Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not a Long Run

3 miles in 27:59 (9:19/mile)

This was originally planned to be an 8 miler on Saturday. Val pointed out that if I need to take a Vicodin because I was so uncomfortable, that I probably shouldn't run, an let my body take care of itself.

I thought I was going to run 5 this morning instead, but Val talked me down to 3 with Toby so I would go nice and slow. Toby may have hurt himself though. Not sure if it was the run, or the heat. It was 78 by the time I got back at 9:30.

It's hard to not get married to the plan, or not get annoyed that this was the the lowest mileage week I've had in 2 months. I'm better with it now. It's just an early taper for the 4th.

mile1 - 9:24
mile2 - 9:12
mile3 - 9:23

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beach To Chowder 10K Official Results

Official Results for Beach To Chowder finally came out. They're here, if you run across this post Googling for your results.

Apparently there are photos too.

Official Time: 49:30

Overall: 16/48
Men's: 13/28
Age: 3/3 (hey, the winner (37:34) was in my age group. :) Hew was slower than last year.)

Looks like they had a smaller 5K than last year. 51 people.

Watchless Run

3.1 in 27:00ish

Had a crazy morning and forgot to put on my watch. Took my cell phone to get rough times, because I'm not quite to the point that I can "just run".

Got up early so I could go to the dentist and get the porcelain cap put on the root canal I had 2 weeks ago, and have a cleaning. On the way out of the bathroom I noticed a rash on my back and had Val take a look, then we realized there was some under my armpit and more on my chest.

Got to the dentist, they put on the cap, but the cleaning turned into a Deep Cleaning. (Since when do they use mini pressure washers to clean your teeth. I think I miss the scrapers. Ow!) And I get to have 2 more cleaning followups, and 4 or 5 more root canals. Joy.

Already late for work, so I wandered over to the Everett Clinic and had them take a look. Shingles. Effing shingles. Turns out that the pain behind my shoulder blade was really this starting up. I guess the fact that the pain hasn't really diminished should have been an indicator something else was going on. Gotta love a disease that has the word excruciating in the first two paragraphs of the description.

So now Paris Hilton and I have something in common. A prescription for Valtrex. (Probably for different reasons, but on never knows.) My life is complete. Fuck. The pain has not been excruciating, but I was getting pretty uncomfortable about an hour ago. I took a Vicodin left over from the dentist, and once I finish a few blog entries I'm going to bed.

Went for the run a little later than normal, thanks to all of the above events, and since I didn't get a bite to eat till 1145. Nice, sunny, 67 degree day. I really need to try some of these new spray on sunscreens, because I look like a bird pooped on me if I'm not paying attention when I put normal sunscreen on.

Saw the coolest jog stroller by Baby Jogger, with a bassinet instead of a normal seat. It's pretty darn cool. Never seen one like that before. Here's the product list, it's like the Black Bassinet/Pram picture.

I think someone is paying attention to the fact that a lot of people run up Westlake. There as a sideboard out advertising the Seattle Marathon in November with a a bin for packets (empty).

Was able to successfully identify a Wheaten Terrier someone was walking. My dad had one that he gave to a loving family when he couldn't take care of her at the beginning to this year. Pretty dogs. Cut a little differently that the example in the link above, but very good looking.

Saw another cool yacht at the same place I saw the last one, but I'll throw that in a separate post, later.

Had a low impulse control day food wise with all the other stress from the morning. We had an Ice Cream Social for our summer interns. I had ice cream. Lots of it. I didn't go back for seconds, though so I guess I was good.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hilly Limbo Run

4 miles in 32:35 ( 8:09/mile)

This wasn't supposed to be a super speedy workout. I started out well, didn't trash myself going up the long hill, and was able to push back through the short evil hill, and not lose too much time. I probably should have slowed down, but my willpower for that isn't so good, when I'm already at speed. Or if I've just pissed away another few hours fighting a stupid Oracle problem. I mentally turned it into a Limbo Run instead. We'll see if I do a 'speed' workout tomorrow or not.

