Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2/27 Medium Run

Up at 5:30, trying to get on the road by 6:15. An extra visit to bathroom meant I defeated the purpose of getting up early since I left 20 minutes late. (but I had nor problems on the run. :) ) Kaitlyn got up to go potty just as I was about to leave, but didn't notice me, and I went out anyway. Val said she got up and came to get her about 15 minutes later.

Clockwise through Mill Creek. I took the double bottle carrier so I didn't have to fight the single, since I haven't fixed it. I found the reduced pace help me drink more. I decided to run this at the heart rate pace because I realized that while my training doesn't have the me "perfect", it should at least be close. All the basic recommendations say long runs should be aerobic. i.e. ~75% of MHR. So between 142 and 143 for me. 145 is a metric boat load closer than 150+ like I have been running. Let's train the systems I'm supposed to be training. We'll see how long my motivation to do this style of training lasts. :)

The watch said 144 bpm, so I don't know why Training Center says 145.

11.33 miles in 1:58:21 (10:26/mile) @ 145 bpm

My Mom came up to visit and watch Kaitlyn for us so we could get a bunch of trim done. Finally. Some of it has been waiting for years! Thanks Mom!

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