Thursday, February 26, 2009

2/26 Run

Clockwise around the lake again. This time a bit faster, than Tuesday. Much cooler, actually had to wear pants, a jacket, gloves and my watch cap. WAtch cap came off halfway through, but other than that... ( says 35 with wind chil to 28)

The wind was coming from the north this time, instead of the south which was nice since it meant the headwinds came when I was fresh. :)

6.37 miles in 1:02:25 (9:48/mile) at 148 bpm average. Every lap was under 10 which is really nice. Didn't make it up Eastlake without a walk, but I think I came into the hill with my HR a little high.

Calves were a little tight, but I thaink that's from the workout last night. Everything else seems like it's working properly for a change. And after 200 or so miles, my shoes finally feel broken in. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2/25 Run and Workout

Went home early to spend some time with Val on her BDay. We had lunch and talked, and then decided to go to the gym together. Something that doesn't happen all that often what with needing to take care of the child and all. :)

Did my full workout with Val's help/spotting. The forward ball roll felt much easier, and actually seemed to engage by core instead of my arms. I ended up doing the squats a little heavier than Monday, which was fine, but my wussy arms had trouble hauling the 30# weights around. :) Val had me try a couple of her exercises, and she dusted the gym floor with me. One was some sadistic ball roll that isolated your abs as you pulled your knees up to your chest, and the other was a chest press on the functional trainer. That I had to lower the weights to do. :)

7 miles on the treadmill. Decided to eff the slow pace the crappy indoor heart rate, that I get when I run inside, and set the 'mill at 6.0 (10min/mile) and 1% and left it there. Val went off and did something psychotic like 90 flights of stairs on the stair thing, some running, and some elliptical.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/24 Run

Decided to switch it up and went counter clockwise around Lake Union. In my opinion, this is the more difficult direction. 6.41 miles in 1:03:45 (9:56/mile) @ 148 bpm average. There's a lot of uphill early when you run it in this direction that makes it a slower run. Despite that it was a very nice run, the rain paused and the sun came out over lunch.

Combine the uphill with a frustrating detour near the Fremont Bridge since they were doing some sort of work the necessitated closing the pedestrian walkway, and had me parked at a light cooling down for a while, and it made for a slower run than I'm used to around the lake. I did expect it, but still...

I'm planning on running all three weekday runs counter clockwise, unless I actually run with a partner. It will give me a chance to try and beat the Eastlake hill from a different direction. :)

Running this direction is a nice change of scenery, and there are a couple of spots where you are looking down the lake at the skyline of Seattle that are really pretty neat. I'm surprised I haven't ever noticed them before.

Definitely sore form both the hills in the long run, and the workout last night. Legs and upper body both. The run helped shake things out overall but it will be interesting to see how the workout goes on Wednesday.

I'm trying out a new food and exercise tracker. I've been using an Excel spreadsheet to track my food intake during this whole process. It works OK, but it requires punching up my work laptop in the evenings to add dinner and stuff. I'm going to give LoseIt a try on the iPhone. It's pretty slick, but it does have some flaws, that Val and I have notices so far. I'll do a more detailed review as I spend more time with it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2/23 New Workout

A day off from running after the long run, but went to the gym for the last PErsonal Training session and got a new workout.


I'm going to like this one more than my old one, which I really wasn't that fond of, but it's going to be a work for the next few weeks. Not sure what I'm going to do in a few weeks. I'm out of sessions, so we'll see. I'm thingking I can adapt soem of what I've gotten, and play with some of the Runners World core workouts and come up with some on my own. I'm considering trying to bang out the 100 pushups, 200 situps and getting to 5 pullups, so if nothing else, those plus some core will keep me busy.