I was a little worried this morning that I'd have trouble running. I had a horrible charlie horse just before I got out of bed, but walking down from the bus must have worked out the worst of the kinks. That and the warm temps. It was sunny and 67. One of the weather sites says their 'rel feel' was 76, which I could believe. I've been spoiled this year. Laura's going to have an interesting time on Sunday, apparently we're looking at 64 for the low, 80 for the high. Ah, our 3 days of summer. :) BTW, Laura, when are you coming in to town?

mile1 - 8:29
mile2 - 8:18
mile3 - 8:08
mile4 - 7:41

Monday, June 23, 2008


3.1 miles in 26:33 (8:33/mile)

A nice uncomplicated 57 degree run up Westlake.

Saw what looked like a kids group in doubles kayking around and playing in one of the waterways. It made me a bit jealous. I need to get my kayak out.

Was going to start the 100 pushups thing today, but decided not to. Toby pulled my shoulder/back a little sprinting off the back landing on his long leash. Better safe than sorry, next week.

mile1 - 8:31
mile2 - 8:49 (tagged the split a little late)
mile3 - 8:23
0.1 - 0:50

Beach To Chowder 10K Race Report

Warning, what follow is yet another interminably long race report, hidden in between the beginning of a tale of a visit to see family. :)

I had intended to write a post on Friday with my worst, probable, and best case goals for the Beach to Chowder 10K, but I spent the day fighting feelings of nausea and repeated trips down the hall to the restroom for something other than urination. :( Not auspicious for the day before a race, and the day of our next great experiment in travel. For the record, and because it matters later in our tale, what I was going to state for goals was worst: 52:00, probable: 50ish, best: 48 or under.

I finally bailed out of work and stopped to get some Pepto and Immodium and to get packed for our drive down to my Mom's place. We decided to try the red-eye technique of travel. Load the car up early, give Kaitlyn dinner and bath, and then toss her in the car seat and let bedtime and the drone of the car lull her to an quiet, sleep filled, 3.5 hour drive to Moms. Then get there, toss her in the pre-set up portacrib, and go to bed... Good plan, anyway...

We got the household stuff banged out, got her in the car, and were on the road by 7:30. She was asleep by 7:45. She woke up at 8:30 and except for a handful of 5 or 10 minute naps, she was awake, but fortunately, quiet, till we got there at 11. Then, when we got inside, she went into full blown Kaitlyn mode. Running around, getting toys. Wiggle, and roam. We finally got her to bed, on Val, at around 1:15. Ahhh, what fun. I got more sleep than Val, since she was worried Kaitlyn would manage to roll off of her and then off the bed. (It's the first time she's slept with us in well over a year, so we're out of practice. :))

Race Day (Saturday)
Little Miss woke up at 7, ready to go. No being groggy and just hanging around for our girl. Eyes open, and let's go!!! We got her out of bed, dealt with Toby, hung out with my Mom for a few minutes, and then I got dressed and walked the 3 whole blocks over to race registration. Kaitlyn showed us a new trick starting this trip. Go to the diaper bag, pull out A&D, diaper and changing pad, open changing pad and lay on it. Hmmm... I wonder if she want's to be changed. :)

I had managed to procrastinate through the deadline for mail in registration, so this became the first time I've done a morning of registration. Had to fill the race form out twice since apparently ballpoint pens have trouble writing through A&D residue. :) Got my bib and my packet, with my tickets for the Chowder feed, and a couple of coupons to the 42nd Street Cafe among other stuff. I wandered down to the arch at the entrance of the beach (also the finish line) to make sure I had my bearings, and then walked back to my Moms. It was a perfect day for a race. 50 to 55, overcast, but no rain.

