front of the sink in the kitchen. Left leg in the bucket, kitchen chair(high, almost like a barstool) with the laptop on it, me on a dining room chair, TV remote on the counter. :) Added cold water from the kitchen sink , and had Val bring me a couple of things of ice. I think it helped. I felt much better this morning and walking to work from the bus was much better too. I switched into another pair of shoes instead of wearing my running shoes all the time like I have been the last few weeks.

Did OHP W1D2 Wednesday night. Nothing spectacular, executed per plan 12, 12, 10, 10, and the 'open' set ended up being 11 pushups.

mile1 - 7:59
mile2 - 7:54
mile3 - 7:50
0.1 - 0:42 (supposedly 7:00 pace)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slow Lunch Run

3.1 miles in 29:26 (9:29/mile)

I'm better off than I though I'd be by now, which makes me ecstatic, but I over did doing the lake on Monday. In additon to some soreness, I've had something niggling in my outside front of my left calf, down near the ankle, ever since. It's a soft tissue thing as far as I can tell, and it;s getting better so I'm not worried about it too much. I felt it a little on the run, but nothing run stopping. The ball of my right foot is being fussy, but my whole right foot feels 'cramped' so I wonder if it's the new socks, or if I need to loosen my lacing again.

Ran with my boss for a pretty slow run. He hasn't been out in a while, and has some 'issues' remaining form a trip to Mexico. :) His feet seemed to behave themselves this run though. He stopped just after mile 2 to walk and stretch some tightness out of his hamstrings, and I banged out the last mile in a faster pace to work out some kinks.

mile1 - 9:36
mile2 - 10:22
mile3 - 8:43
0.1 - 0:45 (7:30/mile)(really, I've got to remeasure that section again, I didn't feel that fast)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OHP - W1D1

I've been talking about the One Hundred Pushups thing, and how I was going to do it. I finally started. Not too bad for the first day. Almost forgot about it, so I rolled out of bed and did them.

Did the 4 sets per plan 10, 10, 8, 6 and the max reps set got 11 banged out.

I need to do an equivalent for crunches/situps, but let's not get crazy here. :)

Thanks to RunnerGirl who had some information about simplefit on her blog. Apparently it's a variation of the very intense CrossFit stuff that only uses bodyweight excercises instead of needing a gym. And even cooler, one of the simplefit links has a way to make a doorway pullup bar on the cheap.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting Carried Away

6.4 miles in 57:25 (8:58/mile)

In what is I hope a good indicator that I'm coming back from the three weeks off fast and strong, I got carried away when B and C at work joined me for the run and went around the lake, different rout than last time, for the second time.

Fortunately we slowed down, the first mile was 8:15, which isn't that far from 10K pace for me. I was able to chat the first half of the run, but pretty much once we got around the top of the late and came up the steps onto Eastlake, I was done talking and just had to focus on left-right-left so I didn't get left behind.

One of the conversations from the run has me thinking pretty hard about the marathon plan. We'll see if I make any changes to it or not.

Just for fun, some pics of little miss from this weekend:

Running With Toby

3 miles in 30:17

Went out on Saturday night for another shakeout run with Toby. I only set a minimum pace, anything faster than that was all on Toby. I did my best not to tug him along, and only had to get his attention when we hit a few discarded food wrappers. The slowdown at the turn around threw him off though and it took him a bit to get back into his pace. I'll swing a bit wider next time and see if that helps him keep his legs.

Unlike Thursday, I felt like I could have put another couple of miles in. Toby had a different opinion, however. :) He knew where the finish was and if I hadn't stopped I think he would have sat down and done that whole increase gravity thing that only dogs, cats, and children can do.

Val and I were wandering through the cable channels and came across the Namaste Yoga on FitTV. While I was trying to not look like a perv (I'm watching the yoga moves, really.), my wife asks; "Is this yoga or soft core porn?" And the power of Google says we're not the only ones. I guess I'll have to start doing "yoga" to this before anyone else in the house wakes up. :)

mile1 - 10:17
mile2 - 10:07
mile3 - 9:53

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Can Run Again!!!

Had my 3 week followup with the doc yesterday at 1100. What was probably the worlds shortest doctors appointments, he asked how I was feeling, looked at the incision, poked at it a few times and started to send me on my way. When I asked if I could run he gave me a look like 'Of course, you idiot', before he said; "no problem, and any thing else you want to do, if it hurts don't do it. "

I got home at 1145, and managed to wait till 3:15 before I went out for a run. A glorious, ache, twinge and bile filed run. God it felt good. I didn't realize I've made running such a part of my routine that I felt like there was a little black hole somewhere until it got filled again. A very pleasant 3 miles in 27:05. 65 degrees and sunny, so a very nice day to start it back up. I managed to miss all the 80s and 90s of the last few weeks. :)

I expected aches and pains in my legs. What I got was aches an pains in my chest, neck , shoulders, etc. Apparently I've been carrying a little tension that I only dump by running. Also I think my diet and stomach have gotten a little relaxed. Nothing like a run full of bile and heartburn. What a nice run. (I'm going to have to remember this when I'm asking myself what the eff I think I'm doing in the next few weeks.)

