Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6/30 Run

Got out on Tuesday for a nice easy run with Blake out towards SPU.

Talked up a storm and tried to keep the HR down and be comfortable.

Left thigh mumbled a little towards the end, but nothing significant.

Was going to do between 3-5. Blake was voting for 5. I could have done the planned 5ish but we were moving slowly, and he had a 1:00 meeting, so we bailed out at about 2 miles and headed back in.

4.03 in 43:06 (10:42/mile) @ 139
10:25 @ 133
10:46 @ 141
11:00 @ 140
10:42 @ 142
155 feet @ 7:20 @ 169

Saturday, June 27, 2009

RnR Seattle Results

As usual, race report to follow.

Chip Time: 4:11:47 (9:37/mile) @ 167 bpm avg.

Works out to a shiny new PR by lopping 21:11 off my 2008 Seattle time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

RnR Seattle Goals

I've been, thanks to the week of brain melting training I just finished, mostly able to not obsess about goals and taper madness. Now that I'm sitting in the airport trying to get caught up, with 12 hours or so to go till the race, I'm starting to get caught up.

Plane gets in at 10pm, then I'm headed to a HoJo's about a mile from the start to get what sleep I can, and I hope and pray they have their shit together when I get up and head over there at 5am-ish and I can pick up my packet at Customer Service as promised.

So despite the altitude and hills in Denver effing with my head, I think that I'm adequately recovered from the half, and think that the half might actually be an accurate indicator of my capabilities.

Below is a chart comparing the pacing of Seattle to the Beach To Chowder Half. Admittedly the half is a HALF, but I am obviously much stronger across a longer distance. And I think that might extend throuoght the whole marathon.


The next image is a comparison using McMillan across a set of ranges. Bold are actual race/time trial results.
Last year I thought was capable of the 3:50ish finish my 10K time predicted. Obviously from the final result, not so much. If you look at the 2 mile time trial I did basically randomly, and the half, I seem to be much stronger and more consistent than last year. I would certainly hope so. If 2 18 miles, and 5 20 milers (3 in 56 mile weeks) don't do it, nothing will. :)


I'm pretty sure this means I'm going to be more capable into the longer distance. I've decided that my goal is going to be to shoot for the 3:50 goal time. I'll pace at 8:50ish (slightly less than 3:50 pace) until the half. I think that should map to between 153 or 155 heart-rate wise, and I've done at least 18 at that HR with no problems. At the half I'll formally reevaluate, and then again formally at 20 or so. If I fall apart, then I do, and we adjust as needed.

I paid money to do this, I'll be damned if I'm not going to go for this in a reasonable sane manner. I'm not throwing this all to the winds, but I'm not paying 100 bucks for a 143bpm (75%MHR) training run with a 4:30 finish as I interpreted Eric's advice to me (even if 143 is my supposed lactate threshold)(or I don't understand LT, which is entirely possible), when empirical evidence says I should be capable of better. If I'm not then I'll have learned a lot, and unless things go horribly pear-shaped, I'll still lop some time off my PR. :)

So; formally calling out my goals in order:

Beat current PR of 4:32:58
Finish at originally projected 4:15 or under
Break 4:00
Closer to 3:50 than 4:00

Let's do this thing!

6/25 Run - Rain in Lakewood/Golden

Stepped out of the classroom into clouds and light drizzle. Jim and I looked at each other and decided they'd revoke or Seattle citizenship if we went and ran on the treadmill.

Decided to try the single track and shoot for the top of the hill in the Park behind the hotel, or 6 miles total, whichever came first. That lasted for about a mile. Between the rain, and the real single track (really a horse trail) that might as well have been greased, we bailed onto residential roads after about a mile.

The lightening started a little later, and after that and a nice steep hill we called it a night and went back to the hotel. I made him run a loop around the hotel so I could get a full 3 miles for the day, and then we went to Casa Bonita for dinner.

Hard to argue with all you can eat Mexican, gorillas swinging lightsabers, and cliff divers for dinner.

Slow run between the mud and Jim not being quite acclimated yet. Probably a good combination for the last run before the marathon.

The guy at the front desk just shook his head at us as we came back in looking like wet rats, and covered in mud. I was pretty bummed. The trails in the park looked like a really fun run. Daddy needs some trail shoes!