When I got back to everyone else grabbed breakfast, I did the runner thing and had some OJ, a clif nectar bar, and some water. Whee. :) I was ready to run right then. The wait till we walked down to the start just killed me. We left the house at 9:30, the race started at 10:00, we got there with 20 minutes to spare. :) The race started on the hard packed sand, so we walked under the arch where I checked out the lanes they wanted the runners to come in on and down the road to the beach. My Mom's little 'cart' for her leg (which, by the by is doing much better, she's in a small walking brace and can put a little bit of pressure on it to walk with a cane now.), couldn't make it past the large rocks they had put down to extend the trail to the hard pack so she gave me a hug and stood there to watch. Val and Kaitlyn came down to see me off. The breast cancer people were doing the pink thing the best they could and a trio of gals came in with big pink hats and matching outfits. And a boom box. Playing music. Thank goodness they were running the 5K.

Everyone was just standing around in kind of a cluster. Yellow bibs for the 10K, white for the 5K, pink for what must have been a Breast Cancer component to the 5K. All just milling around, all 150 of us or so. :) Finally someone I had seen when I was registering wandered down with a bullhorn and mumbled something incomprehensible. Everyone started to cluster closer together for the "runners briefing". So the 5Kers go South, around the red sign, back north, then break right here and go under the arch. The 10Kers go north, around the red sign, get redirected on the off beach trail and then finish under the arch. Any questions. No? OK. Well let's do this run. Points to the cop car on the beach, who then blips his horn. And we're off? Oh crap we're running. I looked at the guy next to me, and he's like "We'll I guess we just started". Val said it was pretty neat/funny to see this gaggle of people separate out into the separate groups.

This is most of the 10Kers. I'm in the red and silver sleeveless shirt in the middle of the pack.

The Race

obviously, the course map. interactive version

My timing is a probably a bit off because of the odd start, but its close enough for me.

miles 1 to 3 (22:56; 7:39/mile pace)
The hard packed sand was pretty nice to run on actually. No build up on my shoes, and it was easier on my legs than the cement I normally run on. The fast pace I set for myself at the start and overall pace for this stretch was brutal. I started wondering what the eff I was doing running this friggin race, which was a 180 degree flip from how excited I had been a few minutes before.

I chased my rabbit for the first mile or so, and since it's not polite to stare at a woman's ass, I watched her feet. And because we were on sand, her footsteps. Which were in a perfect line. Left, right, left, like she was centering each foot on a laser line. No idea if it means anything technique wise or anything cool like that, it was just neat to watch. And it distracted me from the older gentleman to my left rear who grunted EVERY time his left foot hit the ground.

Just after I passed my rabbit, and got far enough away from the grunter not to hear him, I looked at my watch at about 15 minutes in and had some unpleasant words for myself about how much this sucked, and why are am I doing this anyway? Shortly after that I caught a glimpse of the turn around at around 2.9 miles in and then started seeing the leaders headed back. Tried to give the leader, a tall Kenyan, a "Whoo Hoo", but all that came out was a croak, so I stopped trying to embarrass myself and just gave everyone thumbs ups.

Passed a sign staked into the beach and looked over my shoulder to read it and realized it was the mile 3 marker and then hit the turn. The turn around was a big red sign that said "10K turn" with a pickup parked by it and a family of volunteers handing out water. Passed on the water, made the turn and headed back for the 3 mile sign. And holy crap where did the wind come from? Oh crap, are you kidding, headwind?

mile 4 - 8:03
Beat my head against the head wind for about a mile and a half. Saw the mile 2 marker I missed, and then the mile 4 marker. Wind gave me a 25 second drop in pace, and my thighs are starting to burn. It was like a mile and a half of low grade hills. I'm not sure where exactly the turn to the trail is, so I'm keeping my eye out. Saw my 9th bird gutted crab, pretty much the only scenery other than runners, sand, and water. :)

miles 5 and 6 (17:01; 8:30/mile)
Around mile 4.5 the pointed us over to the trail. And about .15 miles of loose sand later we finally get there. God I hurt. My thighs and calves both were just trashed after trying to keep in something resembling a run thought the soft sand. the start of the trail influenced by attitude about it later because it has some sharp switch backs and some elevation changes (we're talking the biggest overall was something like 20 feet, but before that there was none.

