Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Marathon Done

Finished the 2008 Seattle Marathon

4:32:58 (chip and watch)

Gory details to follow. :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day Before

Went to the expo with Val, Kaitlyn, Mom, and Dad. Got my bib and chip, wandered around for a little.

Drove around the course to check on routes to and from spectating sites for everyone else, then made a pass up Galer and to Interlaken so I could see the start of the hills.

Went out and got a new hat (Brooks Nite Life) so that I'm more easily recognizable to my spectators.

Holy crap. I'm running a marathon tomorrow!

I'm trying unsuccessfully to stop doing chores and let some other people do some lifting and carrying. :)

11/27 Last Run

Last Run! Thanksgiving Run!

Had a great Thanksgiving with Mom, Dad and some cousins from my Moms side. Lots of good carb loading...

2 miles at about 9 pm again. Dressed warm and did about 8:50/miles

I really hope this taper thing works, because I felt stiff and not all that 'runny' :)

11/26 Run

Second to last run! 3 whole miles in 27:24. So.. another marathon pace run. Went out late after a 'restful' day off cleaning the house for Thanksgiving.

Went out around 9pm and dressed super warm. I figure I know I can handle the temperatures in my preferred outfit. Not sure if I should wear throwaways over my stuff to stay warm

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/24 Run

Finally running at lunch again. Was supposed to do 3, decided to make it the 4 instead so I could be sure the last two runs at home were nice and easy. Almost exactly at marathon pace again, and much more consistent since the route is essentially dead flat. Really tried to pay attention to effort and breathing to lock in my pace, but still not sure. I need a Garmin for Xmas. :)

Had a calf twinge that I'm hoping was just something odd as things were shaking themselves out.

Looked like a lot of other people were out tapering...

Weather forecast: 42 to 52, 10% chance of precip

I'm starting to twitch, I'm alternately tense and relaxed. I'm starting to get teary eyed at first marathon stories... Can't we just run the effing thing already!?!?!?!

11/22 Last 'Long' Run

Banged out the last 'long' run, a little over 8 miles, on Saturday evening in about 1:15, a couple of tics over MP. It was not a great run. I had trouble getting into the swing of things. It didn't help that I had had pizza for dinner. Which I have done before with no ill effects, but I dried the Papa John's Garlic Sauce. I forget a bout the 'mild' reaction that tasty tasty garlic causes. The cramps started around mile 4, and were about every mile on. I managed to finish the run out and get home before I had any problems, fortunately.

I'm worried a little about pacing for the marathon. I did this run at essentially marathon pace, but my splits were all over the place. Fastest was 8:38, slowest was 9:40. The rest of the splits weren't even consistent. I admit the 'block' is pretty hilly, but that level of inconsistency bothers me. I'm thinking REALLY hard about signing up with the 4:00 pace group when I go to the expo. I think I'd stick with them till halfway or so and then try it on my own.

Tried a new lacing technique that has relieved some top of the foot pressure rather nicely and made both of my new pairs of shoes much more wearable. Whoever designed the foot so that the nerve runs over the top just wasn't thinking about shoes... :)

Forgot to roll out on Saturday and I could tell the difference between this run and the shorter runs in my left leg. I have officially given Val permission to annoy the crap out of me to make sure I roll out twice a day during the holidays. Left foot is displaying something new, vaguely like plantar facitis....I think I'm just making things up as I run as I go deeper into the throes of taper madness.

Weather forecast: 40 to 50, 10% chance of precip

Friday, November 21, 2008

11/20 Run

Hammered out 3 miles, much faster than I should have (7:57/mile). Noticed some oddities with the arch support in my left shoe, and that felt like it one of the tendons got strained. My right calf talked to me a little. I think I've bumped the intensity level up too far, so the last 4 runs will be no faster than marathon pace at the fastest. The 8 miler on Saturday will probably be at MP+30sec or so, and maybe a few miles at MP.

I'm really starting to twitch about this. I know it's normal, but I just want to go run this thing and see how it all pans out.

Weather says 42L, 50H, some showers , 10% chance.

11/19 Run

A nice 'long' run. A whole 6 miles. A 'cold' 50 if that makes any sense. No cloud cover, and high humidity so it felt much cooler. The temperature helped I think because I ran this at darn near 10K pace. Probably too fast, but it was a nice validation that all this running has made me faster in general. Especially since my last 10K was Juneish.

Looked at the weather yesterday. No 10 day forecast yet, but the weather for Saturday looks pretty good.