New workout
Core and Balance
2 sets of
Ball crunches - 3 count up, hold for 2 counts; 20
Forward Ball Rolls - 3 counts out, hold for 2 counts; 20
Plyo Box Step Ups - 10 each leg
Plyo Box Step Ups - Sideways - 10 each leg
Plyo Box Step Ups - Twisting - 10 each leg
Ply Box Jumps - 3 sets of 10

2 sets in each Superset
Chest - Ball DB Chest Press @ 25# - 10
Chest - Slow Count Pushups -12
Back - DB Rows @ 15 - 10
Back - Free Motion Pulldowns @ 15 - 10
Shoulders - Overhead Press @ 12.5 - 10
Shoulders - Lateral Arm Raises @ 5# - 12
Legs - Squats w 27.5 DBs - 10
Legs - Ball Leg Extension - 12

Sunday, February 22, 2009

2/22 Long Run

Saturday's run was one of those runs that when asked, you can say emphatically; "It was a GOOD run." I finally feel like I'm starting to settle back into the long run saddle. A very good 15 miler, with more at that distance to come.

I normally run long on Saturday, but with Val running Saturday mornings that's not really going to fly. I'm probably going to have to move run days around, which may be a challenge. We'll see.

I'm also considering going back to 4 days a week instead of 5. I'm going to try 5 for a few more weeks and see if everything goes OK as I try for 40ish again. I think 4 days a week gives me more recovery time, but I don't think I can safely get the mileage I think I'm going to need/want to do better on the marathon. And I'm not completely convinced that the problem (tiredness, involuntary fallback weeks, etc.) is with 5 days a week.

My Mom was over on Saturday (and through Sunday) so Val and I got a date night in. Even if that involved some errand running, we had a nice dinner at Lombardis, and came home and had a really nice talk with Mom. That meant I stayed up a little later than I would have liked given the 5am wake up for the run so we could all have breakfast together (at a normal time.)

Got up as scheduled 5, didn't even mumble around in bed. Just got up, did the normal morning thing, grabbed my bag of running stuff and snuck downstairs to change. Apparently I was quiet enough because Toby didn't even come down to check on me till I was almost dressed. (Apparently Val woke up just as I was walking out the door and thought I was still in bed and running late. :) )

Took Toby out to pee, finished getting together, had some OJ and then went back out with Toby. The predicted rain, which wasn't there 10 minutes previously, was starting. When we went back in I added my jacket to the tie downs on my fuel belt and got on the road. By the time I hit my start point 5 minutes away I had my jacket on. I'm glad I brought it, especially for that first hour in the dark and rain.

Once I got all my systems into sync, about a mile or so, the run just happened. I seemed to want to run in the low 140s heart rate wise, and had to constantly keep an eye on things and try to get back to where I like to be in the low 50s. The heart rate graph looks like a saw blade with all the little ups and downs. It would be nice if you could adjust things like minimum hr on the fly without messing things up.

Had a couple of moments where I could hear over my low music that everything got into a rhythm, foot beats, shake of water bottle, shuffle of jacket. Sometimes it bothers me, today it was comforting and zen.

Had to find a tree at around 7 miles in, something that only seems to happen on the training runs. I didn't have any need to go during the marathon. I wonder if I'm doing something differently? The wonders of being a man. As one of the hosts of a recent Runners Lounge podcast pointed out: "I'm a man, the world is my bathroom." :)

I got tired of the damp nylon of my jacket constantly switching screens on my Gamin, so I locked the screen. And then either because of a bug, or because I did something wrong Garmy managed to go to sleep. At around the same time my iPhone lost it's Pandora connection so it took me a while to change stations to get tunes again and then notice that the watch wasn't recording. When I restarted it it didn't restart in the Heart Rate Workout that it had been, now it was a generic workout and I had to watch the Hr max myself.

My thighs started letting me know they were going to be sore the next day around mile 11, but it was more just mumbling than anything else. Everything else worked great for a change, all my joints kept quiet, nothing that wasn't just my body shaking itself out.

Finally finished with a Garmin total of 15.09 in 2:31:59 (10:04/mile). Awesomely, 8 of those miles were sub 10. 149 average bpm. That sleep mode issue may have lost 0.07 miles or so. Was able to do the whole run with no GU, as well, just a glass of OJ to start the day.

2/20 Run

Friday's run was another wonderful solo run around Lake Union. Run ended up being 7.41 miles in 1:10:43 (9:32) 149 bpm avg, which was actually a tough faster than Wednesday's 6 miler.

That being said, I decided to use the stop function at lights, which reduced the total elapsed time a minute or so. Of course I only needed it for one light this run, instead of the 4 I seem to normally catch.

