Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carkeek Instant Race Report

Full race report to follow when my brain starts working again.

My first ultra done!

An amazing experience. I'm still dealing with mild brain melt, and emotional sensitivity. Marathon was something like 6:39... So, over 2 hours slower than my current worst. :)

Ran to 11:20:39 of 12:00:00.

Completed 21 laps. 40.53 miles. 9030 feet of elevation gain (and descent).
16:46/mile pace. 149 bpm average

Came home and Trick or Treated with Kaitlyn for a little bit (which was probably good to work out some kinks after the drive). Then came home and had a long shower and most of a loaf of garlic bread and a big batch of spaghetti.

Only lost 2.8 pounds, so my hydration plan worked. Now to drink 2.8+ pounds of fluids. :) And then sleep!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Packing for Carkeek

Spent an hour or so Thursday night packing for Carkeek. I'm totally overpacked, but better safe than sorry, right? :) It's not like I've got to carry it around on my back... If I get lucky I might even get a good spot and

Of course, now that I have listened to the weather, I'm going to have to add some more short sleeved shirts to the clothing box since they are now saying 41- 60 (60 really!?) with the rain ending early afternoon (making it perfect for the trick or treaters!)

Because this is a blog and I can type endlessly and bore people, here's my packing list. If you think I've missed anything obvious I'd REALLY appreciate a shout out.

+ Change of clothes for after race. Everything from skivvies to sweatshirt. Nice wide toebox shoes for after(my Brooks Beasts)(also alternate wet shoe pair #3). And a nice large towel to dry off with

+ New Duracell USB Battery charger, and charging cable for Garmin. I didn't realize until a few weeks ago that the cable attached to the wall charger for the Garmin was actually a USB cable. This means I can use a portable battery to recharge the Garmin, since it's only rated at 8 hours of battery life. We'll see how that works. Supposedly it still tracks data even if you can't use the display when charging.

+ Day Of clothes, to include headlamp, jacket, Garmin (charged), and Body Glide.

+ Spare/Dry Clothes: including tights, Brooks running pants, socks, extra pair of shoes, shorts, long sleeve and short sleeved shirts, watch cap and wool gloves.

+ First Aid kit, and extra tape, bandaids, instant cold compress. (I had some of this stuff in my box o' stuff and decided to throw it in.

+ Blister Supplies. A new addition. I've blistered pretty badly on both marathons (Right foot, inside ball and bog toe). I figured I should bring along some supplies.

+ Small towel to try off with during shirt changes.

I've gotten all wishy washy and can't make up my mind about what fuel belt to bring. (I'm just twitchy, and obsessing is how it expresses itself. :)) I'm leaning towards the single. With the pouches from the double, and my handheld in my drop bag in case I need/want some variety in fluids, while having the option of both while running. Yeah. That's it. Or I'll just bring both. It's not like I'm not already overpacked :)

Randomness - Web Comics, Quotes, VirtualBox, Other

I went on Web Comic binge last week. It chewed up some time I probably should have been using to run. :)
Most of them were from the Keenspot network. Here are some I thought were interesting. Quality was a little varied, but it was a nice diversion.

Sorcery 101
No Need For Bushido
Dungeons and Denizens
Sore Thumbs


Cool quote from an Runners World interview with Gary Muhrcke, winner of the first NYCM (1970):
"But could you imagine if everybody in this country ran one marathon a year? Forty thousand is a lot, but I'm not in awe of that in any way, shape, or form. When you have 100,000 people watching a football game at so many locations in this country, I don't think 40,000 is the right number. It's very, very small. I would love for everybody in this country to run one marathon a year. That's all. And I think we'd be better off physically .... You can see these people coming across the finish line in 4:00, and they are as happy and maybe even more happy than people finishing in 2:15. They're delighted with their achievement. It has to be great for them."


Race sign quoted on Running Chick in the Orange Hat's blog (first running blog I ever read): "That's not's your fat cells crying."


For my geeky friends, VirtualBox is frickin' awesome! Free, full on virtualization. Perfect if you have a machine with some gumption and you want to try out an new Operating System (LINUX for example, or maybe even Windows 7) without flatlining a machine, or if you want a testbed you can crush and restore on a regular basis.