I've noticed I'm feeling really 'soft'. At the high mileage weeks, with good long runs I felt like a studly runner, all muscle and tendon. I feel like I'm soft and flabby now that my mileage is coming down.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/17 Recovery Run

Was nice and stiff and achy from the 12 miler, but made myself go out anyway instead of taking a 'rest' day. If I did that I'd have to run 3 in a row this week and I don't want to change things up this close to the marathon. I'm really glad I went back out. It shook out the kinks, and seemed to help me recover better. I think next cycle I'm going to try out moving to 5 days a week, probably with Monday and Friday off and see how that plays out.

Did 4 miles in marathon goal pace (average)(9:09/mile), which felt pretty good given the 'long' run the day before. I was doing much better after the first two miles. I actually considered just doing a loop instead of the out and back for 5 miles, but I decided to trust the taper. :)

Starting to twitch a little. Haven't starting to watch the weather, but I may go do that once I post this. :)

Going to have Val pack a back food in case the Seattle Marathon has the same food problem I've heard about from previous iterations. Apparently the half marathoners (and their families (grrr...)) eat all the food before the marathoners get home.

Monday, November 17, 2008

11/16 Goodnight Sweet Long Run

Goodnight sweet long run. This was my last double digit run as I taper down for the marathon. 12ish miles at about 9:09/mile (right at the upper end of the marathon goal pace). Some knee and thigh stuff again, but I managed to forget to roll out all weekend again, so totally my fault (vs. shoes or something else). I'm going to miss long runs for the next few months. And I'm glad I'm done with them, too. The time commitment is starting to get to me, especially sine it means an early morning most of the time. We'll see how I feel after the marathon and come Jan/Feb when I start ramping up again (maybe).

I'm shooting for between 8:50 and 9:09 for my marathon goal pace. I know that's a pretty big range, but I figure if I can shoot for 9:00 for the first half, and try to speed up as things progress after that. If I keep the pace somewhere within that range then I should be able to pull out sub 4 (9:09).

Got to balanced athlete with Val. Got her some new shoes. Kaitlyn had a blast running around the store, demanding "More running" from anyone who got on the treadmill. :) I replaced my Pearls with a pair of Brooks Beasts. The pearls have these air columns in the heel area. Apparently the squeaking and crunching was caused by the fact I had completely ruptured by one of the cells. Ah, the joys of being a heavy heel striker... :)

I had a total wig out, I can't make a decision moment, and had to get Val's mental help to decide that I should just run the last handful of runs, and last nights long run, in my new foundation 7s, since I know how the shoes behave on my feet.

The Beasts seem pretty nice, and they were the runners up to the Pearl's last time I went in. Had some problems with then squeaking when I walked that appear to have been caused by not trimming down the SuperFeet enough. One I did that it seems to have gone away.

Friday, November 14, 2008

10/13 Run

I've never been happier that I run with my geeky little running hat, even at night, than I was last night. As I'm hammering my way up the last hill on the 5 miler I ran (nice and fast at 8:24/mile), I've got my head down, my glasses are fogging up, and I've got headlights in my eyes. Suddenly, I'm running into a lone Blackberry vine, hanging down from fricking nowhere. I jerk and fumble, try not to push it away with my hands, et snagged a little on both arms, and then run on. And realize my hat was gone. Look back and it's hanging in mid air... Captured by the vine. Ran back and recovered it, thankful that I didn't lose the side of my face.

Now I need to go back with a machete to make it safe for the next time I run. I really need to figure out who to call for stuff like this. Or the grass and dirt buildup along the fences on the sidewalk. Or the raccoon carcass that's been gradually getting flatter in some guys driveway over the last 2 months.

Run was about 43, which is the estimated temp for the marathon. It felt pretty comfortable with no rain. Hands were a little cold for the first mil, so a pair of throwaway gloves might not be a bad idea. Realized that if I'm going to pin GUs to my shorts, I should probably try that on a run. I'll do that on Saturday.

The Pearl's didn't squeak this, they 'crunched'. We may be going to balanced athlete to get Val some shoes this weekend. I suspect the Pearls are coming along for a consult. :)

10/12 Not Really Feeling It Run

For those of us who want to torture ourselves with the President's Fitness Challenge again: The President's Fitness Challenge: Adult Fitness Test . I haven't done it yet, have no idea what PASS/FAIL are, but hey, it could be just as humiliating as the first version. :)

I remember now why I don't like running at night. The class I'm taking in Bellevue means an extra 20 minutes of bus each direction, a longer walk to class, and just a longer day. I just didn't want to go out or 8.18 miles. I had to fight off the little voices in my head telling me to bag it at every opportunity. It didn't;t help that I wanted to push and try to run the whole thing at marathon goal pace to start reminding myself what fast feels like. I managed to do so, running the whole thing at an 8:55 average which is right in my current goal window of 8:50 to 9:07, but it was a slog for the entire 72 minutes.