3.03 miles in 37:08 (12:15/mile) @ 143

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6/24 Run - Outside in Lakewood/Golden

Got outside at around 6:20. 73, cloudyish, with an evening storm passing over and keeping the direct sun down.

Felt my shins a little after the run, and I'm sure it was the ups and downs. Nothing lasting though.

They really need to import some oxygen up here

It was a really enjoyable run, even with all the walking I had to do.

Left glute was giving me some trouble the first mile or so and then it just shut up and complained no more.

I got some decent iPhone pictures from the high points of the run that I'll upload when I get home.

Really wanted to run to the top of the peak nearest the hotel, which according to the map is Hayden Green Mountain Park. I didn't see any obvious way in, but a little research after I got back found an entrace right by the hotel.

Saw lots of robins. Seemed a little odd, since I don't think I've seen anything else. Especially not the ravens/crows I'd expect from home.

6.03 miles in 1:08:54 (11:26/mile) @ 139 bpm
11:38 @ 131
11:52 @ 141
12:48 @ 141
9:58 @ 139 <-- downhill much? :)
10:16 @ 142
12:08 @ 144
0.03 - 9:50 @ 144

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6/23 Run - Mile High Treadmill

Decided to take Sunday off what with the 0430 wakeup and the not getting to the hotel till 2200 after a great time with a friend from college and her family.

I hadn't really noticed the extra 5000 feet of elevation till I got on the treadmill. The treadmill? you cry., Why not run outside in a new place? Because of the plains thunderstorm, with associated lightening, says I.

Which made for an unpleasant hour in a small, hot, humid room running on the treadmill

6 miles in right around 60 minutes.

Ran the first 1 -1 1.5 at between 10 and 10:30, decided to run .5 at goal marathon pace (8:48) just to remind my legs what that might feel like. Oh. My. God. Slowed back down to 10:30 for 2 more miles or so and the tried it again. Much better the second time. Finished the last mile in 10 or so.

I'm still pretty tapped, and I think I'm dehydrated, so off to drink water and sleep. And take it easier on the run tomorrow.

6/20 Med Long Run

I'm a bit behind on entries and commenting. Catching up on one tonight, and the other tomorrow I hope.

Saturday was my last run at home before the marathon.

12.11 in 2:07:33 (10:30/mile) @ 142 bpm

This was a very reassuring run. I really felt like I had my legs back, and was within 0:10/mile of the pre Beach to Chowder weekly average.

I didn't take very good notes after the run, so I don't remember a lot about it, other than it felt good, and that I was glad the porta-san was at mile 8.5.

Forgot to mention that I had some new chafing during Beach to chowder. In the under arm area, never seen before. I also discovered my deodorant is alcohol based the hard way. :)

Also discovered over the course of a few runs that the 'classic' nylon running shorts I bought last year aren't a good choice for anything over about 3 miles. Going to stick with the compression shorts, thank you very much. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

6/18 Run

Ran the lake Clockwise, with some variations at the end inspired by Blake. It was a crowd for the first couple of miles with a whole 3 of us from the team out on the road. :)

Still super slow, but a faster run than Wednesdays nights disaster. Good conversation for the whole run, and comfortable.

6.23 miles in 1:08:56 (11:03/mile) @ 140 bpm.

6/17 Run

Wednesdays run was horrible. I ran late because I worked from home. The plan was to just check email and then spend the day with Val's Dad, and family. I ended up working all day, and Kaitlyn was sick Tuesday night, so we didn't do anything.

I ate like garbage all day, and despite waiting after dinner, it was still bad.

the whole run was a combination of gas, acid and chunks at the back if the throat, aches and pains and general unpleasantness. And slow.

Ah, well. As long as I get my legs back for the marathon, I'll be fine.

6.17 miles in 1:09:34 (11:16/mile) @ 141 bpm.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6/16 Run

I was just off my feed with all the travel and then craziness on Monday. Managed to forget my HR strap and my running socks. It didn't help my motivations. I just wasn't feeling it. It got better for most of the run, but I was pretty done at 4.5 miles in.

Ran the lake counter clockwise, for some variety. Pacing seemed OK, and when I looked at the final pace it seems mostly reasonable.