The trail was really nice, paved with asphalt, and clear, but was much weavier and wavier than I expected. I was expecting a basically straight trail with maybe some slight curves to it. And to be honest I didn't expect the trail at all, since I just learned about it race morning. Pounded out the miles, but no mile markers that I saw so I just ran, and tried to keep my new rabbit in sight. Spent a lot of this stretch waiting for a statue of Lewis and Clark we stopped at with my Mom on our last visit since I knew that was close to the street that would lead back up to the finish.

Finally hit the statue, and shortly after that the merge in with the 5Kers and headed in towards the finish. Just before I hit the nicely labeled mile 6 marker, I heard a 5Ker mom respond to what I'm guessing was a question from her child with. "He ran twice as far as we did, and ran the whole way", which at the time was pretty neat.

My abs are pretty trashed at this point. Despite the wind and trail challenges, what's bothering me now is core, not cardiovascular or thighs. So, I need to stop my experiment of how much better I can get with just running, and start adding core workouts. It's been a neat experiment to be able to say that more mileage and weight loss made the changes in my speed and distance, but it's cutting my nose off to spite my face to continue doing this if I want to get faster, or go further at the same pace. I think I'm just resisting because I got into this to run, by gosh, and not to have to do core workouts, and cross training, and all this other stuff that's going to make me a better runner. Ah, well.

last 0.2 (1:29; 7:25/mile)
Just after crossing this final marker, I'm trying to take advantage of the fairly flat road to speed up and finish strong, and Val, Mom and Little Miss are off on the right cheering me on. Val got some good shots after some careful baby and camera juggling.

This was the first race I've run where we used the tags at the bottom of the bibs, I started to tear mine off (per instructions) just after I saw my family, managed to do that, keep a reasonable pace, sort myself into my lane, and then keep running till I actually crossed the line. Handed my tag to the guy at the end of the lane, grabbed my bottle of water and, how cool, a finishers medal. And finally stopped running.

After the race
Doubled back and walked back to see family. Passed by the Kenyan who one. Nodded, 'waved' with one of those hand flip thing you do when you want to act 'cool' and got a thumbs up back. :)

Got and gave some sweaty hugs, and Kaitlyn curled up on my shoulder while I drank the chocolate milk I had my Mom buy, but had to be reminded about. :) Val asked if I had fun. My response was "No. That really kind of sucked." About a minute later though, I was mentioning that I have another 10K planned for the 4th, and will probably come back next year.

It took a few minutes of talking with Val and my Mom about the fact that I was bummed about not hitting 48 minutes, and talking about the challenges I've bitched about above for me to remember that 48 minutes really was my best case scenario, in ideal conditions, and despite feeling like I was making excuses, that this race had some valid challenges. At that point I felt like I had a really good race

Dropped Kaitlyn back into the stroller and walked back to the house. Ah, frabjous joy, Kaitlyn fell asleep on the walk back. We skipped the chowder feed and the awards ceremony while Kaitlyn and Val slept, so I'm still waiting to hear the official results.

Final comments
Oh yeah, watch time was 49:29. Which is fantastic! I cut right around 5:30 off my previous PR, that I did May 10,6 weeks ago, in Tacoma.

For me this was a good race to learn lessons about assumptions, expectations, and adapting to changing circumstances, as well as respect for a course you've never seen. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I kept driving on thought the whole race, and I think it might mean I'm a runner since I pushed through the discomfort, and want to go back and do it again. (Now that the discomfort's stopped, anyway. :))

I had some pretty negative thoughts about running longer distances and my ability to do that during the race. Once I stopped, though, I realized that I just can't run that pace for longer distances, yet. Two weeks of 7.5 or so show that I CAN run longer distances comfortably. I ran the distance set in front of me, and I gave it my all. It's pretty obvious from my almost finished picture that I'm trashed, and when I go look at that last .2 and compare it to other runs, the speed difference is pretty apparent. There was no real kick left. But a few minutes after I stopped, I was fine, and was able to chase Toby around a ball field a few hours later.