Every split for this run under 10/mile, except last mile at 10:01. Almost made it up the Eastlake hill without a break, until I hit some sidewalk construction and got my heart rate jacked up having to duck into the street to get around it.

After a conversation with Bruce about the low heart rate training, I realized one of the advantages of the current program. So, you shouldn't adjust more then one of the main components of fitness (represented with the acronym FIT (frequency, intensity, time) (Yes, it's supposed to have a second T for Type, be we've already defined that by discussing running )). Ant that's the big advantage, nothing earth shattering, but since EVERY run is done at the same intensity (level of effort), and the frequency of runs is already established (5 a week), I can adjust time and get more mileage in, building a higher milage base, without as much risk of injury.

Made it back in time to destroy some of my calorie burn with some cake at a going away party, snag some company branded freebie swag that they were cleaning out of the customer relations team's closets (hey, they aren't going to need it anymore), and then was able to get together with a former coworker and chat for the first time in a long time (Hey, Jaime!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2/18 Run

Another great solo run around the lake. 6.26 miles in 1:00:17 (9:38/mile) @ 148 bpm average. Would have been faster, but I still need to figure out the "etiquette" for timing myself on urban runs.

Should I stop the time when I'm waiting at the light? I suppose so, since the goal is to evaluate my time running, but somehow it feels like cheating. :)

The best part of the run, statistically anyway, was that there were 3 miles that were 9:15 or under! Now one of those was on a very pleasant downhill, but the first two were on nice flats, and with some uphill. Now I just need to get to the point that I can hold that a little longer. :) Time for some long runs!

It was a gorgeous 50 degrees or so, and apparently the temperature brought out the rollerbladers. I saw a pair of them total, which struck me as odd since I haven't seen one since August. :) Also saw a dude out for a run with a pair of those huge headphones that the kids seem to like so much. :) Odd looking, and watching his head wobble around, it made me wonder how much those effing thing weigh.

Got passed coming up Eastlake, fortunately for my ego, before I had to walk a few seconds to get my heart rate down. (Damn you Eastlake hill, one day I will beat you!). I suspect she was a runner from the UW given the age and purple shirt. It was funny that as powerful as her legs were she had, to steal a term form someone on another blog., T-Rex Runners Syndrome. Amazing legs, no upper body to speak of. :)

Oddly enough, a Nutrigrain bar and a pair of Graham Cracker sheets have essentially the same nutritive value. Who knew.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2/17 Run

Another solo run around the lake, and this one was GREAT!

After beating myself up for the debacle that was Saturday's run, and then not deciding not to run yesterday since I was still feeling a little squirrely, I realized today that I think this may have been my bodys way of telling me to take a break. :)

3 days off meant I had nice fresh legs for this run, and was able to do 7.34 miles in 1:11:40 (9:46/mile!!!!!!!!!) at 150 average bpm. I really had to hold myself back on more than one occasion. I had to walk about 20 seconds to get my HR down coming up the hill on Eastlake, which was annoying, but not as annoying as listening to Garmy bitch at me. A little bit of left knee pain, and my right shin is bothering me a little, but nothing that worries me for a change. :)

Looks like this HR training thing really is working. Wow, them experts might just know what they are talking about. :)

Val had her first continuous run on Saturday and did 20 minutes! Then she went to the gym today, and did 35!! Slowly, I think she did 2.8 miles, but she's getting it down. :) I think she's really going to surprise herself at the Dash.

I finally got it through my head that she's not interested in 'endurance' running, and is more interested in the strength portion of her fitness stuff. And I'm even starting to accept it. :) I got here The New Rules Of Lifting For Women based on a large number of positive recommendations and it really seems to map to her goals. WE just got it and haven't had a chance to read it yet, so we'll see. I do thing, and Val agrees, that the military branches set between 1.5 and 3 miles of running (depending on branch) as a standard for a reason, and it's not an unreasonable expectation for a fit person to be able to run that far.

Got the other books, and am working my way through Core Performance Endurance, physically it's a nice book, full color and glossy pages, but I'll let you know how the content looks in a bit.