How freaking awesome is this? Found thanks to Heidi Swift at The Everyday Athlete

Carkeek Hydration and Nutrition

Talked with Bruce briefly about race nutrition. His recommendation was 200 calories an hour after the first hour. Preferably liquid. Liquid nutrition to avoid stomach upset and the fact that "Most people aren't going to eat 10 GUs if they can help it." He uses a powdered product (can't remember the name) and mixes it pretty concentrated in a secondary bottle, and drinks it with water from his water bottle. I haven't been training with liquid nutrition (when I do use fuel) so I'm not sure this is a completely viable option for Carkeek.

That was a lot less than I had been figuring on consuming, especially if you figure that I'll be moving pretty slowly and burning something between 200 - 300 calories a ~2 mile lap! ~400-600/hr). So I went back to look at my notes; and Hammer has the most solid recommendation and reminder (in their Fueling Handbook) about how much your body can normally absorb. Fluids: 17-28 oz/hr, Fuel: 240 - 280 calories/hr.

So if this is to be believed, then my standard marathon hydration/nutrition plan is the way to go. So a 22 oz bottle every hour, probably with nuun just to be better safe than sorry. GUs (or equivalent) starting at 45 minute (normally ~5 miles), and every 25 after (~3 miles).

I'm having trouble believing that is going to be enough. I'd have to go dig it out, but I remember reading in 'The Lore of Running' that one of the better ultrarunners out there replaced ALL of his calories burned. I don't think I'd go that far, but I think I am going to try for closer around 300-400 calories an hour if my intestinal tract can handle it. It's going to be a great opportunity to experiment, so why not. I'll never be more than a mile from a portasan, and I'll be running in the woods. :)

I'm bringing along GUs, some Hammer Gel in flasks, and some CLIF nectar Organic Bars. The race is providing all sorts of other goodies, including "bananas, oranges, PBJ, grilled cheese, soup, potatoes, salt, Halloween candy, chips, energy bars (probably Clif), some gels, Nuun, Gatorade, water, Caffe Vita coffee". I'm wondering if I should make a batch of "Orange Stuff" (choolwhip/jello fruit salad). Hmmm.....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10/28 Run - Last Run Before Carkeek

Not one of the best confidence building runs I've ever had before a reace unfortunately. Probably thanks to this being the first 3 days in a row in a while. Some random aches and pains, all probably just prerace jitters. :)

The 3 day thing this week has gotten me to thinking about changing my training cycle to a 2 week cycle so I can do 2 on and 1 off the entire time instead of my old 3 on, 1 off, 2 on , 1 off.

Counterclockwise around the lake. Nothing particularly eventful other than the gal with he small dog who thought it was OK to let her dog go out the end of the leash. Across the sidewalk. In front of me. Grrrr....

Carkeek on Saturday. Now I just need to obsess about hydration, nutrition, clothing, and weather quietly for 2 days. Val is at the rolling of the eyes stage. I'm pretty sure she thinks I've lost my mind. :) She hasn't started throwing things so I'm still OK. :)

6.1 miles in 54:42 (8:58/mile) @ 161 bpm

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/27 Run

I missed most of the rain. It didn't start till mile 5. :)

A clockwise lap around the lake. It seems to have worked the worst of the kinks out of my left hamstring, but my thighs are inordinately trashed for two days of running. One more day, tomorrow, and then two days off, and then Carkeek!

Bruce ran Carkeek last week, and offered up some good advice for running long loops, and the 12 hour in particular:

Be a lazy runner: Be efficient. Minimize time at the aid station and fiddling about. Less time stopped means you can run more slowly.

Set up a personal aid station on the route. Close to the real one so they can watch it, but far enough away to be out of traffic. Load up a box with prefilled water bottles so you don't have to fill them by hand during the run.

Take a minimum of breaks. Plan a break every 3 laps (for example) to replace (not fill) your bottle and snag some fuel.

Plan on a couple of longer breaks (say 3) to change clothes if necessary, get more fuel from the aid station, etc. Just be quick about it.

4 mph == 2 laps an hour. Walk the uphills, run the flats and downhills. The stairs on the downhills are going to suck.

Nic had some other good stuff too:

"The only advice that I have for anyone is to be sure to be prepared as far as wardrobe goes... I know it's obvious, but as I discovered at 2009's Dizzy Daze, it can really make or break a race if there's poor weather. I showed up at Dizzy Daze with 3 sets of dry shirts and socks and the intentions of running my 1st 100K, I left shivering with 3 sets of soaked clothing and a 50K finish (if you can call it that)."