Those of you who made it this far, thanks. I needed to get it out of my system, and Val's done hearing about it. :) I may type up the rest of the trip in another post, but I have a Monday run post to do. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


3.1 miles in 27:04 (8:43/mile)

A nice run on a gorgeous 65 degree day. The only negative was the fact that I started flushing just before the run. (Brief explanation: I take niacin for cholesterol. It has the occasional unfortunate side effect of causing flushing. Not very comfortable.) I probably would have waited till it was over, but I was already late for my run.

Tried to go a little more slowly so I've got my legs on Saturday.

mile1 - 8:28
mile2 - 8:54
mile3 - 8:50
0.1 - 0:52

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hill Run and Pushups

4 miles in 35:11 (8:47/mile)

I really had some motivation problems about going out today. Once I got out and moving I was fine, but just getting down to the locker room, and getting changed took some mental effort.

It was a little warmer out than I thought it would be which was a nice surprise. I tried to take it easy since I've got a race on Saturday. We'll see if I can keep it slower tomorrow. :)

Not a particularly interesting run overall. I felt pretty good while I was moving, and nobody tried to run me over. One of the things mentioned at the chi running class was to really work your arms on hills. Supposedly it helps. I'm not sure I was doing it 'right', but some exaggerated arm swings seemed to help.

Lisa mentioned this One Hundred Pushups thing that's going around. I'm thinking I'll give it a shot starting next Monday. Did 21 for my initial assessment.


mile1 - 8:55
mile2 - 8:42 (despite the hill; apparently I can handle them better with arm swing and lower speed)
mile3 - 8:53 (except for the soul crushing short steep return hill :))
mile4 - 8:40

Monday, June 16, 2008

Chi Running Class

3ish miles in 28ish minutes

"I" gave an introductory class on Chi Running to the club and then we went out for a run, so we could experiment with some of the techniques. A very interesting introduction, and it may be worth getting the book, or god forbid, going to a library. :)

Essentially the techniques introduced involved correct posture, correct lean (a slight lean to take advantage of gravity), rapid foot strike cadence, heel lift, and arm movement. It will take some practice of each technique, but it might be worth the time.

Also had a discussion about long run hydration systems. "I" prefers to use something similar to this. Better load balance, and no chafing in the back. I've been considering this, the Nathan 2V. I'll have to think about it some more. Any reviews/input would be welcome. Val says she's willing to do water resupplies even if I hand carry bottles, but I'd prefer not to make her haul Kaitlyn around any more than she has to.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shel Silverstein Run

7.6 miles in 1:06:18 (8:43/mile)

A nice run on Saturday morning run to where the sidewalk ends. :) 55 degrees and slightly overcast, but dry. Actually, it pretty much blew. I felt heavy and leaden the entire run. I just never felt like I was moving well. Certainly wasn't a confidence inspiring run for the future, at the time. I'm not worried now. Much. :)

Turns our I ran .2 of a mile further and 5 seconds a mile faster than last week. It didn't feel that way though.

Managed to get the whole 22oz bottle of water down this run though. Was still 1.5 lbs down after the bottle and a few extra ounces before I left. I was slightly gritty, but not 'scaly', when I got back which I read somewhere is an indicator of the amount of how much salts I'm dumping.

updated 6/16: Wanted to write myself a note to remember that I didn't have my OJ before the run. Maybe that explains the leaden legs?

mile1 - 8:41
mile2 - 9:48 (+.12 miles around traffic) (8:45 pace)
mile3 - 9:05 (+.08 miles around traffic) (8:25 pace)
mile4 - 8:37
mile5 - 9:08
mile6 - 8:58
mile7 - 9:10 (+.04 miles around traffic) (8:49 pace)
.36 - 2:53 (7:58 pace)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Warmer Day

3.1 miles in 23:44 (7:39/mile)

YESSS!!!! Broke 24:00 for my daily run! (I say it like I've been working for years. Hey, I'm just happy.) I hope this means I can replicate something similar pacewise next weekend at my second 10K.

