Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2/28 Long Run

Obviously my Mom was here to visit, so up at 5 and out by 5:45 so we could spend time with her in the morning.

THIS is why back-to-backs work for me. Longer, faster and at a lower heart rate. (Even if it is the 'easy' direction. I had burned the speed out of my legs yesterday and just settled into my pace. Just like I do most of the time. :)

The 'easy' direction is counter clockwise because except for an initial hill, there's a good few miles at the start on a slight downhill, and then you finish mostly flat. There's some nasty hill i the middle though, so I guess it's a wash either way. :)

Body woke up about 9 miles in, and I had to do some scrambling to find some cover and concealment. One of the hazards of running in an urban area. Glad I carry baby wipes. :|

Ran the same loop as Saturday, did the small loop at the top again to add mileage and then tried to add an out and back instead of doing another loop nearer the house. Apparently I can't do basic math on the run, and what was supposed to be 15 miles turned into 16. :) No sweat.

This weekly mileage (about 45) is what I'd like to try to sustain for the next few weeks. I've pared down my racing, and adjusted some goals (for a later post, but if I forget to do it, Mount Si 50 miler is out. I'm downgrading to the 50K. I just don't have the time to train properly with work and family stressors.)

16.07 miles in 2:45:44 (10:18/mile) @ 141 bpm

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Val said...

The baby wipes are a good idea. :) I passed it on to my runner boyfriend. :)