Conveniently, Quadrathon had some good stuff too, here and here

And on a completely random fitness not, I found this pretty cool pair of articles discussing alternatives to the squat for leg strength and power. the premise is that the lower back is the limiter in the traditional back squat. Interesting stuff.
Here, here and here. the comments have some interesting stuff too.

6.09 miles in 54:51 (9:00/mile) @ 159 bpm

Monday, October 26, 2009

10/26 Run

After a week off I finally got back on the road. I met Bruce in the locker room just as he was about to head out, so we ran together to the Fremont Bridge. The Garmin was bitchy about getting satellites so I ran till just before we parted ways blind. I'm estimating that we ran the first 1.3 at 8 minute pace, but it may have been faster. I was actually able to have a conversation with Bruce at that pace though, so I've definitely improved since last year. :)

My HR was sky high. I think Garmy lost his mind, but [possibly not. I ran the Lake Union 10K at 93% MHR (174 bpm), and I've been feeling a bit off, so it might just make sense, I suppose. Calves were trashed after the first few miles, and finally came back around mile 5. Left hamstring is a bit tight. Some time on the roller and a hot bath I think... Got lucky on the run and missed the rain. We'll see how things look tomorrow. :) Went with the long sleeve shirt to experiment and see if it's going to work for Carkeek since the weather and temp are supposed to be pretty similar.

~6.18 miles in ~53:14 (8:37/mile) @ 171 bpm (91% MHR DOH!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not A Lot Of Running

Not a lot of running this week.

Was going to run Tuesday, abut I was pretty thrashed and down form having to spend a late night with the pet ER with Casey, our youngest cat 96 1/2), who we than had to put down on Tuesday. Wasn't feeling it. :|

Some emotional eating on Wednesday night, and a one day head cold. Not exactly going out for a run with lump of food the size of my fist sitting in my gullet. :|

And I bailed out tonight too. Want to run, thought about it all day. Dinner didn't sit well again. Going to bed early. instead.

10/18 Medium Long Run

Longest run I've had in weeks. Hopefully 17-18 next week. It would be a good way to spin up towards Carkeek. And Seattle. Doh!

Finally got around to customizing one of the workout screen son the Garmin. Modified it to have Current HR,

A pretty good run all around. A little slow to warm up, but good good HR on downhills, and a good finish.
The rain held off until mile 9, and stopped at mile 12 or so.

Had to make an emergency pitstop at mile 7. took a little longer than I would have liked since I had to wait for a pair of walkers to get out of range. Doh!

I finally customized one of the Garmin workout displays after having talked about it for a few months. :) I modified Workout 2 to include Pace, HR and Distance. Much better. All the information that actually matters on one screen. :)

Nail pinch on this run, with blood this time. Oops.

14.43 miles in 2:10:45 (9:03/mile) @ 148 bpm

10/16 Run

A very fun run with Val. We haven't run together in a long time, and she's finally getting bitten by the running bug. This was her longest run ever so yay Val!

She had explored the Forest Walk trail behind Mill Creek a few weeks ago, and since I was home following up with the vet about Toby, we decided to go run it together, despite the torrential downpours we were having.

We ran at her pace. Full run to the turnaround, and some walking on the return leg. My bpm was way out of whack the first half mile or so since I forgot the gel for the HR strap, but despite that, the bpm indicates a fairly low intensity run. :)

4.78 miles in 1:01:35 (12:53/mile) @ 127 bpm

10/15 Run

A evening 'recovery' run, clockwise around the block.

Went clockwise so I'd have the longer flat leg to warm up my legs. Only worked for the first 4 miles or so. My calves walked home on their own at mile 4 and the rest of my legs and I ran the last 2 miles and met them at the end.

6.21 miles in 56:10 (9:03/mile) @ 156 bpm

10/14 Carkeek Run

I'm a week behind, and getting more behind. Not sure how that happened. :) Short summaries of the last few runs to get caught up, I suppose.

Wednesday's run was the second take at Carkeek. The plan was for another Facebook driven meetup, but we had an extremely blustery, rainy day, and Betsy cancelled the gathering. I decided to go ahead and go. If nothing else, I needed to try out my shoes in the rain and mud. :) Of course, by the time I got there it was clear and not raining. :)

I had to work from home for the day thanks to Toby, so it was nice to get out and stretch my legs. The beast needed a trip to the vet to check on the constant licking of his front left paw. He probably scuffed himself or something, and the licking managed to give him skin a infection. Cone head, sock, antibiotics, and benadryl for you, buddy!

