Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2/25 Run

Thursday's run was gorgeous. If I had thought to bring a short sleeved shirt I would have worn it. I even needed shades. Counter clockwise again, Wednesday was clockwise. About as much variety as I need. :) Run felt like it took a long time though...

My eating was way off today. I was late getting into work since it was Val's birthday, and I ran the 'kids' to daycare, and got breakfast for her before I went in. I don't know what it is about those pink and white Animal cookies, but I just can't resist them. :|

Tried something new for lunch. A bit closer to the ground than i normally eat, and mostly veggie. Can of beans, serving of peas, serving of mixed vegetables, and 4 oz of chicken. Worked pretty well, I' think I'll mix it into the routine. It might need something to add a bit more flavor. Maybe some onion?

6.41 miles in 1:00:35 (9:26/mile) @ 153 bpm

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