It was a remarkably comfortable 50 degrees for the run, and it only rained on me during miles 5 and 6 and during the cool down. :) Was reminded why I wear my contacts when I run since my glasses fogged up when I stopped running. :)

I really like my PearlIzumis, despite the tongues being so small and unpadded (some top of foot soreness if I lace them too tight), but they may have just developed a fatal flaw. The right shoe started SQUEAKING around mile 6. Two miles of a squeak every foot strike. Hopefully it goes away when it's not raining. My replacement Foundation 7s should arrive soon. If the squeaking thing doesn't get resolved the Foundations may run the marathon with me. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10/10 Welcome Back Run

How do you explain a run to a non runner? Sometimes a run is so completely opposite, back and forth and mixed up that you sound like a nut job. So you don't even try. I really hope I can convince Val to start running. I'm trying to be subtle, but that just means I'm probably being obnoxious, since I'm never as subtle as I think I am.

What a great, hard, painful, wonderful, exhausting, relaxing run. So good to be back on the road after a week of nothing. Left the house around 9pm. Took my iPod with me for a change because I had been fighting some motivation and lower intestinal issues before the run. The warmup walk started with Katy Perry's Hot and Cold, which I listened to again to start the run, and I worked my way through the H's, clicking through till I found something suitably fast. I ran to 132nd and decided I didn't want to cross it so I doubled back early. I I hit Bond's Hungarian just at 2.75 and that was perfect to bring me in to the normal stop of the run. I decided to add the next two miles to meet my goal(forgetting that this leg was only a mile) and went past the start/stop point the other direction down the hill, up the hill, turn around, down up and I'm done. Nothing left. At all. And my knee/thigh was bothering me a little, so called it a night.

Warm night about 48, but in just the Nike shorts, my butt and upper hamstrings, and some thigh were a little cold. I'm a little worried about wearing just these in 40 degree weather for the marathon. We'll see how that pans out.

I thought this was a really fast run, and it is one of the top 10 probably. I was ecstatic at the time, and need to remember how that felt. I've been looking at my run log and talking myself out of being happy with my performance, because it wasn't as fast as I thought it was.

It's so frustrating to me. I had a great blog post in my head on the bus. Once I got into class I managed to dump most of it. And now it's all disjointed and choppy.

MomOf3...not ignoring you. :) I'm now an Oracle DBA. No BMC software in our shop. :)

Found this video (I'm pretty sure this isn't where I found it the first time.) of David Goggins the ultra runner a few weeks ago on another blog. Now that it's completely irrelevant and out of the blog consciousness I'll link to it again and comment on it. :) I'm never going to be as driven as this guys, but I think it's pretty danged impressive.

I really like one of the quotes from this video. "When your body says it's done, you've only done 40% of what you're capable of." (OR something pretty close to that.) This got me through one of the tough spots of my long runs a few weeks ago, and I'm thinking about writing 40% on the back of my hand on marathon day as a reminder.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Running Seattle Marathon 2008?

Any RBFers running the Seattle Marathon in 2008?

Just curious to see how many other bloggers are out there.

It's always nice to have other race reports to read a few weeks from now. :)

No Runs Last Week

Decided to take the whole week off running.

My leg seemed to be good to go on Fridya, but it was fussy this weekend.

I'll go out on it ths evening and see how we do.

I'd really prefer my taper not be a vertical line downwards. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Running Moms Needed

Kristina over at marathon mama is looking for running moms to interview for her book. More info at her post here.

Give her a hand in writing what will be a great book and become famous. :)

From her blog entry:
"To participate, you...need to be a mother with at least one human kid, whether from your own uterus or adopted.

need to identify yourself as a runner or someone who runs (or ran) on a regular basis. Any kind. 5k. 10k. 50k. Half-mary. Marathon mama. Ironmaiden. Recreational. Treadmill. Road. Trail. Once a week. Seven days a week. Etc. You just have to identify as a mother who has run in some kind of habitual way since the arrival of your children to the planet."

Monday, November 3, 2008

10/03 Not A Run

OK, this WAS a failed run. :) I had my doubts about how this was going to go walking down to the locker room. I realized as a staggered to work from the bust stop that I didn't roll myself out almost the entire weekend, and I know I didn't after the long run, or even later in the day when I had time.