4 laps again. First lap was a bit fast, even with walking the 'hill of doom' from the beginning. Stopped to move a downed tree off the trail by the snag at around mile 1.5 on the second lap, since I knew I wasn't going to have the energy to go over later. Got my first slug kill too, on lap three. :| Sorry, buddy.

New socks seem to be comfortable, but a lot wetter than I expected. not sure if it's the socks or it's the Goretex in the shoes not breathing like my other shoes. Felt some nail pinching on one toe, but no blood. Probably trimmed a little close.

7.40 miles in 1:34:35 (12:38/mile) @ 165 bpm

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/13 Run

Another evening run, counter clockwise around the block.

It was a bit chilly, 50 at the start, 45 by end. No cloud cover, so it felt a lot cooler than it probably was.

Whole run was way too fast again. It really feels like the ticks on the pace meter just are set at ~8:50 (too fast) and ~9:20 (slower than I'd like)

I felt really stumpy and stiff till 4, or 5 miles in.

The long 110th hill in the first 1.5 miles had my glutes just trashed and calves really tight for a few miles.

Garmin Center is a couple points different than the watch itself was. I was at 153 on the watch which I was reasonably happy with.

6.18 miles in 54:47 (8:51/mile) @ 155 bpm

Saturday, October 10, 2009

10/10 Beach Run

A perfect day for a run on the beach. Slept in a little, then had to eat and run some errands, finally got out around 12:30. Out onto the beach and a right turn to head North. A completely different experience than Thursday.

Got to see what's left of some crabs, lots of sea, somebody jetskiing in the surf (really, never saw this before). Sand Pipers and pelicans (in the sea!) too.

"On your left, SweetPea" may not be the best choice to warn a horse your coming up from behind. Especially if it turns out the horse has a female rider, after you say it. :)

Tried to keep my HR at 153 or less, since I'm still pretty sore from Wednesday, but i kept getting slower. Decided to keep keep the last little above 10 min/mile.

6.02 miles in 58:10 (9:38/mile) @ 157 bpm
9:14 @ 159
9:21 @ 154
9:38 @ 154
10:05 @ 155
9:51 @ 157
9:39 @ 163

10/8 Night Run on the Beach

Spent Thursday morning driving down to Portland to pick up my mom from the hospital, and then we drove back to Long Beach to get her settled in. The drive stiffened my legs up a bit, especially after Carkeek, but a bit of walking around worked things out. Sore, but functional, left leg a bit more sore than the right.

Finally got out to run at about 9:20. Dark and overcast, so no moonlight, but I really didn't want to run through town, and wanted to run on the beach, so what the heck. Snagged a flashlight from my nightstand, that I swear my mom has had sine I was a kid and got out there. The back light on the Garmin was throwing a lot of light too.

It was a pain trying to see with the flashlight (weaker batteries than I thought) as I started on the gravel trail to the beach, so I turned it off, and then the Garmin back light. By the time I got to the beach (about .5 from the house) my eyes had pretty well adjusted. Except for one scare when a pole with a bunch of net buoys festooned from it looking like something from a horror movie, I was doing well.

It was dark enough that all you could see was the pixilated outlines of the world, and the light pollution from the houses and towns. It was overcast so no moonlight to help. Took a visual from the beach and a distance from the Garmin and ran until I hit 3 miles and turned around. It was a little nerve wracking at the end looking for an unmarked gap in the dunes, hoping that the Garmin wasn't off, but once I saw the 'scary' post I was fine. :)

It was a run that you narrate for the blog in your head, tring to capture it for yourself, and to descibe it for others. (As cheesy as it sounds.) :) I wish I could have recorded it when I was running. I wouldn't try to replicate it all here because I just can't, but I'll dump what I can. :)

Seeing the landing lights of someone's path to the beach, looking light a saet of runway lights. Having the only way you can gauge your speed be if you look directly at your feet, and if there's something there to reflect what little light is there. Having the horizon never get any closer like a dream of running forever, or a nightmare if you're getting tired. Feeling like you've run for hours and checking the Garmin for one of the few times you do and realizing you've only gone 5 minutes since the it chirped for the last mile marker. Feeling like you've run for a few minutes and having the Garmin chirp for the last mile. Having the light change when you turn around and being able to see better. Glossy parts of the beach that must be slightly wetter sand. Spongy sand that feels good to your legs but means you're too high on the beach. Whitecaps that you can't tell for certain are 5 feet off the beach or 50. Windows of a beach hours that looks like something from a movie. One where you see either a statuesque silhouette, or a murder, or both, and then they see you.