It also means I finally passed a PT test again. :) My pace from the beginning was enough to pass the run component of an Army PT test, my personal goal standard. Now I just need to be able to repeat it. :)

Warmer day at 55 when I went out, but 70 by the time I took the bus home. They claim it's going to e nice this weekend too. I'll believe it when I see it. :)

mile1 - 7:41
mile2 - 7:42
mile3 - 7:38
0.1 - 0:43 (7:10 pace)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friendlier Runners

4 miles in 34:27 (8:36/mile)

Did the hilly out and back up Eastlake at lunch. A little later than normal. Not sure if it was that or doing Eastlake, but there were a LOT of runners out, and I think everyone was friendly and waved.

I'm super happy with how consistent I was on my splits. Maybe I'm learning to hold a pace. My HR right after stopping was 132 which is right about where it should be for 70% MHR. How am I supposed to do this if I don't have a monitor? Stop and take my pulse? I sure can't take it when I'm running. How often? Anyway.

For some reason this article made me think of Laura over at Absolut(ly) Fit. :)

mile1 - 8:27
mile2 - 8:48 (hills)
mile3 -8:47 (hills)
mile4 - 8:26

Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Grey Day

3.1 miles in 26:34 (8:34/mile)

Another grey, 50 degree day in Seattle. Perfect for running, and it waited to drizzle on my until I was walking back on the cooldown.

Was a very pleasant run. Ran with 'I' and 'B'. 'I' was recovering from a marathon this weekend, so they kept the pace down to something I could handle. I was actually able to have a conversation with them, without any gasping. They both commented on the improvements in form and breathing, which was nice.

Felt a little bit tweaky in my right knee again. Have to keep an eye on it. I may be coming down with something, but I felt OK to go run, but that may be what is going on with my knee.

mile1 - 8:40
mile2 - 8:34
mile3 - 8:31
0.1 - 0:50 (8:20 pace)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Long Rainy Run

7.39 miles in 1:05:05 (8:48/mile)

Pleasant, albeit chilly, wet run. Rainy, drizzly at 50 degrees. No negative self talk this run, compared to last week, I just ran. Just long and cold. Got out late, didn't start till 1000.. Kaitlyn was nice enough to let us all sleep in, which was really nice since Val and I actually watched a movie last night. :)

The top of my right knee hurt a little when I got back, and I felt the tendon on the bottom of my right foot a few times during the run. It seemed a little tight as I ran. Everything seemed to go away as soon as I took my shower.

Weighed in at 170 before I left. Had a 8oz glass of OJ before I left (had a few minutes having to remap the run to let it settle). Brought along a water bottle, and tried to drink every half mile or so. Ended up having 16 oz total on the run. Came back at 169, so still down a pound of water weight. For a grand total of 2 1/2 pounds of water loss. I don't think I could have had much more water over an hour though. I didn't feel bloated or full, but I was a little 'rumbly'. Not sure how to describe it. It could be that I was just hungry too. Belched after every sip, not sure if that's normal, but vaguely annoying.

Caught about every other stop light, which was really effing annoying.

mile1 - 8:38
mile2 - 8:42 (the only real hill on this run)(had to tie my shoe around 1.5 miles)
mile3 - 8:38
mile4 - 8:31
mile5 - 9:38 (an extra 0.03 because I wanted to keep moving, much more slowly, though)
mile6 - 9:13 (at least 20 seconds waiting on a light)
mile7 - 8:59
(0.36) - 0:02:47

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Drizzly Run

4 miles in 33:36( 8:24/mile)

Decided that I'd go ahead and add a little mileage in the middle of the week. Normally this will be on Wednesday, but I wanted to do it on Thursday, since I was feeling good, instead of waiting till next week.