I'm trying to figure out who I want to 'impress' with all this distance stuff, and that's something that I'm going to have to chew on a bit, but I realized that one of the reasons I really like running long is that it both takes that long to beat my brain into submission and just be, and that once that happens it's a few hours where I can just let my brain float. Even if I let myself get caught up in some mental craziness (relive high school, what would I have done differently if I knew what I know now, how would that have affected things... for example) while I run it's just gone when I stop running. Unlike if I do that when I'm walking or on the bus or whatever, where it grates at me, on and on and on... Thank goodness for running.

Took Iliana to lunch to thank her for all the help and advice during the Marathon Club sessions last year. If you live anywhere near Kent she and her husband own The Balanced Athlete in Kent, and they've always done right by me. She's a pretty balanced person, and has always had great advice for me. She's headed up the street to a new gig in a few weeks, so it will make getting together harder, so I wanted to get together.

We talked about work and family, but I also wanted her opinions about some things related to running since she's a little more 'sane' than Bruce is with her mileage, etc. Her 'off season' mileage is around 45/week (vs Bruce's 60/week) and gets to 55 to 75 when she's actively training for a marathon. She tends not to hit 75 often since it starts to interfere with the rest of her life. She also emphasised the need for breaks and fallback weeks, confirming my supposition, that if you don't do it yourself, you body will take the break it needs. :)

Had an interesting discussion about HR training (she thinks I may be 10ish points to high for my aerobic zone even), and VO2 max and genetics and improvement. Balanced Athlete offers a pretty dang inexpensive set of testing (VO2max and metabolic) (just under $200, if I recall correctly) that I'm putting on my wish list.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/14 Run

Saturday was one of those days where my body just didn't want to play. I took a nap when Kaitlyn went down since I was so tapped out, and woke up with a mild case of nausea, and an incipient case of diarrhea.

I fought my way through it and tried to get to the gym after Kaitlyn went down. I elected for the treadmill because of the intestinal issues and readily available access to the bathroom. I managed to do 3.5 of the 15 scheduled miles. I just had no energy, I was tasting dinner, etc.

I was pretty pissed when I came home, and fortunately Val was able to talk me down. And later, at least the nausea came back when I was in the shower, so I knew I wasn't a hypochondriac. Between that and a miserable night's sleep, I was able to write the run off.

I've been using running as an attempt to define myself, and it makes it hard to 'fail'. As Val pointed out, no one but me is even going to remember that I had to bail out of a run in a week.

Still fighting this on Monday, so we'll see if the workout/run happen this evening.

Friday, February 13, 2009

2/13 Run and Workout

Ran solo around the lake on Friday, Blake forgot his shoes, so no joy there. Did 7.15 miles in 1:12:29 (10:08/mile) 149 avg bpm. Another pleasant run around the lake. Garmin actually picked the satellites up in a reasonable amount of time, so I didn't look like a complete dumb ass standing around in front of the building staring at my wrist in the wind.

About 2.5 miles into the run I saw someone I recognized heading the other direction on the Burke-Gilman. We exchanged waves and 'Hey!'s. It then took me 3.5 miles to come to the 95% certainly that she works at Toby's doggy daycare. I can never remember her name, so it makes it harder to remember context.

Read something recently about online dating: "Attractive, Intelligent, Sane. Pick 2". Made me chuckle. I wonder which 2 Val says she got. :)

I'm thinking I have a mild case of shinsplints. Same symptoms as 6 or 8 months ago, and just like then I 'm terrified it might be a stress fracture. We'll see how it all pans out.

Made blueberry pancakes Thursday night because it was the only stuff we had in the house. I'd forgotten how yummy they are.

Went to the gym for an evening workout. It was nice and quiet at the gym, maybe because it was Friday?

Did the standard workout but added leg lifts, and planks while waiting for the functional trainer to come free.
Also added on some weight assisted pull ups 5@60, 5@78

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2/11 Run

Rand another lap around the lake one Wednesday. I don't have my log in front of me, but it worked out to something like 6.35 in 1:04:30 (I remember Garmy saying 10:10 average pace) and 151 avg bpm. Was able to run this solo, which meant I could push the heart rate up towards my max. Looks like I'll be able to run on Friday with Blake, which means I can push the HR again a little.