No one else out on the beach until the return leg. At some point I realized the light ahead of me was getting close, and it eventually turned into a pair of headlights of a truck. I turned the flashlight back on so they'd notice me, and they were polite enough to stop until I had passed. Seemed odd to me, but Val pointed out it was probably them just being safe.

It was 55ish, but I figured that since we I was running right off the ocean I should try the tights and a long sleeve. Should have stuck with the normal outfit for that temp. Wind off the ocean was mild and light. Had the shirt sleeves pushed up by halfway through and considered taking it off for a bit. Glad I hadn't once I saw the truck. :)

Some muscle soreness and tiredness from the hills, thighs, hamstrings and the small muscles around the ankles. Went as fast as I felt comfortable, only checked Garmin for distance, never looked at pace, just dialed it back when something started to complain, legs or core.

6.01 in 55:34 (9:15/mile) @ 159 bpm
9:48 @ 154 << Half is warmup, trail, and soft sand
9:12 @ 155
8:57 @ 160 << Note normal 3 mile HR change
9:00 @ 161
8:56 @ 164
9:34 @ 165 << half is soft sand and trail

10/7 First Run at Carkeek and BBQ

Betsy and her husband, Matt, sent out an invite on Facebook for a slightly earlier than normal (starting at 5pm) run at Carkeek followed by a BBQ, on Wednesday. After a brief discussion with Val, especially since I was leaving to go to Portland on Thursday to pick my mom up from the hospital (hiatal hernia repair), then drive back to Long Beach, I decided I was in.

Showed up at the Park and drove a round a time or two since I realized I wasn't sure where we were meeting. Stopped and checked FB for what Betsy's car's looked like and then made another pass. Stopped when I saw a 26.2 bumper sticker and people dressed like runners.

None of the runners were Betsy or Matt, well one was, but a different Matt. :) But, they were the group I was meeting up with. The other Matt left for a lap just as I finished getting my new trail shoes set up, and Katie offered to lead and show me around the course, with her husband, Rob, and another runner, Renee. (Thanks for the correction Betsy.) They had just finished an absolutely brutal sounding hill and core workout. Despite that she managed to let me talk her ear off the first lap.

Forgot to turn on satellites on Garmin for first lap, and turning it on late appears to have flummoxed the HR info too, which is frustrating. All laps were roughly 1.85 miles. Laps were slightly short of the official course volume because we walked to the start for the stop each time. 430 feet of elevation gain per lap.

This was an entirely different experience from any other run I've ever done. Not just the terrain, which was really trail running, but just attitude. We ran each lap. Stopped, chatted, waited for other runners, decided year or nay, and then went back out or not. Very cool. VERY fun.

Katie dusted me on the second lap when I went out with her and her husband. I went back out for a third lap with the other Matt, and then let him at the top of the hill of death. (Sorry.) Nic, a Facebook friend, and fellow blogger showed up and we went out in the dark (thanks to Matt Hagen for the headlamp) for my last lap. Good conversation, and cool as hell running on a trail in the dark.

26:25 @ ?
22:27 @ 167 bpm
22:54 @ 166 bpm
25:21 @ 161 bpm

7.4 miles total @ say 165 bpm avg, 1720 ft elevation gain.

Need to get some good pics of the course. It's very scenic, and one of the bridges over a stream is a really cool optical illusion, that makes the world look like it just stops. Also realized I need to get an SPI Belt or equivalent to carry my keys with the Skins, what wit them having no pockets and all. :)

Betsy and Katie were working hard to keep me on target for getting the Marathon Maniacs, and suggesting marathons. Between them and Nic trying to convince me that Lumberjack Endurance Run and 100 in the Hood are a good idea. :) It was nice to hear he thinks Mount Si is a good first 50 as well as all the other people who have recommended it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10/5 Run

I had planned on running on the weekend, and I just didn't make the appropriate time for it. It turned into a I'll get some extra sleep, I'll run at lunch. Val's not feeling well, I'll run after dinner. It's late and I and to go to bed kind of day.