If next week goes well as I ramp back up I think I can get back onto Hal Higdon's program where I left off, at week 6, and be able to get the 20 mile I didn't think I would get.

I haven't posted often during my recovery because of time, and because every time I think I have an insightful or witty comment I can't seem to either remember it long enough to get it written down, or I can't translate it to paper adequately. Something to work. Practice running by running, practice writing by writing, I suppose.

Val has been working out for the last few months, and invited me to go to her second assessment since she started . the first was done when she started to get a feel for her condition so they could create a plan for her. She did amazingly well and I'm really proud of her. As we have joked about for a while, she dusted me when we go t home though. She had me do the pushup and crunch evaluation she had to do. She did better in both. Chicked by my own wife. :) going to have to do 100 pushups starting next week, and see what I can find for core workouts. I'm a little sore today between that and the run. Saturday's run should be interesting. :)

Moving into my short list of companies with cool and/or amazing customer service are the fine folks at nuun. They found my blog entry commenting about the kona kola flavor and are going to send me some other flavors to try. They go on the list with Lee Valley, and a handful of others.

My diet the last few week has been a disaster. I've definitely put on a couple more pounds that I'm going to have to work off. I realized that with no goal and no running I was being immature an saying just eff it all, instead of working on what I could. I think I'm going to adjust my target weight down to 160 from 165 and get to work on the 10 pounds I need to lose to get there. I'm still making training for the marathon a priority, so I'm not anticipating any fast progress, since I'm going to need the calories.

I do the occasional (very occasional, lately) bit of woodworking, and the link to Lee Valley has made me lust for their newest skew Rabbet Planes. Drool...

Good Running everyone!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Non Running Randomness

Had my one week followup appointment yesterday. Fastest doctors appointment I've ever had. About 5 minutes in the waiting room, 5 minutes in the office waiting, then 3 minutes with the doctor. No infection and he seemed happy with everything else. No major pain, just some aches, especially driving in to work, Sitting at that slightly off center angle you sit at to drive stretched some things I hadn't stretched before. I go back in 2 more weeks. Hopefully I can convince him to let me start running then, but I didn't bring it up, even though I'm starting to go stir crazy, and I'm not sleeping well, and I'm jealous of every runner I see.

And I'm eating like a horse. I think I've put on a pound or two in the last week, and I'm only just now starting to get a handle on how much I'm eating, and slowing down. Even tracking the calories isn't slowing me down, and I've been leaving random snacking off, chunks of cheese, blue berries, strawberries, etc when getting some for Kaitlyn, that kind of thing.

Does anyone remember when if you subscribed to a magazine you got it before it hit the newsstands? I've been drooling over the new Runners World for a week now, and it didn't show up till yesterday. Grumble, grumble.

Got my cholesterol checked and had a talk with the doc as well this week. Cholesterol was down to 114 or so, HDL was up, LDL was down and Triglycerides were say down. Only thing that was a little concerning was that my liver function numbers were a little high. He's not concerned so we're going to sit on it for 2 months and see how it looks then. I did get taken off the BP meds though. Yay, me!!!

If you're a scifi and/or fantasy reader, and you don't mind ebooks, here are a pair of sites that offer free ebooks. I'll read them on my computer (don't use a fulls screen to read, try to replicate a normal book width, it makes it easier to read and causes less eye strain.), and using on older HP ipaq Pocket PC.
I've been getting books from Baen's Free Library for years. Mainly because a number of favorite authors are Baen authors.
If you sign up for Tor's newsletter, they include a link to a new ebook each week. an extra email or two is a small price to pay as far as I'm concerned. Most of them are first books in a series, those evil bastards, so my Christmas list will have a number of books on it this year. :)

So, I'm sitting here typing this up and listening to my iPod on random. I've added some CDs from my Dad's place recently for some variety, and I get a new song. The Beatles. I Am The
Walrus. What. The. Fuck. I'll admit I'm not a connoisseur of anything, and certainly not music. The song has it's own wikipedia entry for fecks sake, and even that is barely comprehensible. I just don't get out much I guess. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thank Goodness for Percocet

Not feeling too horrible, but definitely sore.

Have to take my percocet regularly, and if I sit up for too long I get pale and nauseous.

That being said, I'm starting to feel better, and the few hours I've been awake I've been able to hang out with my Mom who dropped by so Val could get some work done.

It's really hard to roll over in bed without using your ab muscles. :)

Icky picture... Bruise is apparently caused by them messing things around to get the mesh in place.