Definitely did something to my left thigh. I took Sunday off instead of pushing it, and it finally stopped being tender on Monday. It was pretty sore and achy during the run. I was worried about my right calf, but that worked itself out.

6.11 miles in 1:03:13 (10:20/mile) @ unknown HR

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beach To Chowder Half Marathon 2009 Race Report

June 13th was the Beach To Chowder Challenge in Long Beach, WA. This was my second year participating. Last year I ran the 10K.

We all slept in Friday and got on the road to my Mom's later than planned, at around 10:15. Kaitlyn cooperated, so we managed to get to my Moms by 2:45ish. We unloaded the car and then made a quick visit to the beach for Kaitlyn and Toby.

The wind! Talk about adding some stress to the pre race nerves. I had completely forgotten how windy it was last year, and the wind when we got out on the beach was intense.

Went out to dinner and stopped to pick up packets, and so Mom could register Kaitlyn for the walk. Met Mom's friend and her granddaughter (about Kaitlyn's age) who Mom and Kaitlyn would be walking with. Also met another coworker of my Mom's, Mary, who was running the half, and the full at RnR. This is a whole family event. :) I'm running the half, Val's running the 5K, and 'Nammy' is sherpaing for Kaitlyn as she run/walk/rides the 5K. :)
Packets were full of information and goodies form the local merchants and visitors bureau, and we all got race branded water bottles too.

Went to dinner at the Lightship, right on the beach. Good fish and chips, and Kaitlyn was entertained by a seagull hovering just in front of our window for a few minutes.

Once Mom finally got Kaitlyn down we hung out and talked for bit while I got things set up for the morning. Was going to try pinning my number to my shorts, but that didn't seem like it was going to work, so I tried it up on my hat. Seems to work pretty well, but I would find later that the race officials at the finish had trouble seeing the number. Finally decided not to vary from my routine, and wore my fuel belt as I usually do.

Got up at 7, had a couple of CLIF Nectar bars and water for breakfast, and then got changed and tried to make sure all systems were go. Val drove me down to the start and dropped me off at around 8:40, just enough time to run the 1/10 of a mile down to the beach and back and make one last pitstop, and chat with Mary and Erica from Mom's work before the start. Didn't realize until after the race that Mom's place was so close. I could have run/walked to start from mom's place for warmup.

Red Dot on the map is start and stop.

Just before 9:00 they blipped the air horn for everyone's attention and we all kind of meandered towards the start line. I was right up on the line and worried that would be a problem since I had planned on starting pretty slow, but after I looked around and saw all 40 of the other racers I realized it probably wasn't going to be a problem. After some very brief perfunctory pre race comments and a moment with a recaltricant loudspeaker, we were off.

Garmy lost his mind thanks to all the switchbacks and came in at 13.26 miles total, but here are the splits anyway to demonstrate a point or two. Like a nice negative split, and increasing speed over time, and a higher than expected sustainable heart rate.

Mile 1 - 8:29 @ 154
I really tried to start out slow, but even before I reached the turn onto the trails (maybe .1 mile in) I was already at 156, which was above my original goal for the first bit of the race. But I felt good, and wasn't breathing a whole lot harder than I would be normally, so I decided to go with it, and slow down just a little. At that point I decided to run it with a combination of feel and HR, not just HR and I'm glad I did.

Had forgotten about the rollers on the trail, but not the weaving, and chatted very briefly about it with a Marathon Maniac as she and her partner they ran by. Chatted with another gentleman as we worked our way into our rhythm. He recommended the Great Columbia Crossing bridge run. Talked about it with my mom a few months ago, but the bridge thing kind of tweaks me out to be honest.

Mile 2 - 8:43 @ 158
Bailed out on my first conversation and started concentrating on getting into a rhythm, and getting a feel for effort and heart rate. Still feeling good, so I let it inch up a little.

Mile 3 - 8:23 @ 160
Hit the waterstop/turnaround, and then started running with and chatting with the Marathon Maniac, Tina, and her partner, Brian. I figured that if I could keep up with them and talk, that I was doing just fine

Mile 4 - 8:25 @ 161
Having such fun chatting and running, that I almost forgot about nutrition, finally slapped down a GU here.

Mile 5 - 8:34 @ 162
Finally realized that the green numbers the talked about on the online map were the numbers painted onto the course, not on placards like I expected. And that Garmy was a bit off.