Was reading The Daniels' Running Formula on the bus in to work and he discusses heart rate training on the treadmill and points out that you may not get the optimum workout because of the lack of convective cooling. Not having the moving air to cool you causes your HR to go up because you need to cool yourself. He strongly recommends a fan if you need to do HR training on a treadmill. He also had some interesting ideas about hill training on a treadmill, but I haven't gotten there yet. I'm not too worried about my HR on the treadmill, because despite going more slowly, the pace seems to be in line with what I've seen outside, albeit at a lower HR.

Val and I took a few minutes to use Garmy to do an easy test of our Resting Heart Rates last night. Not the optimal or most accurate way to check it, since you're supposed to do it first thing when you wake up and before you get out of bed, but we just threw the monitor on while watching some TV and talking.

Val ended up going as low as 59. I'm pretty sure it was around 73 at Christmas time when I got my new toy and we played. Amazing what a few months of working out can do.

Mine dropped as low as 49, but I'm calling it 50 since that's where it spent most of the time. That's down at least 5 points from when I had it checked during my annual last year sometime. Interestingly it appears that a 5 point drop actually LOWERS the range (by a point or two) I have to work in right now. Hmmm....

The Daniels book is pretty dang good. It's definitely targeted towards fast runners with his time estimates, but the principles and methodologies are applicable to everyone. I'm going to have to read it a few times to get it all, depending on focus I think.

I've got two new books on the way, one on recommendation from Val's trainer, and one from a blog I can't remember. Her trainer recommended Core Performance Endurance, and the other was Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes. I'll let you know how they turn out. I got Val the New Rules of Lifting for Women on a couple of recommendations from people. Sounds to be a really good book too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2/10 Run

Yet another late night run on the treadmill, 7 miles in 1:17:46 (11:07/mile)

I tried a different strategy and started a little slower, then bumped the speed up to my max heart rate instead of pegging it out and dumping it back down. Seemed to work, and I went a little longer at that pace.

The whole run was just brutal. I've been really tired, and my lower legs, below the knee, were tapped out fast. Skipped the workout again to run.

I had to talk myself out of bailing through he whole run, and then I had to talk myself into doing the scheduled 7 instead of qutting at 6 and adding the mileage on another day. It was probably an advantage that I had to reset the treadmill at 5 miles, because it meant I only had a mile to go to 6, and I was able to talk myself into 7 total.

Caught the last bit of Biggest Loser. I think my only objection (and it's why I don;t like a lot of reality show) is all the emphasis on drama. I want more time in the gym, more time listening to tips and tricks, and technique. Less drama about who's going home and hours of discussion about why.

Monday, February 9, 2009

2/9 Run

Snow (seriously, again, in Seattle?), so back to the gym. Spend a lot of time discussing some family b.s. with Val after Kaitlyn went to bed, so I didn't leave for the gym till 9pm. Which is fine on a weekend, but crappy on a weeknight, especially when I want to do a workout. Decided to bail on the workout and get the run in. (I'll try to do Tues, Thur, Sat this week instead of my normal schedule for workouts). I skipped Friday too for a similar reason. Time, and stress. Family is just so effing fun some times.

Did 6.5 miles in 1:13:04 (11:14/mile), 150 bpm avg. Got to watch Big Bang Theory for the first time. It was recommended to me a while ago. Not bad..I'd watch it on a run again, but I'm not going to TIVO it. :)

It felt really good to run, and it was even cooler to not have to worry about half a mile. I had some good tunes show up on Pandora at about 5.9, and decided to run to the end of the song, which put me at 6.15, then I got another, so I ran that out too. To 6.4. And who wants to end at 6.4...:) But I didn't have to worry about it, just did it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

2/7 Run

Did a late Saturday night 12.5 on treadmill. It was chilly, and I've been feeling off because of having some friends over and some family tension with my Dad. I wish I had run it outside. :)

Did it in 2:22:04 (11:22/mile) avg bpm 151

Watched a couple of episodes of Food Network Challenge, and Iron Chef America. Didn't make me as hungry as the last time I did a long run with the help of the Food Network. No GU again, and I didn't seem to notice as bad a drop in overall energy after the first hour or so. I bottomed out at 4.4 mph ( 13ish/mile) (While I was looking for the pace conversion information, I found this interesting comparison chart that implies that running at 1% incline you are faster than your treadmill says you are. Unfortunately it doesn't go under 5 mph)

The best part was the average pace for the first 3 miles. I actually spent like .5 at 6.4, and bottomed out at 6.0. I averaged 6.1! Love it!!! I think this is really making progress.