I needed some variety so I ran up Eastlake, where I did my long runs a few weeks ago, and banged my legs against the hills. They just about beat me down. I tried to keep my pace up the longer hill on the outbound leg which was a bit of a mistake, and almost lost it and had to walk the last quarter of the hill. I ended up looking like a crippled old man staggering up until I reached the top and it leveled out. Turn around is about a quarter mile later after 'running' down the steeper hill in the pair.

Then you get to go back and stagger up the shorter, steep er hill. The long hill is 100ft of elevation gain in about 1/10th of a mile about 18%, the short is 45-60 feet in 1/20th of a mile, about 24%. It sure seems steeper than that. I'll keep running the route till I beat them. :)

It was 52 degrees and rainy so I wore the eye melting running jacket, and my new running cap. Despite that I had at least 3 drivers on the return leg that didn't seem to be able to see me, or have any common courtesy. You're in an effing car, I'm running in the rain, don't cut me off you damn donkey molester. I probably could have gone out without the jacket, and been a little more comfortable. The jacket was pretty clammy on the cool down walk back to the office.

I've been decided on my next 3 races for a while, but I don't think I've talked about them. Or I have really memory. Whatever.

Next in the queue is the Beach To Chowder 10K, on the beach down in Long Beach where my Mom's at, on 21 June. Then the Yankee Doodle Dash on the 4th of July in Everett, about 15 minutes from the house.

The big one, and part of the reason I went ahead and added some mileage this week, is so I can be a little more prepared for the Super Jock and Jill Half-Marathon on Labor Day (01 Sep), and still do what I think I want to do for the marathon. I'll post the obsessive, prepare for Half and Full for the rest of the year plan at a later date. :) The run starts at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, loops up through and around Bothell, and then back to the Brewery. I don't drink, but I suspect my father-in-law if he comes will be very happy. :)

mile1 - 8:17
mile2 - 8:29 (evil long hill)
mile3 - 8:46 (very evil short hill and crappy non watching drivers)
mile4 - 8:04

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Older Runners

3.1 miles in 27:12 (8:46/mile)

This felt like a nice slow easy run. I was able to talk to my boss about my Dad, work, etc. and keep pace. I felt like I was a little heavy on my legs the last mile or so, though. I don't object to the 52 degree running weather we've had (except for a brief hot spell a few weeks ago), but even I'm almost ready for some 70s. :) Went out in on of my new sleeveless tops from Brooks, and didn't feel completely self conscious, so I think I'll keep them. Got them at the Brooks outlet for $10 a piece, so hard to argue with price wise.

As I was walking back in, I saw a 'pack' of about 5 older gentlemen. Youngest must have been 60, all running, probably faster than I had been earlier. I hope I can be running as well at that age.

Kaitlyn seems to be feeling mostly better, but she's more clingy, and a bit more easily frustrated than normal, so she's not 100% yet.

mile1 - 9:03
mile2 - 8:51
mile3 - 8:30
0.1 - 0:49 (8:20 pace)

HR a bit after finishing: around 132

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Almost Rainy

3 miles in 27:23 (9:07/mile) on Monday

A nice generic run along 35th by the house, pretty late at 9:45 pm. Didn't take Toby with me because I wanted to relax. Didn't get good splits because I hazed out and didn't surface till well past the mile 2 marker, so I'm not even going to wory about it.

Almost got rained on. Got back to the house just as it strted to drizzling in earnest. Glad I banged it out last night because it's raining buckets right now. Even Toby doesn't want to go outside.

Kaitlyn got us up at 3 am thanks to a 101 fever. Thank goodness for the miracle of Childrens Tylenol. Not sure what she's got yet.

Monthly Weigh In - May

Hey, cool. 100th post. :)

Did the weigh in on Saturday morning before my long run, recounted in the last post. :)

01 Jan
01 Feb
01 Mar
31 Mar
30 Apr
30 May





The body fat number seems low to me, but the math works correctly. Hey, I'll take it. According to one chart, I'm "Acceptable" now. :)

The goal is 165, so another month and I'll be within kicking distance. I may push things out into July to get it done, and then I can start eating a little more. :)