Mile 6 - 8:33 @ 161
MM started asking about water, but we realized it was pretty close to the next water stop. Offered her some of mine, but she declined since we were so close.

Mile 7 - 8:19 @ 164
Water station was about .1 into this mile, and I started pushing once I left Tina and Brian, behind. Somewhere in here I took my second GU. I think this was the mile I was really reminded of a video Bruce sent me of the Avalon Benefit 50 Miler on Catalina Island. I could look out ahead, and the beach grass was tall enough to hide the trail, so all you could see were a couple of other solitary figures bobbing through the grass as they ran. Very cool.

Mile 8 - 8:12 @ 164
I think I started seeing the front runners here. With no crowd support at all, just a handful of walkers/bikers out on the course, it was really nice that everyone was very supportive. Almost everyone, including me, exchanged Good Jobs or Keep it ups.

Mile 9 - 8:19 @ 165
I really didn't go far enough when I tried to map this route myself. And here's the "Very Big Rock", and all the sudden we're into the forest, and then the turnaround and back.

Mile 10 - 8:04 @ 167
Had my last GU once I got back out of the woods and back into the return stretch paralleling the ocean.

Mile 11 - 7:52 @ 169
One of the trailing runners apparently had been counting and told me "number 12" as we passed. I looked and saw two other runners close enough that I might catch them and started working towards that to keep me distracted.

Mile 12 - 7:53 @ 171
Towards the end of the mile I managed to pass one of the people in front of me; the woman who turned out to be 2nd place woman. Couldn't get to the next runner to pass unfortunately. Started feeling a mild side stitch somewhere in here. A little bit of pressure, and just running through it.

Mile 13 - 7:41 @ 173
I really had to focus to sustain the pace this mile. Wanted to drop back into the 168 range, and be more comfortable. Side split seemed to have mostly gone away.

Mile .26 - 6:20 @ 182
Pushed hard the last stretch up Bolstad back to the finish at the Arch. Val had finished a little bit ago and was there to cheer me on. I didn't even have the energy to acknowledge her. Pushing hard and trying not to exceed the puke threshold. Took a while to coast down to a walk and then had to remember to go back for my finishers medal. :) That was pretty informal. One of the officials, the RD maybe, pointed out to me that they almost didn't see my number. May have to try something different next year.

I had a great race:
1:49:12 was my watch time, and that ended up being my official time as well. Works out to a 8:21/mile pace if the course was accurate, and I suspect it was.

Val had a pretty good run herself. Given that she has run once since St. Patrick's Day Dash, she finished in . I wouldn't have guessed she ran at all, she looked fresh and clean. She fully admits that means she could have pushed harder, but she just was out to have some fun.

We both walked down to the beach and picked up my Mom and Kaitlyn, and then Val and I ran her in to the finish, leaving her new friend Sydney behind with the grandmas. She was going to win her age group by heck! :) Eagerly waiting on official photos since they got a good shot of all 3 of us.

Settled down and talked with Mary and Erica a little, and then wandered over to the Gazebo for chowder and to wait for the 'door prizes' and awards. Door prizes didn't start till 12 and awards till 1230, so there was some time to kill. I think the wait was a little long, but the course wasn't officially closed till 1200, so I think they just wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to participate. Got to drop by the amazing bakery right there on "Main" street and start refueling. :)

I'm normally the guy who never wins anything, but today I won a free Chowder Bread Bowl in the raffle. Mom and Kaitlyn started walking back to here place as Kaitlyn was melting down.

Finally the awards! I got 3rd in my age group (had figured that out about 10 minutes before, when I finally saw the times posted on the gazebo). And since I stuck around (unlike last year where we passed out and didn't make it back) (I wish I had followed up and tried to get the hardware. Now that it's a tradition, that missing 10K Age group 3rd from last year is annoying.) First in my age group was around 1:40. Guy who won it was 1:28 and change. Same guy Kemboy Chesnit won the 10K as won it last year.

Caught up with Mom and Kaitlyn, drove back to the house and vegged out for a few hours. Finally my mom slipped me some money and kicked Val and I out of the house for a date so she could get some Kaitlyn time. :) We went to eat at a nice Italian place, where I managed to injure myself. After the race. I spent most of the meal with my legs tucked under my chair, and seem to have strained my left thigh. Grrrr... Drove around exploring, etc. and then went home and went to bed.