2/6 Run

Another run with Jim around the lake. Slow, again, but better than last time we ran it clockwise, probably because of fewer walk breaks for his feet. A little drizzly, but comfortable once we got going.

6.44 miles in 1:13:39 (11:26/mile). 142 avg bpm.

Left knee bothered me a bit in miles 4 and 5, but seemed to work itself out. It's making me paranoid, because this weeks mileage is near the best mileage of last training cycle, when things fell apart because of my knee. The goal for this week is 37 miles, and next week is 41 (ignoring a fluke 47 mile week last cycle, my best weeks were 40.5), and I'd like to hold that mileage for a month or so. I figure that gives me pretty sweet base to start spinning up for the RnR Seattle in June.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

No YRCM For Me

I've decided I'm not going to run the Yakima River Canyon Marathon. It just doesn't work for me to be able to do it safely/healthily. I was already pushing a little bit to do it, and after losing two weeks with being sick, it's just not a good idea. I had my doubts earlier in the year and let my Dad's excitement and my own goal setting/performance/ego issues) talk myself into putting it on the schedule.

The bigger goal for the year means I'd like to get to 40ish miles a week and stay there for a few weeks, probably staying with the low HR base building for another month or so. How long depends on what kind of progress I make for performance. I'm going to focus my marathon goal onto RnR Seattle, June 27th instead.

What I realized, and you'd think after a Goals post I'd have figured this out, is that there are two goals for races in the next 14 months. Obviously the 50 miler is the 600 pound gorilla in the corner. The other is that I REALLY want my second marathon to be a 'better' experience. However I define better...faster, no walking, whatever. I can't have a 'better' marathon with the way the plan worked out after I got sick. I had 4 18+ mile runs for the Seattle cycle, with a 'real' peak of 40.5 miles per week (That 47 mile week was a fluke, and seriously messed things up), and admittedly I had a flaky taper (4weeks not 3) because of my knee. The post sickness plan for YRCM only has 3 18+, with a peak at 48. I had hoped for 50+. My knees and feet are still bothering me from few weeks ago, and I'd like to get them healed so I don't have a repeat of that 4 week taper.

I'm thinking of shooting for a weekly goal of 40 miles a week, with a long run between 14 and 15 miles. I'm thinking I'll run all these at Base Building HR, probably all the way through February and into March, possibly up till the 15th, which is St. Patricks Day Dash with Val. I'll make the call then with a comparison 12 miler, using the same route I took one the 31st, or the one I plan on doing this Saturday. That should let me gauge improvements pretty well I hope.

After that I'll start ramping up my mileage, to a yet to be determined peak

Honestly, despite Val's working through this with me, it's taken me a few days to come to peace with this and realize I'm being a grownup and making reasoned decisions. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2/4 Run Around The Lake

A run with Jim around the lake. Counter clockwise for variety. :)

6.5ish miles in 1:17:15ish (11:49/mile) I had some trouble with my heartrate monitor losing it's mind, and made the first block a split instaead of stopping it as I was fighting things. A 200 HR is a little high. :)

Really slow run overall. Jim was fighting his feet, and today our HR paces weren't quite as closely matched. 138bpm avarage for the run for me. I normally average 150 for a run like this.

2/3 - First Two A Day

Needed to get the mileage in, even though I ran for a bit with Val, so I went back out and did 5 more miles. It turned out to be a pretty fast run. 53:44 (10:44/mile) all aerobically.

Ran the same route I ran with Val, twice. It's got a good combination of flats and terrain. Only disadvantage is one stretch along 116th with no sidewalk, but a wide shoulder.

I felt like my legs were a little tired between runs, so I made sure I added some carbs to my snacking and it seemed to work.

I was pretty maxed out after the run, and could really feel it the next day. I'll hold off of doing these regularly for a while. :)

2/3 Lunch Run with Val

Went for a slow run at lunch with Val! It was a gorgeous 55 degree day, and Val asked me to come with her for her first ever run in the great outdoors.