Monday was the first run in my new Skins compression shorts. I think I'm sold. I hauled myself out the door around 9 and did a lap counterclockwise around the block. Temp was in the 50s, but hey, no rain!

The Skins really did seem to work well as far as keeping my thighs fresh. I actually felt the run in my calves and lower core (back, abs) instead of my legs.

Too fast again, I really need to get a handle on my speed. Don't know if it was te Skins of 2 days off, or what. Seemed like the net tick down on the speed meter was 9:15 and that was slower than I wanted. I let my speed stay up coming own the long hill in 132nd, but kept an eye on my HR, keeping it t around 153, which seemed about right for the run I was trying to do.

6.19 in 54:57 (8:53/mile) @ 154 bpm avg.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

10/2 Run and a Shopping Trip

I actually felt good enough to run around the block on Friday. Another chilly evening ~50 when I left at 9:15, and if the church is to be believed, it was 46 when I was a mile from home.

I really didn't want to go out. Not as bad as the inertia of not running for 9 days that I felt on Monday, but just that "It's late, and chilly and I want to hang out with my wife" feeling. I mentioned that I'd love a treadmill, and Val was like: "Then go to the gym". :) Not quite what I had in mind. I just didn't want to leave the house. but I did. :)

A little fast, which I think shows that I'm getting back into the swing of things, and that things are healing. I really had trouble keeping pace under control, and was constantly trying to adjust. Goal pace was 9:04 - 9:34.

Really nice run. Great temperature until I got back down onto 35th around 4.5 miles in. 35th just asks like a wind tunnel sometimes, so just a bit more chilly.

6.21 miles in 55:48 (8:59/mile) @ 159 bpm

Saturday, my Mom came over in teh morning, we went to Little Gym and then lunch at Azteca, and then we took advantage of the extra body to wrangle Kaitlyn, and trekked down to Kent to visit The Balanced Athlete.

As usual they worked their magic. I got a new pair of road shoes, to complement my not yet retired pairs of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8s. They ended up being a pair of Brooks Addiction 8s. According to Eric the Wave Alchemy 9s are simply an upper modification over the 8s, not a complete rework like the debacle when I switched out my foundations, so I could have used them, but they were out of my size. The Addictions seem to have more forefoot support than the Alchemys, which is one of the only thing that's been off with the Alchemys.

Tammy, the new guy (didn't catch his name, oops), and Eric worked me, Val, and some other customers with grace and style. I managed to get my first pair of trail shoes too, a pair of Vasque Blur SL GTXs (wow, what a name. :) ). They feel completely different that road shoes, bigger, higher toe box, much stiffer rear end. And they're GoreTex so I might even keep my feet dry. I'm really looking forward to trying them out. Guess I need to stop procrastinating and find myself a nice local trail. :)

Somewhere in there Val got fitted a new pair of shoes too. A very pretty pair of pink ASICS. :) Finally, I was able to finish out my winter wardrobe as well as getting some stuff to fill some holes. I got a REAL pair of compression shorts (apparently my Nikes are just fancy Spandex shorts), a pair of SKINS. Eric had an interesting comment about the efficacy of compression clothing. Apparently, if he wears arm and leg sleeves he gets a 5 point reduction in HR. That's like 20 seconds/mile for him. I'm sold. :)

So, forthcoming reviews for a long sleeved Craft base layer, a Brooks Rebel Jacket (so I have something to wear other than might eye melting Brooks Nightlife jacket), a pair of Pearl Izumi Phase compression tights, and a really comfy looking pair of Features! socks (merino wool and bamboo).

Now, I'll stop babbling and go sit in front of my fire and watch Wolverine. :) Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

9/30 Run

Wednesday's run was an evening double out and back on 35th. Doing it on 35th keeps it nice and flat while I'm checking things out. Boring, but good. Starting to get chilly. ~50 at 9:15. I've had to upgrade to short-sleeved shirts from sleeveless. :)

No big problems on the run. The weakness in the left side of my abs seems to be gone, which is great. Any twinges were expected. I was a little more tired than expected on Thursday, but I think that's related to whatever cold-like thing I seem to be starting to get.

6.1 miles in 56:23 (9:14/mile) @ 156 bpm