I really enjoyed the half. I enjoyed it more than the 10K last year, which was physically on the beach. The terrain turned out to be surprisingly interesting, and the beach and wind and everything was perfect.

If I had to offer some constructive criticism, and I will, since I plan on running this next year if they offer it again, I would say:
prerace comments could be a bit more verbose. I didn't realize that the mileage numbers would be painted ON the trail. An water stop near Bolstad would be nice and provide water roughly every 3 miles. Garbage cans at the water stops could be placed a little further away so you don't have to slow down as much to drink and dump. The wait for the awards was too long. I'll probably just bring a change of clothes next year, since if you do it sooner, then people miss out. Finally, a race clock(s) would be nice

I've got some more words in me analyzing the race, and adjusting my goals for RnR Seattle, but I'll do these in a separate post. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beach To Chowder Half Marathon 2009 Results

Forgot that updating my Facebook doesn't update the blog. :)

1:49:12! (8:21/mile)

Closest thing to a previous PR is the first half split from Seattle. (2:05:21)

Good for 3rd in my age group.

Race Report to follow. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

6/11 Run

Getting caught up before I write the race report. Apparently I missed the last run of the week last week.

Around the lake as usual. First 2 miles or so with Blake.

6.16iles in 1:03:38 (10:20/mile) @ 141 bpm

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mini Taper, Taper and Races

So I'm now in taper for two races. A mini taper for the Beach To Chowder Half Marathon on Saturday the 13th. And a full taper for Rock and Roll Seattle on June 27th.

I'm playing both tapers by ear, just like I have the training plan for RnR Seattle.

This was a down week anyway, so I just dropped my midweek a bit further to 6 instead of 8 or 10, and am going to not do legs on my Thursday workout. Hopefully that will be enough to keep me reasonably fresh.

I've decided that since I haven't run a half yet, I'm going to have some fun and be more aggressive than my 75% HR training. Since I can reasonably predict my performance at that HR, I'm going to try to 'race' this and see what I can do. The worst case is I end up walking. :)

Current plan is to start at a HR of 152 (just over 81% MHR), since I've run up to 18 miles at that, and then see how that feels. Runners World recommends a HR range of 85-88% (159-165 MHR for me) for half marathon pacing, but given my lower Lactate Threshold, and the fact that I've done absolutely no speed work, 152 is probably a same place to start. :) If I feel OK, I'll try to inch it up the last half of the race or so.

This weeks weekly average is 10:20 a mile. Which works out to 2:15:28.

10:00/mile == 2:11:06

My half marathon split from Seattle was supposedly 2:05:21 or 9:35/mile.

10 point difference in HR when I dropped was worth about 1:20/mile. If that holds true then, 9:00/mile == 1:57:59.

1:50:00 is just over 8:23/mile

Using last year's 10K (48:30)(which is in no way a sane comparison), McMillan says I'm capable of a 1:47:55 (8:15/mile). Probably insane. That same comparison (which I used before Seattle said I was capable of a 3:47:36 marathon (not so much...)

That 14:19 two mile time trial I did plugged into McMillan says 1:47:26 (8:12/mile).

It's essentially a dead flat course so I think some of these might be achievable. :)

Acceptable: Finish. Preferably at 10:20 pace or better == 2:15:28.
Real Goal: 9:00 pace == 1:57:59.
Pie in the Sky: 8:23/mile == 1:50:00.
Holy Crap: 8:12/mile == 1:47:26

And in regards to the big taper, I'm still undecided how much I'll run on Sunday. Last week was ~56 miles, so a 25% down would be 42. 18 during the week, around 15 between warmup, race, and cooldown == 33. So maybe 10ish to keep in line with a down week.

Next week is when I kind of lose my mind on the taper. It's the week before the marathon, but I've not been doing any 'hard' workouts, Eric's recommendation was to catch the marathon on the first week of an 'up', which is not really going to work. the biggest complication is that I leave Sunday the 21st for a week of training in Denver.

So, as I type this, I think that I'll just make next week another 75% ('down') week at 42ish. 6, 12, 6 during the week, 12 on Saturday before I leave, and that would leave 8 on Sunday after I get in. Seems reasonably sane.