She's been walking, and biking, and using the elliptical at her training appointments, but after a while it was hard for her to get her heart rate up to where her trainers wanted it. At that point I suggested she just run for a few minutes at a pop. Which seemed to help.

At some point when I was talking with my neighbor about running St. Patricks Day Dash, she committed to it too!!! She's been working hard at Couch To 5K (in her own interpretation), she's really paranoid about the distance since the dash is 3.75, not 3.1, so she's been adding extra intervals, or as the runs intervals have gotten harder, she's walking till she gets to the mileage. Hopefully first 20 minute run on this Saturday!

We ran/walked 2.3 miles around the neighborhood for her first outdoor run, and her first back to back run. I was able to give her some advice about her breathing on the run, that will hopefully resolve some side stitch issues, but other than that she's doing great!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2/2 Workout and Run

Went to the Gym Monday for a Personal Training session, and a new workout, and then a run.

Ow. He mixed some things up, and switched out exercises, and it was a very tough workout. Not really looking forward to two weeks of this.

Warmed up with 3 miles on the bike, 88 watts, 90+ rpms, at a 5 resistance.

New workout:
Core & Balance
-Crunches on the Yoga Ball
-Side Planks
-That stand on one leg and extend the other leg balance thing, but now I have to turn 30 to 45 degrees to the side and do it.
-Hops to front and rear. Hop to one leg hold 3 sec, hop back hold 3 sec. repeat. keep feet pointed forward.
-Hops to left and right. Hop to one leg hold 3 sec, hop back hold 3 sec. repeat. keep feet pointed forward.
-Hops to left rear and right rear. Hop to one leg about 120 degrees to a side hold 3 sec, hop back straight hold 3 sec. repeat. keep feet pointed appropriately.

-Slow Pushups. 4 counts, hold 2, 1 up
-Functional Trainer Rows (these feel more effective than the dumbbell rows I had been doing
-Functional Trainer shoulder presses

Ran 5 on the treadmill, doing the HR training thing as usual. 1:00:14 (12:03/mile) for the run. Really hot inside the gym. Apparently I'm already getting used to outside again.

1/31 Long Run

Another late night long run. Val ran in the morning (oops, still need to post about that...), so I ran in the evening. The plan was for Val to put Kailtyn down so I could run early, but that just didn't work, and then I was rumbly in the tumbly for a bit.

Started around 9pm. A bit chilly at 39 (I've gotten used to the gym). Doubled up technical shirts, and wore my light gloves. Pouches in the bottle carrier were perfect for the iPhone. Brought gels as backup. I'm really trying to run these 'shorter' long runs with no supplementation. Especially when I'm doing the low HR thing. I read (and probably misinterpreted) somewhere that this is the prefect combination to teach your body to better consume fat for fuel on runs.

First loop was outstanding. Well under 11 minute miles on average, and only uncomfortable towards the end as I rerealized the challenge of long runs in residential areas. No discreetly located trees or shrubs. :) I found one on the start of the second loop, and only had one car go by.

Second loop was slower ( 11:30 ish average). I felt like my legs really started to get tired around mile 9. A GU might have been a good idea, but hey, experimentation is what long runs are for, right?

1/30 Run

A very late run on Friday. Went to the gym to workout first once Kaitlyn went to sleep, so I got a late start. Hammered out the workout and then instead of running on the treadmill, I decided to try something different. Filled up my handheld, threw my gear in the car and ran outside. I got started around 1015pm, and ran around the 'block' and then drove home.

It was just warm enough for compression shorts and long sleeve technical shirt. Gloves would have been nice, and so would a holster for the iPhone. Again, Pandora was a nice musical background. Only had to fast forward once, and bookmarked two new songs.

A very nice run overall. 1:08:16 (11:03/mile) for 6.18 (Garmin matches my mapmyrun/gmap-pedometer distance perfectly) at an average heart rate of 150 (max should be 154). Remembered to turn on auto lap, so I have splits, and they were pretty consistent, best was 10:28, works was 11:31. All aerobic. Much faster times than inside. Different muscles combinations on the treadmills? Lower temp?