Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3/2 Tempo Run

Tempo Tuesdays are back! After some thinking (that promised future post), and a great article from the Running Times, I've decided to try to be more consistent about targeted training and being consistent. More consistent mileage, more consistent to target heart rates, and more consistent to types of workouts.

Basically I'd like to do a Tempo (no more than 10% of weekly mileage) and a Back-to_back each week (probably 11, 16 like last week). In the future maybe more (some marathon pace running, maybe some intervals), start simple and be CONSISTENT.

So, today was a 4.5 mile tempo, sandwiched by a warm-up and a cool-down, clockwise around the lake. I got a little mixed up in my head and ran this by pace and not by HR. I need to make a decision what methodology I'm using and stick with it for a while. This direction has mostly uphill after a bit of flat, and it makes it VERY challenging to hold the pace in the last mile or so. Especially going up Eastlake.

This was a fairly painful run. As usual, a reminder that I need to get strong and do core work to do speed work. Interestingly running up Eastlake in the last mile or so was EASIER than the flats. Probably because I changed form and was able to use some different muscle groups.

Had to drop the data into Sports Tracks to get out the information for the last hald mile, but it was worth it. Some interesting info in there...

1- 9:48/mile @ 141 bpm <-- Nice slow warm-up

2- 7:46/mile @ 167 bpm
3- 7:49/mile @ 169 bpm
4- 7:58/mile @ 173 bpm <-- Stairs up University bridge almost made me puke.
5- 8:04/mile @ 176 bpm <-- last half of this mile peaks at 179 bpm. Ouch.
5.5 - 7:46/mile @ 171 bpm
TEMPO Average: 7:53/mile @ 171 bpm <-- Right about where I should be. :)

6-9:28/mile @ 167 bpm <-- Trying to cool-down. Not slowing down enough
.44- 10:21/mile @ 159 bpm

6.44 miles in 54:46 (8:30/mile) @ 164 bpm


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Amy said...

Wow you got a great run in there. Keep up the good record.


scarlet said...

That was a great finish! More power to you, good luck on your trainings and future runs! :)
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