I think I'll move things around during the training week since I seem to perform better if I've run the day before so I think 6, 12 on Tues, Wed, and move the next 6 to Friday before the race.

We'll see how badly a flight that gets in at 10pm, before a 7am race start, where I have to get there early to pick up my packet (and shirt? hmmm.. I wonder if I'm going to miss out on the race shirt.) I'm going to try to get a hotel near the start, so I don't have to drive 45-60 minutes home and then back.

Race strategy is simple. Run at my 143 bpm training pace (per Eric's advice) and finish. If I feel really good in the last 6 miles I might let it drift up to 152 depending on how things look after the half, but probably not. I'm really hoping for another 6 week development cycle drop (6 weeks end while I'm in Denver) so I can have a decent difference between Seattle's time. We shall see.

Got my Registration, confirmation and bib number. Nice binary bib number. 10010. :)

6/10 Run

Ran one lap around the lake instead of two as this in not only a down week, but a 'taper' week for the Beach To Chowder Half Marathon on Saturday.

Despite the workout last night, a nice evenly paced run. 68 at start 71 at finish. Felt much hotter.

Some amazingly good information about running and the physical adaptations, etc here. The whole site is chock full of amazingly good information.

6.13 miles in 1:03:10(10:18/mile) @ 141 bpm.

6/9 Run and Workout

Ran with Blake around the lake. Having someone to talk to seemed to help stabilize the intensity level, so I had to walk less because I wasn't pushing so hard, then having to drop back to get my HR down.

Comfortably warm at 68, 72 at finish.

Had two sets of 'strides', the block where they are doing some construction and you have to run on the street, and the last .15 or so since Blake had a meeting to go to and we were a little behind schedule. Felt nice.

6.18 miles in 1:03:59 (10:21/mile) @ 140 bpm
Workout was tough. Need to modify things a little. As Val pointed out to me recently, trying for a 500 m PR as my warmup might not be the best 'warmup' ever. :) Side planks were pretty unpleasant. Abs weren't the problem. It was shoulders. Techinque? Played with some single leg squats too, just a few reps each leg.

C2 Rowing Machine - 500 meters on 10 in 1:46. < New PR!!!

Initial Pushup Set: 33

2 sets as supersets
Front Planks - 80 seconds
Side Planks -50 seconds
C1: Stability Ball Crunches (5 second hold) - 10 reps
C2: Stability Ball Forward Rolls (5 second hold) - 10 reps

PlyoBox Step Ups and Jump Ups
P1: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Front - 10 reps each leg
P2: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Sideways - 10 reps each leg
P3: 18" PlyoBox Step and Hold - Sideways Twist - 10 reps each leg
J1: 18" PlyoBox Jumps - 3 sets - 10 reps
J2: 12" PlyoBox Single Leg Jumps- 3 sets - 10 reps each leg
J3: 24" PlyoBox Jumps - 10 reps

J2, P1, P2, P3, J1, P1, P2, P3, J1, J3x2

2 sets of each superset. One superset cluster at at time. 1 minuteish rest between sets.
SC1: Stability Ball Chest Press - 10 reps @ 35#
SC2: Pushups - 15 reps

SB1: Dumbbell Rows - 10 Reps @ 27.5#
SB2: Free Motion Pulldowns - 12 Reps @ 27.5#

SS1: Overhead (Shoulder) Press - 10 reps @ 27.5#
SS2: Shoulder Abduction - 12 reps @ 8#

SL1: Dumbell Squats - 10 reps @ 45#
SL2: Stability Ball Leg Extension - 12 reps

Standing Bicep Curls - Alternating Arms - 2 sets, 10 reps/arm @ 27.5#

No chinups and pullups.

Bodyweight Dips
10, 9, 3

Monday, June 8, 2009

6/7 Long Run

Got back from my Dad's pretty late. Trip to his place went well, and the visit was pleasant. Drive back was hairy though. Little Miss did her "I only sleep for an hour in the car thing" and then even the new portable DVD player didn't even keep her completely happy. I dang near dislocated my shoulder holding her hand from the front seat. (Val was driving)

Slept in and wasn't on the rad till just after 7. Hey this was a race day simulation. :) First 5 miles were sub 10. Not so much after that. It started being work at that point. Good temp for running again.