We had a good turnout from the club for the run, and I was really looking forward to it. I made it a block, and finally turned to B2 who I was running next to and chatting with and told him it wasn't happening, I limped back to work, trying to run across intersection on the chance my my leg would miraculously heal itself. :) It was painful, but crippling till I tried to walk down the slope into our parking garage. I hope there were no children around, because the cursing was a little excessive.

I'll go home and roll it out, maybe try to get it elevated, take more Vitamin I and see how it looks tomorrow. Or maybe just bag it till Wednesday. I hope I can get things together for the weekend.

New shorts seemed pretty comfortable for the brief time I was running in them. Felt a little exposed, but no apparent problems found in two blocks. :)

I'd really like to get one more long run in before the taper starts next week. Worst case I end up with a four week taper. I'm more worried about performance than I am about finishing at this point. Which I fully admit may be cocky and tempting the Marathon Gods. :)

I've done 18.9, 20.5, 22.2, and 21.5 in the last 6 weeks. I'm thinking this is more than adequate prep for a first marathon, especially assuming the theoretical no real goal than finishing. I've gotten slower ( 9:37/mi, 9:25/mi, 9:52/mi, and 10:25/mi) which does concern me, but I think that may be more related to the fact that I've changed my long run route to make it more challenging, and then the 'wonderful' run that the 21.5 turned out to be. The problem is that I've got this unofficial, possibly unreasonable goal of breaking 4 hours for my first marathon, and it's been rolling around in my head long enough to become semi official.

As I was typing this I talked with B about it and I think I'm just going to call it and make this a 4 week taper instead of a 3. Making it to the start line healthy is more important. And hey it's my first marathon...if I misjudge my capabilities and can't do sub 4, then I can just run another one. :)

11/02 Long, Painful Run

21.5 miles in 3:44:00

The original plan for this run was since and simple. Two out and backs along 5th. Relatively flat, nothing to aggravate the IT band, and a minimum of hills. What I had forgotten, and was reminded of during the first loop was how much I dislike this route. There are a couple of pretty nasty spots with no sidewalks and honestly, I've run it enough that it's just boring.

Got up at 4:30 and got kitted out, had some OJ, made sure my stomach was cooperating (which is why I was running this on Sunday morning, not Saturday) and finally got out the door and started running around 5:45. I decided to baby my knee a little and went out pretty slow. The first 7 miles averaged about a 10:30 pace even with a pit stop and an attempted pit stop. (I really need to drink less before long runs.)

I started feeling my knee 'assembly' near mile 4 and was able to work through it till I stopped to adjust my shoe just before mile 8. Once I stopped, I had to have a walk, and a discussion with my left leg. My left leg accused me of being a sadistic bastard, I accused it of being a lazy whining slacker. I won and was able to start moving along after a few hundred feet or waling. That mile was 12:30 or so. The next was around 11:00 and the last one of this leg was back to pace at around 10:25. I really was starting to feel more human as I got back onto my side of 132nd. Not sure why...maybe something about the way the sidewalks is cambered?

I hit the turnaround, went the couple blocks back to the house and made a pit stop and refilled my water bottles. Slowly. While I took some Advil. My Dad was up so we chatted while I did it. Last times I've done this I can make it to the house (.17), swap bottles, make a pit stop and make it back to the main road in under 5 minutes. It took me closer to 10 this time.

I recognize, now, after the fact, that taking an Advil to relieve pain caused by an overuse injury, so I can go out and run more borders on asinine. :)

Pace coming off of the house was about 10:30 for a few miles, till the ibuprofen started trickling into my system. I got progressively faster as the pain went away. I made one loop around the block, and after that hour, the Advil was really kicking. I did the second partial loop to do just around 5 more miles and averaged 9:45 for those miles. Mmmm... Advil. :)

Now even with my running supported by Advil, you would think I would remember to use the foam roller when I got home. Nope. Forgot. My in-laws were already at the house for breakfast with my Dad so I got sidetracked. I forgot on Saturday because of family stuff and a Birthday party. Bad running....

This run added more to the lessons learned on long run column. The big one for this run was chafing related. I normally war compression shorts on long runs. With my normal running shorts over them for modesty. Apparently when my nylon shorts get wet (since it rained on me on and off the entire run) they bunch. In the obvious place. I'm now missing a few square inches of skin from the inside of one of my thighs. I picked up new pair (some Nike's with a pretty big zippered pocket in the lower back) at Run26 in Lynnwood, and will try these, without the modesty shorts. :)

Also, apparently Sunday morning is the day to run. I saw more runners in the second half of the run than I have seen in the area in the last month combined. Including a fast woman that was doing the same loop as me, only in reverse. :) Inspiring, but fustrating as I plodded along. :)