Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2/24 Run

Wednesday's run was nice and clear, albeit a bit windy the last two miles. My legs felt a bit more sore than I would have expected for some reason. My right ankle, caught with the toes up, and my foot came down twice in the last three days is a bit sore.

Found out that CLIF discontinued my Nectar bars. Made me grouchy. I actually emailed them to express my dissatisfaction.

Much better heart rate than the last run. A bit slower, but better. Starting to get my legs back.

I've managed to get Born To Run, and Hal Higdon's Marathon (fiction) read, mostly on vacation. Both very good. I really enjoyed Born To Run. Most people seem to be talking about the whole barefoot running thing, but I thought the tale of the ultimate trail race, and all the supporting information to be more interesting. I got it in Kindle format so I could read it on my iPhone. I think I may buy it again in paper for the library.

6.46 miles in 1:00:35 (9:22/mile) @ 154 bpm

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