Alternated Hammer and Fig Newtons at the standard intervals. I think I may stick to the liquid nutrition. I don't have any problems with the solid food, but the Hammer/GU/honey seems to give me more of a zip.

Haven't been this sore/achy after a run in a while. Good thing next week is a down week. :) I think I've got this cold thing that people seem to be getting up here. Seems to be pretty low grade. Hopefully a run on Tuesday will kick it out.

Again with the intersecting of a pack of runners headed the other direction. This time it was a trio of female runners. Who, by the way, were much more polite than the guys seen on Saturday. :)

Got honked at, very insistently, by a guy in a red car. I couldn't tell through sunglasses and hist window tint, but it looked like he was giving me a thumbs up. Cool. I wonder if he thought I was someone else, or if he does that to all runners. :)

I made a pitstop in the PortaSan by the Elementary school, and skipped Starbucks, despite being a little low on water, was worried that if I stopped, getting started would be excessively painful.

20 miles in 3:28:34 (10:25/mile) @ 141 bpm.

Took a nice 2 hour nap in the afternoon when Kaitlyn went down. Didn't do much when I was awake either. :)

I do have to wonder if skipping the gym had an effect (negative) on the run. I feel much stronger after the workouts, even if they are work.

6/6 Med Long Run

12.11 miles in 2:05:35 (10:22/mile) @ 141 bpm.

Had a late night on Friday because of the final company event before we all go our separate ways. They did it at the zoo. All the kids had a blast. Great food, wonderful deserts, and perfect weather.

Had to get up earlier so we could drive to Yakima for a thing at my Dad's house. On the road by 5:30. 57 and partly cloudy, didn't warm up too much either. Perfect running weather!

Pitstop just before mile 9. It was so relieving I had to check to make sure I hadn't lost my waterbelt when I started running again. :) Delayed my pitsop since my normal PortaSan was on it's side. About a block before it was an case of Bud Lite, with the empties spilling out of it. Connection? Or am i just a cynic. :)

Tossed my sunglasses up on top of my hat in the first 5 minutes of the run. Just not enough sun. I wasn't the only one either. I think we expected more like what we had earlier in the week.

Hammer at 4, 7 and 10. I'm burning through this bottle then going back to honey. I wish GU sold in bulk. If not, why would GU sel flasks?

I think one of my bottles chafed me in the back little. Or I scraped it hunching over in a little play cave chasing Kaitlyn at the zoo. Didn't notice it till later in the day.

Whole run was pretty tough. Calves didn't warm up for 3 miles or so, had to push through the rest of the run.

Intersected a pack of 4 runners, looked like soccer or rugby players, going the opposite direction, twice. Wonder what loop they were on.

They're doing construction on the 35th and Seattle Hill intersection. A little bit of judicious bike lane running to stay on course.

Needless to say, I skipped the workout. Back to the gym next week.

6/4 Run

Got up even earlier than Wednesday to beat the heat and get the run in before work.

Ran the 'block' at home for the first time in a while, since I realized after yesterday it didn't make sense to shower twice in a morning. :)

Yay! New PR for this loop (and for the 6 mile distance) :) Just a good hard, faster run. Admittedly, right at the top end of acceptable heart rate, but still. :) 6.16 miles in 1:01:15 (9:56/mile) @ 143 bpm.

Tempwise it was 67ish, at start and finish. Much better!

Probably need to consider a need an arm holder dealy for the iPhone. Swapping the it and the handheld every mile got old, and a little awkward.

I need to go back and look at my notes from last year and see at what speeds I started noting core (abs) soreness during and after runs. I'm realizing that as my pace gets down to 10 min/mile or lower the form thing (arm swing, etc) starts taking care of itself and getting more active. And my abs get more work.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6/3 Med Long Run

Decided to try something different to beat the heat. Took the bus into work, earlier than normal and ran before work. It sort of worked... it was 65 when I got in, close to when I left (around 8) and 75 when I finished

I found it interesting how the whole personality of the run changed by running earlier. Traffic, both road and sidewalk is different, as well as the types of people out and about. More bike commuters in the first hour, more moms and such out for walks the second hour. It even smells different too, fresher. Which makes sense

Fueled with thinned orange Hammer in flask at 3, 6, 9. Honey tastes better, interestingly.

I was really glad Val talked me out of the gym Tuesday night, after the run in the heat. Probably could have done upper body, but this heat is just destroying me.

This run brought up some interesting questions to spend some time looking at my logs. Like; do I peak second week of a up cycle? or was last week a fluke?

I haven't seen any Berners on my runs around South Lake Union till this run. And then I saw two within a 2 miles. The first was out for awlak with his owenr and a Newf. He was walking across the street with his back legs in a set of wheels. Made me tear up a little. 11 years old, an still going. Sweet boy.

And then a 5 year old girl out with some family friends and a pair of twin boys. Another seety. No barking, no harrasment. Need to get Toby back into training and work on his socialization again.

Got passed by a pair of triathlets, just loping along. Made me feel really slow. :) Long tall guys with easy strides. I'm getting there!

Got passed coming up Eastlake by a gal with her dog. Not notable except that her short socks had red tassels. :) Haven't seen socks like that in years!

Ran out of water (from both bottles) at mile 10. Got back and drank water from fountain till my teeth hurt from cold. :)

12.19 miles in 2:10:56 (10:44/mile) @ 142 bpm.

Tried something resembling single leg squats yesterday, not pistols (with leg out in front of you), don't have balance and flexibility for that, but can do a variation with almost a full range of motion. Cool!

Val stopped by the Nike outlet a bit ago and picked me up a compression shirt. In large (I wear mediums for most shirts now). Not going to be wearing this shirt for a while. :) It was super comfortable, and seemed to breathe really well. A little too revealing. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6/2 Run

Well, THAT was... unpleasant. I'm from the North West, so bear with me...I want my cloud cover back!!! 76 when I left (early trying to avoid the lunch time heat) and 83 when I got back. Not a cloud in the sky...

The heat just sucked my time right out of me. I might be tired from the spectacular Sunday run, but I really do think a lot of it was the heat. A little disappointing after last weeks glories, but it's all running, so it's all good.

Oh, and May ended up being 239.11 miles. Previous highest was March at 191.91. Last cycle, highest month was 159.33.

6.14 in 1:05:07 (10:37/mile) @ 141 bpm
9:44 @ 141
10:50 @ 141
10:44 @ 141
11:16 @ 142
10:46 @ 141
10:23 @ 143
0.14 - 10:18 @ 140

Monday, June 1, 2009

5/31 Long Run

Sunday was a fantastic run. I 'm hoping the time wasn't a fluke, and not just too much sugar the night before. :)

Got out a little bit earlier than normal so we could get to the Zoo at a decent time, so on the run by 0525.

First mile was a bit slower than Saturday's run, but felt better. If figured it was going to end up being about the same pace as Saturday, which is nicely consistent with all my other weekend pairs.

I was wrong. but in a very happy way. :) I proceeded to get faster. And hold it, al the way until mile 15. Then I hit Bothell-Everett Highway. And what BEH giveth, it taketh away. Saturday I was happy about the downhill. Sunday I was sniveling about the uphill. :)

Some pace averages to demonstrate how good a run I was having. :)
mile 1: 10:10/mile
mile 5: 9:52/mile
mile 10: 9:58/mile
mile 11: 10:00/mile
mile 13: 10:01/mile
mile 15: 10:00/mile (pace for the mile 9:43 (a bit of help from a downhill, but still)
mile 16: 10:04/mile
mile 18: 10:12/mile (16, 17, 18 were 11:09, 11:40, 10:50. Dang BEH)

20 in 3:24:18 (10:12/mile) @ 141 bpm
last week:
20 in 3:30:35 (10:31/mile) @ 141 bpm

I had to make an ungodly number of pitstops. I suppose all the the breaks may have helped, but I'll take it anyway. :) Stops for both #1, #2 emergency and real, at 4, 8, 12 and 15.5. Good Grief!

Used honey and Fig Newtons this run. Worked well. don;t seem to get a 'boost' from the Fig Newtons, but they stay down. Almost tossed my cookies trying to eat them though. Literally and figuratively. I was holding one in my mouth to get out a water bottle and a chunk of crust (very dry mind you) broke off and got sucked in. :) Almost couched out the one I was holding, and the one I had eaten. :) Going to have to work on the dryness of the Fig Newtons if I want to keep using them.